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Whimsical Cross-Stitch ❮Download❯ ➺ Whimsical Cross-Stitch ✤ Author Cari Buziak – Heartforum.co.uk A Book of the Month Club s Crafter s Choice Cross stitch is a traditional hobby but your designs don t have to be These than 130 patterns reflect a modern sensibility, with motifs ranging from trendy A Book of the Month Club s Crafter s Choice Cross stitch is a traditional hobby but your designs don t have to be Thesethan patterns reflect a modern sensibility, with motifs ranging from trendy to vintage to kitschy, so there s something here for everyone All are designed to fit into a inch or smaller embroidery hoop, making them Whimsical Cross-Stitch ePUB × quick projects that can be finished in an evening or weekend If you re feeling ambitious, the small designs can be assembled to form a larger piece Patterns are organized according to theme animals designs, including flowers and snowflakes home and hearth, consisting ofthan patterns that range from a patchwork heart and an antique sewing machine to teapots, a watering can, and variations on home sweet home nature and charming patterns for special occasions A brief introductory section offers advice on getting started, tools and supplies, and stitching A treat Cross stitchers will love this book Christian Fiction and More.

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Whimsical Cross-Stitch  ePUB ☆ Whimsical
  • Paperback
  • 128 pages
  • Whimsical Cross-Stitch
  • Cari Buziak
  • 21 June 2019
  • 9780486828626

10 thoughts on “Whimsical Cross-Stitch

  1. Dana-Adriana B. says:

    This is a great book, just love the animals the baby dragon and the hedgehogs , can t wait to try them I found here ideas for borders and all kind of designs First I want to make my bookmark with Feed the mind feed the soul Great book.Thank you Netgalley for this wonderful copy.

  2. Leyla Johnson says:

    There are some lovely cross stitch designs in this book, all beautifully presented with both a color chart for thread and a very easy to read graph for each design They cover Christmas, seaside, plants, sayings, animals birds, snowflakes and some lovely pattern interlocking combinations There is some clear instructions at the beginning of the book and then just designs from then on I loved the little hedgehog in the front cover, and there is a lovely fir tree forest combination that I like too, but all in all lovely designs for any occasion.

  3. Eve beinguniquebooks says:

    This book includes many different cross stitch charts from ones with pets, fantasy creatures, food, hobbies and quotes.Each with easy to follow colour coded charts you can create your own cute little designs, with an array of colour and time Perfect for even beginner s this is a book anyone can create from.Many thanks to the publishers for allowing me to review this book for them

  4. Lori says:

    Most projects in this collection can be completed in a short amount of time Many designs are similar to freebies found on various manufacturer, designer, and shop sites on the Internet I found only a handful of patterns that interested me enough to stitch The best audience for this may be a child just learning to stitch as several designs are quick to stitch, colorful, don t require a lot of fabric, and can provide a quick sense of accomplishment For the nearly 20 purchase price, I will not be purchasing a copy for myself Stitchers probably want to browse a copy in a bookstore or cross stitch shop before purchasing it to make sure it interests them enough This review is based on an electronic copy provided by the publisher through NetGalley with expectations of an honest review.

  5. Angela says:

    I love leafing through sewing and cross stitch books Even though I m probably not going to learn anything new, every now and then I ll pick up a nifty tip or stumble upon a nice design I d like to try.This is a lovely little cross stitch book which would be perfect for beginners and or children None of the patterns are particularly difficult and all come with straight forward instructions Not sure whether the copy I downloaded was incomplete, or likely, the book is still under construction, but it would have been a nice touch to have a little thumbprint of the finished product next to each pattern This was blank in the copy I have so I hope this rectified when it is published An advance reader copy was kindly given by the publishers via Netgalley

