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Crossroads of Conjure ✈ [PDF / Epub] ✅ Crossroads of Conjure By Katrina Rasbold ✸ – Explore The Fascinating World Of Southern Folk MagicFeaturing An Introductory Look At Granny Magic, Hoodoo, Brujer A, And Curanderismo In The American South, Crossroads Of Conjure Provides A Fresh Per Explore The Fascinating World Of Southern Folk MagicFeaturing An Introductory Look At Granny Magic, Hoodoo, Brujer A, And Curanderismo In The American South, Crossroads of Conjure Provides A Fresh Perspective On Folk Magic This Authentic And Powerful Book Demonstrates How These Systems Are Interconnected, Celebrates Their Sustainability, And Dispels The Myths And Misunderstandings About ThemLearn About Each Path S Beliefs, Practitioners, History, Crossroads of eBook Ì And How Its Traditions Are Carried On In Modern Society Discover The Techniques Practitioners Use For Healing, Survival, Protection, And This Entertaining And Informative Exploration Of Folk Magic Also Helps You Determine Which Practice Resonates With You The Most.

Katrina Rasbold has provided insightful and guidance to countless individuals over the past three decades through both her life path consultations and her informative classes and workshops She has worked with teachers all over the world, including three years of training in England and two years of practice in the Marianas Islands She is a professional life coach who holds a PhD Crossroads of eBook Ì in Religion She.

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  • Paperback
  • 312 pages
  • Crossroads of Conjure
  • Katrina Rasbold
  • 13 January 2019
  • 9780738757865

10 thoughts on “Crossroads of Conjure

  1. Rebecca Reviews says:

    Katrina Rasbold s Crossroads of Conjure is an interesting, informative, and well written introduction to the history and practices of Appalachian and Ozark Granny Magic, Hoodoo, Brujer a, and Curanderismo The writing is clear and easy to read while the information is well detailed and relevant This book is such a fascinating read I was expecting an academic book with formal and stiff writing but Rasbold really pleasantly surprised me Her writing style is simple, easy to read, and very approachable Further, the book is well detailed and informative I never got bored or overwhelmed with information because everything is presented clearly and concisely Crossroads of Conjure is very well organized Each system has their own comprehensive section There is a detailed history on each path, beliefs and practices as well as the types of practitioners Rasbold also includes fascinating details about various charms and spells as well as information on how these folk traditions are surviving in modern times I particularly like that the book explores ...

  2. The Shakti Witch says:

    This is an extensively researched introduction to folk magick of the Appalachians and Ozark Granny Magic, Hoodoo, Brujeria, and Curanderismo It s is fascinating, accessible and I could not put this book down

  3. Sandy says:

    This was an extremely informative, well written book covering the history and practice of Appalachian and Ozark Granny Magic, Hoodoo, Brujer a, and Curanderismo I had very little knowledge about Hoodoo, Brujer a, and Curanderismo going into this book, but having grown up in the northern Appalachians, I recognized some of the traces of Granny Magic in the traditions passed down from my grandparents The auth...

  4. Emily Joyce says:

    I really enjoyed this book I bought it mainly for the section on hoodoo but was pleasantly surprised with the other sections and learned a lot about each tradition As a bonus there was even a small section on Santa Muerte which I wasn t expecting and I was very excited to find, since I have an altar to her I thought the book was well researched and the information was presented in a balanced way, even better, there is a works cited and in text ci...

  5. Vnunez-Ms_luv2read says:

    OMG I loved this book So much information, Once you get started, it is very hard to put this book down Clear, concise information, something for everyone Nice history, etc is found in this book Opened my e...

  6. Leslie says:

    Absolutely wonderful I was expecting a textbook like boring explanation, but I was pleasantly surprised Broke down into the parts, Hoodoo, Granny Magic, and Brujeria Curanderismo, each section explains the history of, the me...

  7. Val says:

    I quit this which is rare for me.

  8. ☾ ☆ ♓ Kathy says:

    If you re considering becoming involved in conjure or wish to learn about its culture, this is a great book to read Crossroads of Conjure compares and discusses current conjure practices in the American South namely Hoodoo, Appalachian Granny Magic, and Brujeria and Curandismo Each section gives an overview of the history and development of a magical path, covering their basic beliefs, distinguishing characteristics and differences It goes into the politics and prejudices amongst today s practitioners It was interesting to read how each practice is distinguished from other styles of magic and even divisions within their own practices What makes each magical path unique ranges anywhere from materials worked with, ethics and attitudes towards types of magical practices i.e what is considered white or black magic , religious affiliations with their path and their tolera...

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