Snow A Retelling of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Snow A Retelling of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs[BOOKS] ⚣ Snow A Retelling of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs By Tracy Lynn – ONCE UPON A TIME IS TIMELESS The Duchess Jessica's childhood began with a tragedy her mother's death Her father heartbroken at the loss of his beloved wife could not bear to raise the child Largely ig ONCE UPON A TIME IS Retelling of PDF/EPUB å TIMELESS The Duchess Jessica's childhood began with a tragedy her mother's death Her father heartbroken at the loss of his beloved wife could not bear to raise the child Largely ignored Jessica spent the first eleven years of her life running free on the family estate cared for only by the servants Snow A ePUB × Then her father decides to remarry bringing an end to Jessica's independence At first her new stepmother just seems overly strict But as Jessica grows into a beautiful young woman it becomes clear that her stepmother is also wildly and murderously jealous of her Jessica escapes to London Going by the name Snow to hide from her family A Retelling of PDF/EPUB ç she falls in love with an odd band of outcasts who accept her into their makeshift family But when her stepmother appears in the city repentant and seeking her forgiveness Jessica will have to decide whom to trustwith her life.

Liz Braswell.

Snow A Retelling of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs eBook
  • Paperback
  • 259 pages
  • Snow A Retelling of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
  • Tracy Lynn
  • English
  • 05 March 2015
  • 9781416940159

10 thoughts on “Snow A Retelling of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

  1. Janell says:

    Weird This book had a fairly promising beginning A few subtle changes but easily recognizable as Snow White Then you reach the part where she encounters the dwarfs or in this case the lonely ones and it gets a little bizarre for my tastes I liked parts of the final half and other parts were just too odd And the conclusion really had me rolling my eyes I'm intrigued enough however to try at least one of these Once Upon a Time books First half 3 stars second half 2 stars

  2. Cintia says:

    This definitely wasn't what I was expecting but in a good way It has all the elements of the original fairy tale but with a creepy steampunk twistJessica is the only child of a Welsh duke and his first wife who dies at childbirth and because of that he loses all interest in his daughter letting her run wild on the state befriending the servants and being practically raised by them Until the day in which out of the need of a male heir to inherit Kenigh Hall the duke remarries this time with a beautiful woman named Anne de Mandador a widow who is still young enough as to bear him the son he needsThe story is set in Wales during the Victorian era and there were a few things that made this story a lot original and entertaining For starters Jessica is not your typical naïve princess who doesn't have a clue about what's going on around her but a confident free spirited young woman who faces the same problems any teenage girl faces growing up but without a person there to explain her the natural changes of her body the way she evolves with age or even her duties as a duchess which she learns the hard way Her stepmother in this version is still obsessed with her beauty and her youth but instead of being a witch she's a mad scientist who cast some sort of spell over a necklace and forces a servant a fiddler named Alan –who plays the mirror part in this story– to wear it preventing him from telling the truth about what happens in their private sessions and experiments as he holds the looking glass in which she examines herself every dayThe seven dwarves are instead five misfits half human half animal who take her in and employ her as a maid as they work as miners under the cover of the night stealing from the rich through the streets of London And they were the creepiest twist of all I didn't see that coming in a thousand years and though I felt a bit disgusted when I found out the truth it was definitely a clever way to fit them with the rest of the story Bravo Tracy LynnI found the way to include Snow’s sleeping spell very original because it’s not exactly magic but just another of the evil sick experiments performed by her stepmother in pursuit of her always present ambition of youth and beauty And even better was that what woke her up wasn’t what we all know as her prince’s true love’s kiss But again it’s not the ordinary fairy tale we heard or read as kids so it is very important that things do not take the conventional path And I have to say it finally we have a fairy tale heroine which actually knows her true love before loving him I mean in this kind of stories the love between the characters is instant but forever even when sometimes we think “ But they haven’t known each other for than a few days How can they get married and live happily ever after?” But here in this book I was pleasantly surprised Snow’s true love wasn’t who I thought he was even when I took it for granted from page one Instead of the typical princess’ love story Snow really knows the person she falls in love with and even when he’s not exactly a Prince Charming she is able see past all his imperfections and faults Even when she doesn’t exactly recall him the sight of him brings back a warm feeling that tells her this man is not just any man It’s not her head the one that remembers him but her heart The sleeping spell her stepmother cast over her wasn’t able to extinguish the feelings in her heart even when it took away her memoriesThis wasn’t a predictable book for me and it just kept me passing the pages to find out both about how the story continued and about the characters’ background It’s an interesting retelling of the story we all know so well but with the steampunk touch that makes it a lot interesting I’ve never read steampunk before so it was a whole new thing for meI totally recommend it Read it it’s really worth itIf you like what you read find reviews in my blog

