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When Winter Comes [Download] ➵ When Winter Comes ➾ V.A. Shannon – Heartforum.co.uk In the voice of an unforgettable heroine, V A Shannon explores one of the most harrowing episodes in pioneer history the ill fated journey of the Donner Party in a mesmerizing novel of resilience and In the voice of an unforgettable heroine, V A Shannon explores one of the most harrowing episodes in pioneer history the ill fated journey of the Donner Party in a mesmerizing novel of resilience and survivalMrs Jacob Klein has a husband, children, and a warm and comfortable home in California No one not even her family knows how she came to be out West thirteen years ago Jacob, a kind and patient man, When Winter Kindle - has promised not to ask But if she were to tell her story, she would recount a tale of tragedy, mishaps, and unthinkable choices yet also sacrifice, courage, and a powerful, unexpected love On the outskirts of Cincinnati, wagons gather by the hundreds, readying to head west to California Among the throng is a fifteen year old girl eager to escape her abusive family With just a few stolen dollars to her name, she enlists as helpmate to a married couple with a young daughter Their group stays optimistic in the face of the journey s hazards and delays Then comes a decision that she is powerless to prevent instead of following the wagon train s established route, the Donner Party will take a shortcut over the Sierras, aiming to clear the mountains before the first snows descendIn the years since that infamous winter, other survivors have sold their accounts for notoriety and money, lurid tales often filled with half truths or blatant, gory lies Now, Mrs Klein must decide whether to keep those bitter memories secret, or risk destroying the life she has endured so much to build.


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    When Winter Comes Kindle Ò When Winter Kindle - their accounts for notoriety and money, lurid tales often filled with half truths or blatant, gory lies Now, Mrs Klein must decide whether to keep those bitter memories secret, or risk destroying the life she has endured so much to build."/>
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  • When Winter Comes
  • V.A. Shannon
  • 01 September 2017
  • 9781538555934

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  1. Juli says:

    It has been 13 years since Mrs Jacob Klein came west to California She doesn t like remembering her journey west She has three children now and a husband.and she doesn t want them to know she was part of the Donner Party She wants to keep the horror of that winter in the wilderness a secret Some of the survivors have made money or gained fame from telling partial truths about their experiences that winter.but she doesn t want to risk the truth destroying her new life with her family This book switches back and forth from Mrs Klein s present day to her experiences as part of the Donner Party in the winter of 1846 I don t usually like books that jump back and forth in time, but for this story it worked nicely Mrs Klein is hiding so much from her familyshe hides behind her married name, never revealing really who she is while telling her story Some secrets are just too much to sharetoo dangerous, too revealing She chooses to remain silent, rather than tell half truths like others have done Mistakes Rough choices Consequences Starvation The Donner Party is remembered for all of those things This book adds a human element to the story we ve all heard many times before It isn t all doom and gloom The author mixes the horror and desperation with courage, optimism and hopefulness When I was all done with this book, I had to sit back and think for awhile to ascertain what I think about the narrator Mixed feelings On the one hand I find Mrs Klein to be courageous, strong and intelligent But on the other hand, I find her secretive, manipulative and maybe even a bit weak in that she can t tell the truth about herself for fear that her family will be horrified I can understand it.and yet, it made me feel a bit of negative emotions about her So strong in the face of danger.yet so fearful of telling the truth about the experience I would suppose if I had something of that nature in my past, I would want to hide it from friends and family as well And I would be very upset at others using the situation for personal gain, especially if I knew they weren t telling the whole truth Interesting and creative story I am definitely looking forward to by this author I voluntarily read a review copy of this book from Kensington via NetGalley All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

  2. Deanne Patterson says:

    In the past I have read stories of the Donner Party, one of the most unfortunate wagon train trips ever to happen Though this book is fictional and we may never know exactly what happened with so many different exaggerated stories being told by survivors this is based on true harrowing facts In 1846 on the outskirts of Cincinnati hundreds of wagons gather to make the trip to California among them a brave fifteen year old girl who just knows a new start at life would be better than staying behind in her abusive home life She hires on as a helpmate to a family with a young child and another on the way No one who started out on this trip could have foreseen the horror they would endure before journeys end, those who even survived the journey that is True showing of such human resilience Mrs Jacob Klein has a husband,children and warm home in California She doesn t talk about it and no one knows what happened to her 13 years ago, not even her husband She intends to keep it that way and continue living her boring but ordinary life Her husband gives her a journal for Christmas and she starts recording her past life events for her eyes only, at least for now.Pub Date 30 Oct 2018 I received a complimentary copy of this book from Kensington Books through NetGalley All opinions expressed are my own.

