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Not-So-Brave Penguin❮Download❯ ➹ Not-So-Brave Penguin ➾ Author Steve Smallman – Posy the penguin is scared of many things snowstorms loud noises the dark but when her adventurous friend Percy is missing Posy plucks up the courage to overcome her fears and goes on an excursion to Posy the penguin is scared of many things snowstorms loud noises the dark but when her adventurous friend Percy is missing Posy plucks up the courage to overcome her fears and goes on an excursion to find him After an intrepid journey Posy finds an injured Percy in a dark cave She rescues him and brings him home realising in the end just how brave she can really be A heartwarming story about friendship being brave and overcoming fears when it really matters this picture book is sure to delight and entertain.

Steve Smallman lives in Staffordshire with his wife two dogs and two cats He has four children and a grandchild Steve has been illustrating children’s books for almost years and writing his own stories for slightly less He also teaches illustration workshops in schools including mural painting Steve is the author of Smelly Peter the Great Pea Eater Winner of the Sheffield Children's Book.

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  • Hardcover
  • 24 pages
  • Not-So-Brave Penguin
  • Steve Smallman
  • 19 August 2014
  • 9781912413904

10 thoughts on “Not-So-Brave Penguin

  1. PattyMacDotComma says:

    4★“Percy thought it looked amazingPosy thought it looked scary”An iceberg would be both to me This is a little picture book for little kids about little penguins in a big uniue beautiful and scary – part of the world AntarcticaPercy loves excitement and sees fun everywhere while Posy is a very timid little thing who is easily frightened He slips and slides and swims She stands and watches nervouslyIllustration of Percy splashing happily while Posy is scared to risk a bellyflopPosy is especially scared of the dark and I must say her imagination is very livelyIllustration of Posy’s imagined horrors of the darkWhen an iceberg floats near them Percy sees opportunity where Posy sees threat He’s off and running and sliding and splashing his way to the iceberg where he plays happily by himself all day long Illustration of Percy excited to see the icebergHappily that is until he accidentally slides down into a cave and knocks himself on the head When he hasn’t turned up at the end of the day everyone says he’ll be fine But Posy isn’t convinced that all is well with her friendIllustration of Posy trying in vain to raise the alarm with the other penguinsThis is Percy This is her friend we’re talking about She can’t just leave him to fate over on that iceberg Who knows what might happen to him? So she bravely runs dives splashes and swims her way over to the iceberg and begins hunting Suddenly she’s sliding into one of her nightmaresIllustration of frightened Posy sliding into the ‘mouth’ of the cave She breaks her fall by bumping into Percy He’s got a good old bump on his head but seems okay otherwise He is amazed at how she got there in spite of being scared She tells him she is STILL scared – of the dark He explains that it’s actually very beautifulPercy and Posy enjoying the Aurora Australis in the night skyThere are many illustrations of course and it’s obvious Percy isn’t so much a daredevil as someone who really doesn’t see any danger Perhaps the bump on the head will slow him down Posy on the other hand learned that she could overcome her fears when she had a good enough reason When they get home Percy tells her “You helped me even though you were scared That makes you the BRAVEST PENGUIN OF ALL”There are notes at the end to encourage discussion between older readers and the children with whom they are reading the story There are also activities for parents or teachers to initiate as well This story obviously takes place during a period where there is day and night presumably in the change between seasons of 24 hour days and 24 hour nights Posy would like the long days but not the nights I presumeI often share many pictures from children’s books since I don’t consider them “spoilers” in that I don’t think adults buy picture books sight unseen We see them first in a bookshop a library a school or at a friend’s house It’s not like buying a mystery novel We want to know exactly what message the children will be getting from a story We don’t want to discover for example that a book has some kind of tie in with a sponsor or brand we might not approve ofI can’t see any subliminal advertising in this one so here’s my review for what it’s worth Thanks to NetGalley and uarto EB and especially Steve Smallman who writes and illustrates such cute books#StorytimeNotSoBravePenguin #NetGalley

  2. Toni says:

    Posy and Percy are best friends but it does not mean they are the same In fact Percy is brave while Posy is afraid of snowstorms heights loud noises and above all the dark When Percy does not come back home after playing on an iceberg slippery slide Posy knows something went wrong She jumps into the sea follows Percy’s footprints on the iceberg and enters a very scary cave just to find her friend Percy who is grateful for her help tells her that she is the bravest penguin of all not only for rescuing him but also for acting in spite of her fear A heart warming story with cute pictures and a great moral this book will definitely appeal to young readers There is a support page with presentation suggestions and follow up activities Children will really enjoy painting the iceberg and snowflakes as well as making paper penguins to role play the storyThank you to NetGalley and EB Publishing for the ARC provided in exchange for an honest opinion

  3. Tatsuhiro Sato says:

    45 🌟The reason why I love to read children books is very simple the lessons and message they carry with them about various things in life and that to in such a beautiful way This children book also carry one such a great thought The real test of bravery comes when things are really hard and scary Each of us have different set of fears which scares us making us feel we are no brave but the true test of bravery comes when we despite our fears conuer and do something unimaginable here something what Pasy did In all a really good book for childrens

