Interactive Task Learning

Interactive Task Learning Experts From A Range Of Disciplines Explore How Humans And Artificial Agents Can Quickly Learn Completely New Tasks Through Natural Interactions With Each OtherHumans Are Not Limited To A Fixed Set Of Innate Or Preprogrammed Tasks We Learn Quickly Through Language And Other Forms Of Natural Interaction, And We Improve Our Performance And Teach Others What We Have Learned Understanding The Mechanisms That Underlie The Acquisition Of New Tasks Through Natural Interaction Is An Ongoing Challenge Advances In Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science, And Robotics Are Leading Us To Future Systems With Human Like Capabilities A Huge Gap Exists, However, Between The Highly Specialized Niche Capabilities Of Current Machine Learning Systems And The Generality, Flexibility, And In Situ Robustness Of Human Instruction And Learning Drawing On Expertise From Multiple Disciplines, This Str Ngmann Forum Report Explores How Humans And Artificial Agents Can Quickly Learn Completely New Tasks Through Natural Interactions With Each OtherThe Contributors Consider Functional Knowledge Requirements, The Ontology Of Interactive Task Learning, And The Representation Of Task Knowledge At Multiple Levels Of Abstraction They Explore Natural Forms Of Interactions Among Humans As Well As The Use Of Interaction To Teach Robots And Software Agents New Tasks In Complex, Dynamic Environments They Discuss Research Challenges And Opportunities, Including Ethical Considerations, And Make Proposals To Further Understanding Of Interactive Task Learning And Create New Capabilities In Assistive Robotics, Healthcare, Education, Training, And GamingContributors Tony Belpaeme, Katrien Beuls, Maya Cakmak, Joyce Y Chai, Franklin Chang, Marc Destefano, Mark D Inverno, Kenneth D Forbus, Simon Garrod, Kevin A Gluck, Wayne D Gray, James Kirk, Kenneth R Koedinger, Parisa Kordjamshidi, John E Laird, Christian Lebiere, Stephen C Levinson, Elena Lieven, John K Lindstedt, Aaron Mininger, Tom Mitchell, Shiwali Mohan, Ana Paiva, Katerina Pastra, Peter Pirolli, Charles Rich, Katharina J Rohlfing, Paul S Rosenbloom, Nele Russwinkel, Dario D Salvucci, Matthew Donald D Sangster, Matthias Scheutz, Julie A Shah, Catherine Sibert, Candace Sidner, Michael Spranger, Luc Steels, Suzanne Stevenson, Terrence C Stewart , Arthur Still, Andrea Stocco, Niels A Taatgen, Andrea L Thomaz, J Gregory Trafton Han L J Van Der Maas, Paul Van Eecke, Kurt VanLehn, Anna Lisa Vollmer, Janet Wiles, Robert E Wray III, Matthew Yee King

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  • Hardcover
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  • Interactive Task Learning
  • Kevin A Gluck
  • 23 September 2019
  • 026203882X

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