  3. ABCme says:

    Thank you Netgalley and Kensington Books for the ARC.Our main character, only introduced by her married name Mrs Klein, takes us on a long journey from hometown Cincinnati to the new state of California We are part of the 1840 s wagon train to the new frontier A rough journey through a diverse and unforgiving landscape We get to know the different families, their traditions and values, their place in the order of things There are friends and rivals, laughter and sadness, some fierce temperaments and deaths along the way The survival of the fittest, eventually arriving at Sutter s Fort.The story is told from the New World, through the journal of Mrs Klein At first she s not sure she has anything to say, but does she ever When Winter Comes is a story of dreams, struggles and never giving up Told at a pleasant pace, this is an impressive piece of American settlers history Beautifully written, gripping, heartwrenching historical fiction at its best.

  4. Magdalena says:

    When Winter Comes is an engaging and emotive fictional account inspired by the true Donner Party events.Switching between past and present, V.A Shannon skilfully told a story that kept my interest throughout.Gripping story with interesting and well crafted characters Hope and tragedy and impossible choices Shannon definitely knows how to write emotions.I really felt for our main character Known to reader as Mrs Klein, she starts the journey as a rough and neglected young girl who grows to be a courageous and kind woman.Beautifully written and engaging, you don t want to miss that book.

  5. Susan says:

    When Winter Comes is a fictionalized account of the Donner Party as they travel to California told by Mrs Jacob Klein as she reflects back on her experience This should have been an emotionally charged read for me but I felt no connection with the characters given the circumstances they found themselves in and the horrifying conditions of freezing and starving in the mountains while trying to figure a way out.Thank you Kensington Books and Netgalley for a free e copy.

  6. Beadyjan says:

    Wonderful historical fiction, I loved it and couldn t put it down I consider myself very fortunate to have been chosen as one of the recipients of a copy in advance of publication My advance review copy is now well creased, as I read this remarkable novel in bed, on the bus and crammed it in my handbag to take to work, I was so engrossed in the story.Quite recently I read another fictional book with a supernatural angle The Hunger based on the same true subject, the Donner party of pioneers who came to grief, back in the mid 19th century when thousands of brave and some plain foolhardy, folk set off with their wagon trains to cross the Sierra mountains from Cincinatti, headed West towards California to try and build a better life What bravery, how hard it must have been in these days centuries before tripadvisor and google maps and without even any real trail or markers to follow.Both these books are wonderful, yet rather different accounts of the same true journey.When winter comes is told in the intimate first person voice of a young woman who leaves her poverty stricken feckless and violent family home, following a series of mishaps The book begins in 1859 when our narrator is a rather sedate married woman, living a quiet life of domesticity bringing up her girls, meeting up with her friends at a quilting bee, and looking after her husband, Jacob, who presents her with a journal as a gift As she begins to put pen to paper she is unsure what she will write about as every day is the same But as soon as she begins, memories of her past come flooding back and memories she had suppressed clamour to be told.In a series of flashbacks to 13 years earlier when she was just 15, we learn how she became involved with the fated journey of the infamous Donner party and her version of events unfolds in all its grim pathos.We watch her grow and change from quite a selfish young madam into a reliable and stoic young woman This is a coming of age born of necessity and hardship that I wouldn t wish on my worst enemy The descriptiveness of being part of an epic journey in times gone by are painted with a deftness and utter plausablity, that makes the reader experience rather than merely read the story It reads like a memoir and gives you an insight into a fictional characters thoughts and actions around a true event.It is captivating and harrowing by turn, beautifully thought out and well written with evidence of much in depth research.If you like historical fiction with a literary quality and a whole host of characters all the real for their flaws and foibles you ll LOVE this book, I did.