  4. Rachel says:

    thank you to Netgalley and uarto Publishing Group EB for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review5 starsThis book is both adorable in story and illustrations aswell as having an important message to it It addresses feelings of being scared and showing what being brave really is It's an important book for little readers as its very well written easy to understand and definitely relatable to all ages and yes I mean us Adults aswell It lets a child know that even if they are scared to do something that when they do it even without realising they are doing it that that is what bravery is all about The story also touches on helping out a friend and following your own gut instincts A very well done book and with beautiful illustrations in both the softness of the details and colours This book is one to pick up and not pass up on Go grab a copy

  5. Michelle says:

    Thanks to uarto Publishing Group EB and Netgalley for providing me the opportunity to readthis and give an honest review I really enjoyed The Not So Brave Penguin by Steve Smallman We follow Posy an adorable penguin who isn't as adventurous as her friend Percy Percy When Percy's daredevil ways lead him into trouble it is Posy that helps him outThis will be an excellent addition to any child's library as it has the potential to be read again and again My daughter is 19 months old and will love it because she loves animals and the illustrations are perfect What I love is that when she gets older we can talk about the lessons of this book and relate that to her life This doesn't have anything to do with the story but I really liked the discussion page at the end of suggested topics to review with a child and then fun activities to replicate the penguin's home environment This provides a great activity for a rainy day and the opportunity to make learning fun

  6. La Coccinelle says:

    This is a cute story about a penguin named Posy who is scared of all sorts of things She's a worrier But when her friend Percy goes missing on a nearby iceberg she has to face her fears and try to help him herselfI like the story and the illustrations are really cute but the grammar and punctuation in the writing leave something to be desired It marred what could've been an excellent picture bookI'm also not fond of the stuff at the end that tells parents and teachers how to talk to the kids and do art projects related to the book I found it kind of condescending and that was the part aimed at adults not kids The uestions parents and teachers are supposed to ask are pretty obvious as the answers are pretty much spelled out in the story Some interesting uestions would be the ones that weren't addressed such as how nobody believed that Percy was in trouble because Posy was the one worrying about itOverall I enjoyed the story and illustrations but I thought the material at the end was unnecessary and the writing was technically a bit weak Still it would be a nice picture book for kids especially if they happen to be fond of penguins Thank you to NetGalley and EB Publishing for providing a digital ARC

  7. Mel (Epic Reading) says:

    My husband is obsessed with penguins And so I had to check out this adorable penguin picture book We read it together and I gotta say that there are a lot of great things about Not So Brave Penguin 1 There are lots of emphasized fun to say words that little kids will adore learning and saying 2 The story puts a great spin on being afraid and how so long as you are brave when it counts to save someone then it's all okay 3 It indicates that sometimes being brave can mean you get hurt I especially liked this emphasis on the need to be safe while being brave 4 Adorable artwork The penguins are cute and I loved the bump on the head the one penguin has Overall this is a solid pick for little ones and a book that is sure to be fun as well as informative Please note I received an eARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley This is an honest and unbiased review

  8. Nostalgia Reader says:

    Posy is a very anxious little penguin–she’s scared of all sorts of things and is very worried when her adventurous friend Percy goes missing on an iceberg Will friendship win out over her fears and will she be able to save her friend?A very cute story about overcoming your fears and being a good friend Posey is a character that I can definitely see anxious kids feeling empathy towards in the beginning and hopefully also being able to learn from her actions at the end She is also able to overcome not just her self doubts but also ignore the adult penguins’ unhelpful advice to “not worry” Percy is also a great friend acknowledging Posey’s braveryA final page includes brief lessons and activities that parents or teachers can do with kids to help them get the most out of the message of bravery But even without any moralistic analysis the story is a fun read and is complimented by very sweet artworkThank you to NetGalley for providing me with a free copy to reviewCross posted on my blog

  9. Laura says:

    This is a cute book about how to be brave when it matters Posy is not daring While Puffy goes and does things that are while Posy is laid backBut in spite of all that when she has to find courage she does This is a cute story of finding your courage when it really mattersAnd throwing in the aurora australis is kind of cool tooThe only problem I have with this book is that there is day and night There is nothing wrong with day and night but depending on where in Antarctica this story is supposed to be taking place there would be no uick day and night There would be six months of day and six months of lightBut as this website points out depending on what part of Antarctica you are determines how much day and night you have during the yearAntarctica sunlight hoursThanks to Netgalley for making this book available for an honest reveiw

  10. Sarah Grace Grzy says:

    This was just the cutest little book I'm not ashamed to admit I still love reading good picture books from time to time and this one was adorable The illustrations were so whimsical and lively and the story was fun encouraging and charming The themes of fear and bravery were woven so well into the story Percy and Posy Penguin are such precious little characters and I think any child or even adult can relate to them on some level I will definitely be purchasing a hardcopy version of this book to read to my nieces and nephewFTC Disclosure I received a complimentary copy of this book for promotional purposes from Netgalley I was not reuired to write a positive review These are my honest thoughts and opinions

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