  3. Beth says:

    Once upon a time there was a reviewer who loved fairy tales She discovered a luminous retelling of Snow White complete with a stepmothers jealous vanity kindly yet isolated miners and a deathlike sleep and after giving the book five stars lived happily ever afterWhen a duke's wife dies during the birthing of their long awaited child the motherless darling grows up in the kitchens until her father remarriage coinciding with her puberty The duke's new wife takes the tomboyish Jessica under her wing to become a lady Desperate to both remain youthful and have a babe of her own the vain yet intelligent stepmother practices many foul experiments trading her patronage for the help of Alan a hired violist When the mad woman decides the heart of her stepdaughter will bring her heart's desire Alan helps Jessica escape to the city where she meets bizarre creatures of the night who hire her as their maid and caretaker As one would expect the evil stepmother discovers her rival is still alive and seeks her out eventually spelling her into a long deep sleep that only the famed clockmaker can bring her out ofThe tale is embellished with a bewitched character who lends personification to the mirror and a turn of the century English setting almost makes the story believable as a historical event that evolved to legend and finally to fairy tale status The short chapters offer a variety of viewpoints without confusing the reader and although we know the basic plot elements and the outcome how Lynn gets there is a bit mysterious from the prologue which takes place partway through the story The role of the prince is filled unexpectedly the explanation of the mirror brilliant and the industrial revolution and the role of women in society season the plot With all her alterations Lynn remains true to the underlying message that youth is fleeting but true inner beauty is forever and desirable and adds one of her own culled from Arthurian legend the key to a woman's heart is giving her freedom of choice Superbly done

  4. Jess the Shelf-Declared Bibliophile says:

    35 stars I loved the setting for this story and even though I know the tale of Snow White very well it was uniuely retold enough that I was still anxious to see how things played out

  5. Fashiongirlgoldberg says:

    REALLY REALLY REALLY WEIRD Everything about this book was strange From the seven dwarfswhich were really five hybrids between animal and human can you say creepy? to the wicked stepmother who was basically this mental scientist whose purpose I never really understood Even snowJessica was a weirdo although that may not be surprising considering her abused childhood Prince Charming was actually this half raven freak and instead of waking her with a kiss they shock her on the lips Pleasant Tracy Lynn is obviously a very disturbed person All in all DO NOT EVER WASTE YOUR TIME READING THIS BOOK Plus there was this gruesome comparison that made me never want to eat mushrooms again I shall say no