  7. Vivienne Shannon says:

    As the author of this novel I thought it might be a nice idea to just write a little about it and the background to my writing it So first, my one line synopsis An everyday story of quilting and cannibalism Other than that I can t really categorise it It s got a love story in it, but it s not a romance it s got some murdering and a few Hannibal Lecter ish moments, but it s not a horror story or a detective y thriller It s basically just a story set in pioneer California in the nineteenth century, about a woman living a life of domestic tranquillity whilst hiding a terrible secret This novel started life as a small part of another contemporary novel but an agent I sent it to said he d be interested in the straightforward historical narrative so sadly, miserably I discarded all my carefully crafted two years worth of contemporary plot and started over with just the historical bit I have to say I loved writing it very time consuming as I was compelled to research every single little thing When were sewing machines invented What hymns were sung in California in 1846 When was icing sugar invented I sent the novel to an American agent who signed me up and got me a publisher super speedily and then I had to write the whole thing again with American spellings, which has made me forget how to spell in British English, now.I could write on and on but won t but do please contact me if you have any questions or comments

  8. Karen says:

    When Winter Comes is a fictional story inspired by the true historical events of the Donner Party in the 1800s.Our narrator throughout the journey remains nameless We only know her as a 15 year old girl, running away from a poor abusive family who joins a wagon trail heading west from Cincinnati to California to find land and settle for a better life She finds a young couple willing to take her with their wagon, to be there as a helper to them and their young daughter and full of optimism and hope, the travellers set off At some stage, in their haste to beat other wagons to California and not to be last to arrive with all the best land gone, the wagon trail splits with one half taking the originally agreed and safer route and the other, a riskier but supposedly quicker route through the passes Our narrator and her companions end up in the second party Not the best decision they made Told in two timelines, our narrator as a married woman is Mrs Jacob Klein As she writes her journal, thirteen years after that ill fated venture we find out the details of that journey Who her travelling companions were, how they lived and fought for survival Mrs Klein has never told her story, not even to her husband, but tired of the never ending lies and misrepresentations which still abound, she decides the time has come to write the story as she experienced it.When Winter Comes is a harrowing and at times heartbreaking story of immense suffering The author writes beautifully and no detail has been spared about the danger and the hardships they faced There are so many characters who do not come out of this tale well and many lives were lost because of their ignorance and ruthlessness When facing desperate situations, some people showed their true characters with kindness and compassion nowhere in sight.Everything about the book was so vividly described including the landscape and the characterisations our young narrator initially seemed rather entitled and selfish she resented doing tasks to earn her keep but as the journey progressed she matured and I was in awe of her strength of character in such testing circumstances There are many characters, both adult and children and it wasn t easy to keep track of the familial relationships however in the overall picture, this wasn t really important and it certainly didn t affect my reading of the story in any way.As well as learning about the past, we learn a little of Mrs Klein herself and how the experience has affected her Now married to a carpenter with a young family, she seems to have a settled and comfortable life albeit not one of riches, but there is no doubt that the experience has left its scars.Despite being totally engrossed in the story, there were times when I had to put it down, especially when the hopelessness of their situation got too much However, it wasn t all doom and gloom and there were examples of resilience and strength of character and at times, even hope and happiness.When Winter Comes is a compelling and emotive read that shows the strength of human endurance I very much enjoyed it and would recommend it to fans of historical fiction.

  9. Susan Peterson says:

    This is a very gripping, fictional account about the Donner party The author dug deep into their desperation and sorrow This is not an easy book to read, but the author did an excellent job of putting the readers on that trail with the doomed wagon train.

  10. Libby says:

    I really enjoyed this historical novel based on actual people and circumstances involved in what is now known as the Donner party This American pioneer time period, the mid 1800s, is fascinating The novel imagines the wagon train and encampments as some 80 people in the Donner party walk from Ohio to the relative wilds of California in search of better lives Tragically, after walking for 7 months and when they were almost in California, winter came early in the Sierra Nevadas and hit hard, for several months blocking their final pass into California and stranding them in makeshift shelters When Winter Comes is rich in detail of those days and nights, as well as the previous months endured in the wagon train headed west Don t let the melodramatic name of this book fool you this is not a romance novel I would call it Hard Pass But they didn t ask me Maybe future editions

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