Bark in the Park!

Bark in the Park! [Read] ➵ Bark in the Park! ➼ Avery Corman – Go on a walk to the park with all different kinds of dogs and their owners in this funny and charming poetry picture book
Enjoy Avery Corman's canine poetry for an Afghan hound, basset hound, beag Go on a walk to the the Park! MOBI ☆ park with all different kinds of dogs and their owners in this funny and charming poetry picture bookEnjoy Avery Corman's canine poetry for an Afghan hound, basset hound, beagle, bloodhound, Daschshund, boxer, greyhound, and as they stroll with their owners to the parkPugIs the Pug cute? Or is the Pug ugh?Mostly, people loveThe little Pug's mugHyewon Yum captures the unique characteristics of the owner and his pet as she beautifully illustrates the humorous walk from each dog's home Bark in ePUB × to the park and back.

Avery Corman born November , , the Park! MOBI ☆ in the Bronx, New York is an American novelistHe is the author of the novel Kramer vs Kramer which created a sea change in attitudes toward child custody with the public and in the courts in the United States and internationally Robert Benton wrote the screenplay and directed the movie of the same name Kramer vs Kramer starring Dustin Hoffma.

Bark in the Park!  Epub ☆ the Park!  MOBI ☆
  • Hardcover
  • 48 pages
  • Bark in the Park!
  • Avery Corman
  • 10 April 2018
  • 9781338118391

10 thoughts on “Bark in the Park!

  1. Michelle Simpson says:

    Our dog lovers will enjoy this one!

  2. Cindy Mitchell *Kiss the Book* says:

    Bark in the Park: Poems for Dog Lovers By Avery Corman and Illustrated by Hyewon Yum. PICTURE BOOK. Orchard (Scholastic). 2019. $18. 9781338118391



    This book features a variety of dog breeds and very short two or four line poems about them. The illustrations take place in a park and around a city.

    I could see students being interested in finding the poem about their favorite breed, or a teacher using this as a jumping off point for writing a poem about your pet. I am not much of a poetry fan but I think that young readers will be able to handle the short length of these poems and the rhyming scheme. The artwork isn’t my favorite but all the dogs and the people look happy, so it comes out very cheerful.

    Reviewer: Stephanie MLS & Author.

  3. zapkode says:

    {My thoughts} – Poetry is a fun way for children to learn to read and or express themselves. Many children’s books are written in a poem like form because it helps to make them catchy so that children may possibly remember the storyline better.

    The illustrations in this book are really nice. They go well with each of the small poems about many, many different breeds of dogs. I can see this book being useful for teachers wanting to introduce poetry to their class. I can also see it being a nice book for children that like dogs and poems alike. It’s a well thought out book with lots of potential.

    I think that any child could learn from this book. Let it be reading, writing a poem or just some line about their favorite breed of dog. This book has unlimited options when it comes to how it can be used in school and at home. I look forward to sharing this book with my girls when they get older as I have always enjoyed poetry.

  4. Becky says:

    First sentence:

    Afghan Hound
    Although he's noble and aloof,
    He's still a dog, so he still says, Woof!

    Basset Hound
    For things she can smell,
    She's a comer and goer.
    She's much like a Beagle,
    But longer and lower.

    The beagle is bent
    On tracking a scent.
    He follows his nose
    wherever it goes.

    Premise/plot: A collection of poems about dogs/dog breeds. Each poem is short. Some poems are just two lines; other poems are all of four lines. All rhyme--for better or worse.

    My thoughts: I like the idea of liking this one. I do. But sometimes I wish authors knew that poems don't always, always, always have to rhyme in order to be poetry. Sometimes poems come across as forced. You can always tell when a poem chooses a word just because--only because--it rhymes.

    That being said, there were definitely quite a few poems in this one that I really enjoyed.

  5. Margie says:

    All you have to do is gaze upon the face of a dog and know there is much more to them than meets the eye. Science tells us of their extra special sensory skills. Increasingly we are learning more about how their minds work. History tells us of their amazing feats. But the looks they give us, their body language and even the way they sigh, tell us how their souls transcend known facts.

    In 2019 two books focusing on dogs and poetry were released. The first Bark in the Park!: Poems for Dog Lovers (Orchard Books, an imprint of Scholastic Inc., March 26, 2019) written by Avery Corman with pictures by Hyewon Yum takes us on a stroll through a variety of breeds. Their characteristics are praised in lyrical phrases and animated images.

    My full recommendation:

  6. Barbara says:

    Adorable illustrations featuring dog lovers in their various guises as well as the most fetching hounds you'll ever see fill the pages of this book, a collection of 39 short poems inspired by dogs. The poems capture the unique personalities of these canine friends, some being a bit snooty and above it all and others being overly affectionate. Readers will feel as though they are strolling through city streets and a lovely park as they follow these dogs. There's not a dog here that I wouldn't like to have for my very own. Readers will appreciate the end papers that feature 38 different breeds of dogs. Anyone considering adding a dog to the household might want to take a look at the poems and image so they can determine if the dog they have in mind suits their own personality and home.

  7. Bri Lunde says:

    Such an amazing book for dog and poetry lovers alike! This book is full of poems about different breeds of dogs trnascending in alphabetical order. The illustrations are fun and do an excellent job of differentiating between dog breeds. It is whimsicle, silly, fun, and interactive.

    I chose this book because it lends to all of the animal lovers out there. This book would be best suited for kindergarten through third grade. Not only does it give detail about the dogs, their appearance, and temperament but it does so through poems. This would be an excellent book to use to teach vocabulary and the different types of poetry.

  8. Heather says:

    This book is so great for children who live books! It is composed of short poems for each dog name imaginable. You can read it poem by poem or as a whole book. I imagine it would be good for nighttime stories or when teaching a poetry unit.

    I chose this book because I don't usually read poetry and I realize that when I'm a teacher, I'll have to teach and read poetry to my students. It's educational in the area of dogs, I suppose, but it's really a great example of how you can literally write poetry about anything, especially as inspiration for young children to begin writing poetry.

  9. Amy says:

    An adorable whimsical poetry book for children! I'm going to use it as a read aloud--teaching rhyming and vocabulary. It would also lend itself well to writing prompts--Dogs I've Loved, My Dog, etc. Of course it can be used as part of teaching poetry as well. The illustrations are beautiful. I have no doubt students will be drawn to this book. It would also be a good one for the veterinary waiting room! :)

  10. Joan Marie says:

    With 39 poems, this collection covers a variety of pooches. Perfect for the young lover of dogs.
    Couplets and quatrains provide the formats.
    Rhymes follow A, A, B, B patterns. Or A, B, A, B patterns. Or A, B, C, B patterns.
    Or end with the same word in 1st and 3rd lines and 2nd and 4th lines.
    Or use the same end word in the 1st and 3rd lines, then rhyme with the 2nd and 4th lines.
    Or use the same end word in the 1st two lines while rhyming the last two lines.

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