  6. Jojobean says:

    This was a cute retelling of Snow WhiteJessica is a duchess heir born to a duke and duchess in Wales The Duchess dies after giving birth to Jessica The duke so saddened by his wife's death gives Jessica to the maids to raise and wants nothing to do with her Of course he marries again to a woman who is very vain and does everything in her power to stay young Events happened and Jessica has to go on the run and escapes to London In London she meets a band of outcasts who take her under their wing in exchange for her help in cooking and cleaning for them They become her real family OF course the duchess comes back does something to Jessica to make her fall asleep and her outcast family has to try to wake her up However once she wakes up not everything is fine She has lost her memory and now that problem needs a solution as well as what to do about her stepmother I liked Jessica well enough I felt bad for her because of the way her father treated her She was ignored by him for most of her childhood She did have a great childhood with the servant children running and playing and doing things that a duchess child shouldn't do I have to say that Jessica did take everything that happened to her after her father married her step mother in stride She took her punishments without complaint and tried her best to be happy Jessica was very brave in the decision to flee her home and go to London where she didn't know anyone or have any place to stay She was very polite to the band of outcasts when she first met them even though she was scared She enjoyed doing the hard work of cleaning and cooking for them She grew to love them and was loyal to them Jessica who became Snow was very trusting which got her into trouble She still longed to have a good relationship with her father and stepmother and that wish made her reckless when her stepmother came looking for her She was too trusting at times Overall she was a good kind personI immediately disliked Jessica's father because of his treatment of Jessica only a few minutes after she was born Heartless bastard I also didn't like Anne Jessica's stepmother She was crazy and such a bh She was very into science and instead of using magic like in the original fairytale she used gadgets scientific inventions and science books which people thought was magic She also did horrible experiments and was very vain I did however like Alan who was a fiddler hired to be a servant to the duchess He was also brave and help Jessica escape He was a happy person in general and loved Jessica I loved the band of outcasts who call themselves the lonely ones They were lovable once the reader gets to know them They care greatly for Jessica they know her as Snow and grow to love her Each lonely one had different attributes and personalities Chauncey is the leader of the group and is like a father to the others He makes the rules and while he tries to seem tough he is really a softee Cat is very cranky and has a massive amount of attitude that she directed to Jessica when they first met Sparrow was a shy uiet boy who loved to eat The Mouser considered himself a gentleman and tried to speak like an upperclassman Raven was stoic and uiet though he and Jessica became close friends He is my favoriteSome spoilers aheadI am disappointed in the romance in the book Mainly because there really wasn't much of one Raven and Jessica obviously had feelings for each other but it wasn't explored sufficiently in the book I mean when you think of fairy tales you think romance When Jessica wakes up from her sleep she goes back to her duchy and leaves the lonely ones in London At the time she has no memory of who she was or anything about her past Her parents decide to throw her a party and the lonely ones were invited Raven had a contraption to reverse the spell that took away Jessica's memory But before he got to use it Jessica kissed him and got her memory back When he asked her how did that happen she said They say true love can always break a spell Alan said the same thing to Raven when Jessica was still asleep So they do love each other and I was happy with that but nothing is really confirmed at the end Jessica goes on to live in Wales while her friends live in London but it is suggested they see each other At the end of the book they all get on a ship together to take a tour of Europe with Raven and Jessica together holding hands For me this is not enough I wanna know that they got married and that they loved each other I wanted to see them kiss at least than once I mean its implied that they are together but its just unsatisfying And thats one of my major problems with the bookOther than that I enjoyed itThis review is also posted on The Book Owl Extraordinaire

  7. Krithika Sundar says:

    2 starsFairy tales rebooted or retold are so much fun to read if the author can write a good tale of a woman filled with feminism Even better like Lisa Kleypas writes in her romances After watching the Disney version of Snow White I've always wanted to see a realistic version of the tale because I hate the witchstepmother Every time I see her my mind devices plans of how I can kill her with a gun or something and cackle in her face saying You're busted I hate her so much She's so evil and I think she deserves to be killed off in the worst way possible And I hate how naive Snow White is I found that everyone had given this book mixed reviews but I gave it a chance The book was really good for about 120 pages and then came the downfall It was so pathetic at how Snow White is put to sleep by her stepmother What actually happened? I would have been satisfied if she had slept off if her step mom had poisoned a sandwich she eats when she meets her Pun intended But it was so dumb Honestly She uses some orb that makes her sleep off It was a good idea but poorly executed Something redeeming about the plot is retelling of the seven dwarfs They aren't dwarfs but half animal half human Very interesting and I loved their characters They aren't basically seven people Nice twist The chapters about the stepmom were very interesting It was so creepy even though it was one page long Loved it so much and hats off to The character Raven So coolAnd we even get a conversation with the clockwork Orange I think As I said before great retelling with lots of potential but very poor execution It's like the author has so much much material to write about but couldn't or didnt know how to fill up the pages I was just dozing off thru the last 7 chapters Applause for the effort

  8. Emily Stroba says:

    This book is like the original Snow white and all so like Snow White and the HuntsmanBut it dose not have the seven dwarfs it has these five half human people a raven a cat a mouse a sparrow and a rat and they are called the lonely ones and gets like snow white and snow white and the huntsman the stepmother is evil

