The Gulf

The Gulf✅ [PDF / Epub] ☉ The Gulf By Belle Boggs ⚣ – A hilarious send up of writing workshops, for profit education, and the gulf between believers and nonbelieversMarianne is in a slump barely able to support herself by teaching, not making progress on A hilarious send up of writing workshops, for profit education, and The Gulf between believers and nonbelieversMarianne is in a slump barely able to support herself by teaching, not making progress on her poetry, about to lose her Brooklyn apartment When her novelist ex fianc , Eric, and his venture capitalist brother, Mark, offer her a job directing a low residency school for Christian writers at a motel they ve inherited on Florida s Gulf Coast, she can t come up with a reason to say noThe Genesis Inspirational Writing Ranch is born, and liberal, atheist Marianne is soon knee deep in applications from writers whose political and religious beliefs she has always opposed but whose money she s glad to take Janine is a schoolteacher whose heartfelt poems explore the final days of Terri Schiavo s life Davonte is a former RB superstar who hopes to reboot his career with a bestselling tale of excess and redemption Lorraine and Tom, eccentric writers in need of paying jobs, join the Ranch as instructorsMark finds an investor in God s Word God s World, a business that develops for profit schools for the Christian market, but the conditions that come along with their support become increasingly problematic, especially as Marianne grows closer to the students As unsavory allegations mount, a hurricane bears down on the Ranch, and Marianne is faced with the consequences of her decisionsWith sharp humor and deep empathy, The Gulf is a memorable debut novel in which Belle Boggs plumbs the troubled waters dividing America.

Belle Boggs is the author of The Gulf, a novel the nonfiction book The Art of Waiting On Fertility, Medicine and Motherhood and the story collection Mattaponi Queen She has published work in Ecotone, Orion, Ploughshares, and Harper s, among other publications She grew up in King William County, Virginia and is Associate Professor of English at North Carolina State University.

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  • Paperback
  • 320 pages
  • The Gulf
  • Belle Boggs
  • 10 March 2017
  • 9781555978341

10 thoughts on “The Gulf

  1. Jill says:

    This is literally a DIVINE read a take no prisoners look at the huge gulf between the Evangelists and those of little faith, playing out in the newly launched Genesis Inspirational Writing Ranch.Marianne, a poet, never believed that she d ever manage a writing retreat for Christians, but due to her desperate financial state, she agrees to take over the day to day business of choosing writers and developing a framework for the Ranch Belle Boggs could have gone for easy laughs here, relying on the roll your eyes picture of would be writers who focus on Mormon vampire romances and pious, Pollyanna ish collections of poetry about cancer stricken kids Wisely, she chooses a higher ground One of the key adult students, Janine Gray, writes poems about Terri Schiavo but there s an earnestness, a kindness, within her that makes her rise far above mere caricature Similarly, Davonte Gold, an RR star who is attempting a major comeback with a come to Jesus autobiography and he, too, cannot be summarily dismissed.Rather than focus her attentions on these true to life aspiring writers, Belle Boggs target is rely the for profit God s World God s Word educational conglomerate, tied to a craven politician who has hitched his wagon to the personhood anti abortion star Gradually, it falls on Marianne to resist the agenda of this conglomerate which even offers Christian online sonogram education , which is to tear down public community education in favor of theological rigidness.Marianne encounters a multitude of obstacles that are strewn in her path from romantic to artistic to weather related that force her to deal with the consequences of her initial choice It s an unusually well written book about what happens when art, faith and politics collide.

  2. Kim says:

    A very interesting group of characters in a very unusual plotline I had time thankfully to finish this in one day and I was happy i did because I wanted to see where the story went.Whether or not it was intended the book had a lot to say about acceptance..of yourself,your circumstances,of others who are not like you and about trying to find your place in the world.Life is pretty complex and this story goes there without being heavy.It has been a most intriguing journey to the gulf and I can honestly say I read many variations of themes but this novel is highly original While I cannot say I always agreed with any of the particular characters viewpoint ,it was thought provoking to hear from the other side My day was not wasted.