  6. Myndi says:

    Cross stitch is one of the very first crafts I picked up as a child My mother did it, as did my Aunt Grace, who was also gifted at embroidery, needlepoint and pretty much any kind of needlework My aunt s house had wall after wall of framed pieces of her work, all stunning, all screaming art at me As a kid who was academically gifted, but creatively stunted, cross stitch seemed like a way to be creative without too much risk After all, it came with a pattern, so all I had to do was follow instructions and I could create something stunning like my aunt, right Needless to say, I ve been cross stitching all these years, longer than I ve done any other craft other than perhaps crochet, which is a very narrow second So much so, that like my aunt, I m known for it in my family , and when she passed, all of her unfinished work was passed on to me unopened kits going back to the 70 s So now you know why I was interested in this book As for the book itself, it would be wonderful for any beginning cross stitcher The introduction offers clear and concise instructions on stitching technique and typical materials Then the patterns are organized by theme None of the patterns are overly complex not that anything about cross stitch really is anyhow , and all are on the small side, many being under 3 x 3 , all being under 6 x 6 This means they work up quickly Great for building confidence through practice without being overwhelmed Each pattern shows a small image of the finished product, a larger copy of the actual pattern, and a color key box for DMC floss The patterns are whimsical, as promised My favorites were the dragons, dinosaurs, hedgehogs and chickens, as well as the two that revolved around books There are also holiday themes and one collection of alphabet stitches Several patterns could be put together to create a sampler of sorts, allowing the stitcher to work on small projects and integrate them into one large one.I wouldn t necessarily recommend this book for experienced cross stitchers, but it would be fabulous for a beginner.All around, a cute cross stitch book Note I received this book from the publisher via NetGalley I pride myself on writing fair and honest reviews.

  7. Laura says:

    If you love to Cross Stitch or want to learn how it is done, this is the perfect book for you More than 130 designs are included to tempt you to pick up your needles and start creating It only takes reading the two pages of simple instructions and a few inexpensive supplies to get started Even if you have never made anything like this before, you will be whipping out beautiful designs in no time.The patterns are separated into four different categories Animals Real and Fantasy Honestly who doesn t love unicorns Among my favorites in this section are the adorable hedgehog designs They are simply charming.Dashing Designs Beautiful tradition designs such as Celtic Knots, florals and borders can be found here There is also an alphabet in this section to personalize any design of your choosing.Home and Hearth As you might suspect, this section holds designs that could go in any room in your home to brighten it up My personal favorite is the Stack of Books I can just see it hanging on the wall next to my bookcase Next to my other bookcase yes, I have several because I am a crazy book lady I would love to make the other book design in this section It has books standing up in the center with Feed The Mind on top of the books and Free The Soul at the bottom of the finished work.Nature in Bloom Last but not least this selection of designs includes butterflies and beaches, honeybees and hopping bunnies Holiday designs are included as well I love the Christmas snow globe it would make a charming gift.To ensure your success, the author has included detailed instructions for each design The charts are large enough to easily read and follow There is a color chart with each DMC thread color listed that was used in the for the sample picture which is also included as a color thumbnail picture at the bottom of the page.It is fun to create art with needle and thread but not always easy Cari Buziah has given us beautiful designs and simple instructions to ensure success Both newbies and seasoned cross stitchers will love Whimsical Cross Stitch.DISCLOSURE OF MATERIAL CONNECTION I have a material connection because I received a review copy from Dover Publications in exchange for a fair and honest review.Copyright 2019 Laura Hartman

  8. Ettak says:

    I received this e book ARC of Whimsical Cross Stitch More Than 130 Designs from Trendy to Traditional through Net Galley from Dover Publications in exchange for a truthful review.The book starts off with the requisite introduction about fabrics, needles, floss and how to cross stitch Then, the book is all about the patterns Over 130 patterns are included, with DMC floss used in the legends The patterns are in black and white each pattern comes with a color reproduction of the final product.Most of the patterns are small and perfect for the beginner They are truly cross stitch patterns, with only a sprinkling of backstitching included for effect.I can t wait to try these patterns the patterns in the Dashing Designs chapter are most intriguing to me Other chapters include Animals Real Fantasy, Home Hearth, Nature in Bloom and Special Occasions.

  9. Karen says:

    A super cute collection of cross stitch designs Designs are grouped in the following categories animals real and fantasy , dashing designs, home and hearth, nature in bloom and special occasions As expected in this type of book, the basics of cross stitch are covered before getting into the designs and many designs would be easily stitchable by a newbie, but there are also designs that would present challenge Charts are clearly done I found quite a few designs I d love to stitch for myself and for gifts Thank you to Dover Publications and Netgalley for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for my honest review.

  10. Claudia says:

    Whimsical Cross Stitch is a treat The book begins with just a few pages of basic instructions including clear illustrations and descriptions Then there are than 130 cross stitch designs across five categories On my first flip through I immediately spotted several that I can t wait to stitch A colored picture is provided for each design Cross stitchers will love this book I received a copy of Whimsical Cross Stitch from Dover Publications in exchange for my honest opinion I was under no obligation to provide a positive review and received no monetary compensation.

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