  9. Emma says:

    In Wales during the reign of ueen Victoria a Duke in a small village loses his wife in childbirth when she gives birth to his daughter Jessica Broken hearted over the loss of his beloved wife the Duke let his daughter be raised by the various servants When the Duke remarries the beautiful and intelligent Anne Jessica finally has a mother As the Duchess teaches her how to be a proper woman Jessica still finds ways to be with the servants Her best friend Allen the violin player spends his time finding odd items for the Duchess While Jessica had once admired her Stepmother when she became a teenager she was punished by being used as a servant making her skin so pale from the indoors that it earned her a new nickname Snow The Duchess obsessed with being able to bear her husband a second child discovers a twisted possible solution to her problems In order to bear a child she believes that all she needs is a human heart and she is than willing to sacrifice her stepdaughter In the dark of night Snow leaves the home she’s always known for London seeking refuge with a group of impossible creaturesWhen I first read the description of this book I was a little confused about the Snow White character being named Jessica since Shakespeare originated the name However this made sense once I learnt that the story is set in Victorian times This retelling of Snow White was the kind of book you enjoy while you read it but looking back later there are things that just didn’t work It was interesting to see how this classic fairy tale was adapted in a Victorian tale and how the writer recreated her own versions of the mirror the seven dwarfs and the poisoned apple For people who are big fans of the original story I wouldn’t recommend this book While there are some great retellings that work well and compliment the original like Ella Enchanted I don’t think this book is one of them However I’m not a huge fan of Snow White and was therefore able to enjoy this book I think the author did a good job of creating a Victorian fairy tale that was interesting I liked her style of story telling and her creativity My main problem with Snow White in general is the title character who is just so naïve and gullible I still had this problem with Tracy Lynn’s Snow although she had much personality than the Walt Disney character in my opinion At the beginning Snow seemed like a typical retelling However things proved to be bizarre than I first imagined While I liked some of the creative twists there were parts that didn’t flow well such as the sudden presence of the Clockwork Man Some parts at the end felt a bit thrown together but overall I enjoyed this book It challenges the common conceptions about fairy tales and true love Snow is a uniue retelling of a story everyone knows about the power of true love 35

  10. Arely says:

    I really liked this retelling of Snow White You could see the similarities between this story and the original Snow White but this one had a lot of originality that it kept me rivetedSnow—or rather Jessica—is a child raised by servants Since the servants obviously do not know how a proper duchess is to be raised Jessica mostly runs wild among the estate That is until her father remarries Everyone including Jessica is fooled by Anne the new duchess except for Alan the fiddler He is Anne's servant and has an enchanted chain around his neck that prevents him from being able to tell anyone what goes on in Anne's room Alan is also Jessica's best friend and when Anne reveals her plan to steal Jessica's heart Alan rushes—and struggles—to try and save Jessica without revealing anythingThen we meet the band of outcasts Chauncey Mouser Sparrow Cat and Raven They take Jessica in when they find her wandering on the streets of London and uickly become her familyBut then Anne claims to have changed and Jessica—now known as Snow—who yearns to have a mother is willing to give her a second chance Here is where I had a bit of ualms with SnowThe duchess Anne tried to kill Snow Yes I understand that Snow wants parents who care for her than anything but Anne tried to kill her I would not be willing to go back and say Oh hi I know you wanted my heart for yourself and all but I'm just gonna go meet you and put it all behind us What?Though I know it was essential for the plot I still wanted to smack some sense into Snow and scream at her that it was a trapThe Lonely Ones the band of outcasts that take Snow in uickly captured my heart with their uirks and care As they became Snow's adopted family I came to care for themAnother thing I really liked was the way the author wrote the book It was in third person which allowed us to see what was going on everywhere and be privy to what the duchess was going to do and then yell at Snow for being so naïve Also some chapters were things that weren't essential to the book but that allowed us to see what other character's were thinking such as Alan's letter to his sister after accepting the position as a fiddler in the Welsh estateThough I knew for the most part how the story was going to end it wasn't boring in the least and provided much entertainment that kept me wanting to know how the author planned to have things happen—and therefore kept me eagerly turning the pageI recommend this book to people who love retelling of fairy tales love magic or science and a happily ever after that's not so expected

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