The Complete Book of Pontiac GTO

The Complete Book of Pontiac GTO[Epub] ➝ The Complete Book of Pontiac GTO ➢ Tom Glatch – The Complete Book of Pontiac GTO gives you a year by year model by model exploration of the world's first muscle car all in full color photography most of which has never been published When Pontiac The Complete Book Book of PDF/EPUB ¼ of Pontiac GTO gives you a year by year model by model exploration of the world's first muscle car all in full color photography most of which has never been published When Pontiac created the original muscle car—the GTO—it reshaped the automotive world like a four inch piston going through a three inch cylinder bore Everything changed the moment John Zachery DeLorean and his crew of hot rodding miscreants bolted a big engine into a smaller car and created the GTO Make no mistake DeLorean The Complete PDF/EPUB or and his partners in crime were genuine outlaws The GTO broke so many of General Motors' corporate rules that the people responsible should have been fired And they would have been except the car was a hit.

I was Book of PDF/EPUB ¼ years old when my late brother Ray bought a new Oldsmobile convertible he was years older than me and I was hooked Top down on a warm summer night that was heaven Ray also owned a Austin Healey and a Studebaker Starliner My father owned a Pontiac Catalina at the time a powerful black beauty with a silver metallic interior Throughout the Sixties Dad b.

The Complete Book of Pontiac GTO PDF/EPUB Á Book of
  • Hardcover
  • 176 pages
  • The Complete Book of Pontiac GTO
  • Tom Glatch
  • 09 August 2014
  • 9780760359945

6 thoughts on “The Complete Book of Pontiac GTO

  1. Donald Ohlinger says:

    John Z Delorean and a few Pontiac officals one afternoon back in 1963 took a basic Pontiac tempest and put it on the lift and talked about what they could do to make this car a real muscle car a car with a lot of horsepower and torue a car that could be ran at the drag strip and pull in some fast times and give other car manufactures some competition in the showrooms and on the streets plus have a reputation that everyone knows well on that afternoon they decided to drop in a 389 V 8 and a 4 spd manual transmission with a posi traction rearend and call the basic tempest a new name a name that would get around fast and that name was GTO a car that would soon dominate the drag strips and the drive ins and streets like many other muscle cars its about muscle and the capability to go fast Pontiac didn't stop there with every generation of the GTO the car just kept getting powerful as body styles changed and engines were re engineered and customer preferred packages improved with every car however the pricing would also increase on every new GTO that Pontiac would sell although Pontiac management was against selling a factory hotrod John Z Delorean and Jim Wangers seen to it that the Pontiac GTO in the earlie stages was built behind closed doors in an unknown studio they had to be very careful of taking the car out so that other GM employees didn't see the car on a test track but when Pontiac finally gave in the GTO was a popular car not just in everyday life but on the big screen a GTO appeared in the Movie Two Lane Black Top and the Daytonas sang a song about the GTO called Hey Little GTO the car like many muscle cars had there ups and downs but the GTO was an icon a car that will get Pontiac fans and enthuists talking for hours reminecing about the good ol days when they saw the first 1964 GTO in the Pontiac dealers though there were drag racing teams from Pontiac dealers that sponsored cars on the strip and when those GTOs won it was good for Pontiac sales I love the history of GM and the company that builds the best cars and trucks and the GTO is one of those sought after muscle cars that every GM diehard fan wants in there collection or for a weekend cruiser or for that matter a drag racer for the weekends at the local drag strip though the GTO went from a 389 V 8 to a 400 V 8 with ram air in later years but it was still the best muscle car amoung the other muscle cars of its generation

  2. Ted says:

    A very worthwhile read for any gearheadAn encyclopedic look at the ultimate American two door muscle car during its 14 production model years this book is full of facts opinions and gorgeous pictures There's even a bit if drama with good guys bad guys and fools It leans toward enthusiasm but with a healthy vein of journalism and some uestionable economic analysis but that's not what you'll be reading forI grew up mostly Mopar and have almost always lusted after plain wrapper B bodied four door bench seated sedans and wagons with large powerful engines than for showy A body muscle and pony cars But even I could never completely miss the allure of mid 60's GTO's and reading 'The complete book of Pontiac GTO' deepened my appreciation of this fine automobile

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