  3. Marc says:

    No matter what your politics or religion may be, take a chance and read this novel It gave me hope and made me rethink how I view people who I may disagree with on many things A nice surprise and highly recommended.

  4. Jessica Klahr says:

    This book had a really interesting concept on paper but the execution often times fell short for me It didn t feel like things were pushed far enough and the emotional stakes felt muted I liked Marianne enough as a narrator, and the Janine sections were sometimes insightful, but I didn t feel like the narrative ever got to the heart of these characters and how they were feeling I could see the inner mechanics of the novel at work instead of having everything flow together naturally i.e this character needs to have this conversation to express this thing so let s throw in this random character to get that accomplished This took place several times, including when Lillian decides to drive through the storm to be with the rest of the ranch because she feels lonely at home, Beth being brought to the ranch for some reason, and Davonte s permanent presence on the ranch so Marianne can bounce her feelings off of him periodically Marianne and Eric s relationship didn t feel real at all to me and it didn t feel like the writing ever gave them a chance to be anything meaningful The narrative brings up a lot of topics of the day but everything is pretty surface level and too much time was spent on the corporate Christian aspect of the story I kept getting an inkling that Frances wasn t real, as we don t see her in person til 3 4 of the way through the book, and even then she s just another emotional sounding board for Marianne Overall, with maybe a snarkier voice or attention paid to these characters, this book could have been less of a disappointment.

  5. Alyson Hagy says:

    I m still absorbing the many subtleties and delights of this novel Its send up of writing programs and for profit educational institutions is wickedly funny I laughed and laughed Yet the book is generous on the topics of faith, family and friendship Boggs doesn t take short cuts with her characters or their motives Her sense of comedy is outstanding, and her heart is large The Gulf rolls right along it s splendidly written But it also gave me much to think about I can t wait to recommend it to my book club.

  6. Brandi says:

    It s interesting, not my usual genre, but definitely interesting It s unlike anything I have ever read, and that made it quite enjoyable I am a big fan of originality and The Gulf by Belle Boggs has it in spades.My copy of this book was obtained from a Goodreads giveaway and I appreciate the opportunity to read review it.

  7. Lisa says:

    What a different and interesting story this was A Christian writing school started by a non Christian who needs a job and attracts Christians to her hotel turned school Where is the funding coming from When she learns that the funding is coming from a Christian with strong opinions different from her own, how will she handle the situation There are lots of relationship issues between her, the other owners one an ex fiance , the students, the teachers, the media, etc Different and interesting are what come to mind Enjoyable too.

  8. Vincent Scarpa says:

    I m so glad and so grateful for Belle Boggs This novel is supremely funny reading it, I laughed the way I laugh reading Sloane Crosley David Rakoff, which is to say a lot and also exceptionally smart, which came as no surprise to me, having read both of Belle s books prior to reading this one I think it should be required reading for all incoming writers at all MFA programs forever.

  9. Mary McBride says:

    A radical concept for two struggling writers ends up delving into some timely issues.The Gulf by Belle Boggs begins with the opening of a school for Christian writers in a defunct hotel on the Florida gulf What starts out as somewhat of a scam ends up bringing together a group of people and creating a community of aspiring writers As funds are depleted and investors are accused of wrongdoings, like the approaching hurricane, will the school survive Loved the diverse and developed characters as much as the issues addressed.Will be a great book club choice when released in April.Thanks to Graywolf for the advanced copy.

  10. Rachel Watkins says:

    THE GULF is a book about timing, and how when it s right, it s magic When things are off, it s a struggle just to keep up Marianne s joke idea to start a Christian writing school was just that, a joke But when Marianne a poet and atheist finds herself without any other options, Marianne moves to Florida to set up a low residency school funded by her novelist ex fianc s grandmother The lives of the workshop applicants who make it to Genesis Inspirational Writing Ranch will never be the same.

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