You Are My Magical Unicorn

You Are My Magical Unicorn ❴Ebook❵ ➦ You Are My Magical Unicorn Author Joyce Wan – Sparkle and dazzle wherever you go You re amazing than you know Do you believe in magic With Joyce Wan, the sky s the limit in this delightful, encouraging storybook featuring a lovable unicorn and Sparkle and My Magical PDF Æ dazzle wherever you go You reamazing than you know Do you believe in magic With Joyce Wan, the sky s the limit in this delightful, encouraging storybook featuring a lovable unicorn and an You Are PDF/EPUB ² evenloving message of hope, persistence, and heart And at the end of the story you can t help but snuggle up with your own magical unicorn to remind them that Baby, I believe in you A Are My Magical ePUB ☆ wondrous celebration of the magical spark in every child from today s preeminent board and picture book creator.

Award winning My Magical PDF Æ author illustrator, JOYCE WAN, designed her first greeting card when she was in first grade for a city wide greeting card design contest The design won first place and was subsequently sold through You Are PDF/EPUB ² a major department store chain Twenty years later, after a brief stint as an architect, that design would inspire a line of greeting cards and eventually a design studio called Wanart wh.

You Are My Magical Unicorn  PDF é You Are  PDF/EPUB
  • Novelty Book
  • 14 pages
  • You Are My Magical Unicorn
  • Joyce Wan
  • 14 January 2019
  • 9781338334104

10 thoughts on “You Are My Magical Unicorn

  1. Rebecca Ann says:

    I am biased because my love of unicorns is so insanely strong, but this might be the most majestic unicorn baby book out there It is just wave after wave of cuteness and delight

  2. Valleri says:

    This is quite the beautiful book that houses enchanting, magical creatures and encouraging words of adoration for little wanderers.

  3. Amanda says:

    A big heartfelt aaaawwww for this one because it is so cute and sweet and full of extra unicorn magic all around The only thing that could have made this book any better is if it came with its own unicorn OR if the publisher had splurged for some extra unicorn magic and sprinkled it on some of the interior pages particularly the one that says, S p a r k l e and d a z z l e wherever you go.

  4. zapkode says:

    My thoughts Joyce Wan to me is as brilliant of a children s author as Sandra Magsamen Both authors have incredible books Joyce s are pastel in comparison but they are still very colorful and enjoyable I enjoy sharing books of hers with my girls My two year old loves them and will ask to keep being read to on a regular basis Sometimes she will bring us the same book over and over and one of those books are Joyce Wan s Godnight Sweetie Book She absolutely loves it We have a couple of her books that have been very well loved This book is very similar to the rest Pastel colors, colorful words, simple phrases and a neat looking glitter cover These books are very appealing to young children and help to keep their attention I highly recommend any of the books by Joyce Wan I promise you ll love them just as my daughters and I do.

  5. Becky says:

    First sentence One cold Christmas Eve, the Beanie Boos let out a cheer A very special visitor soon would be here Santa is coming Alpine cried in delight We have to make everything look merry and bright Premise plot One of the BOOS is stealing the cookies the others are leaving for Santa Can you guess which Boo it is My thoughts What you see is what you get I don t have a problem with that In fact, it s rather helpful when books deliver exactly what they promise This is a novelty picture book It stars TOYS as characters It has STICKERS sparkly, sparkly stickers That s what you ll be getting if you buy this one I don t think any library will add this one to the collection The rhyming is hit and miss I haven t decided how I feel about that On the one hand, even when the rhyming is on it feels cheesy Mac the Mouse might approve On the other hand, when the rhyming is off it has a misfit feel like a train with square wheels I do wish it was better knowledge that all children s books do not have to rhyme There s no law that says they should.

  6. Tanya Packer says:

    Cute board book

  7. Nina says:

    This book s magic is in it s simply beautiful positivity Love it

  8. Dreaday says:

    In general, I tend to dislike books that explain feelings that are unique to the person situation relationship Some feelings are universal, but I don t know I find books like this weird.

  9. Great Books says:

    This book is filled with adorable drawings and encouragement The ending leaves readers with the belief that they are magical unicorns prepared to take on the day Reviewer 7

  10. Kt says:

    Such a cute little book I adore unicorns and all things sparkly I m going to give it to my niece for her birthday and I m sure she ll love it as well

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