Oh No, Bobo!

Oh No, Bobo!✅ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Oh No, Bobo! By Phil Gosier ⚣ – Heartforum.co.uk When Bobo steals and then breaks the zookeeper's flashlight his best friend Fifi only has one thing to say to himYOU'RE IN TROUBLEWhile Fifi runs around taunting Bobo and telling everyone about what B When Bobo steals and then breaks the zookeeper's flashlight his best friend Fifi only has one thing to say to himYOU'RE IN TROUBLEWhile Fifi runs around taunting Bobo and telling everyone about what Bobo has done Bobo frantically tries to find help and avoid getting Oh No, ePUB × caught by the zookeeperThis riotous energetic tale is complemented by vibrant art and a hilarious read aloud style that begs readers PLEASE DON'T TELL ON BOBO.


Oh No, Bobo! ePUB ✓ Oh No,  ePUB ×
  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • Oh No, Bobo!
  • Phil Gosier
  • 11 March 2016
  • 9781250176837

10 thoughts on “Oh No, Bobo!

  1. Calista says:

    Bobo the monkey sneaks a flashlight away from the zookeeper and then breaks it and he and his friend spend the rest of the story going over that he broke it and he’s in trouble It’s like living with children It’s like any suabble I didn’t like the flow of the book and the artwork didn’t impress me either The nephew did read this with me and he thought it was rather funny He gave this 3 starsIt’s a simple story that didn’t work for me so much No thanks

  2. Carmen says:

    Bobo steals and breaks the zookeeper's flashlight His annoying frenemy Fifi the Koala threatens to tattle on him tells everyone what he did tattles on him blackmails him I thought she was despicable I didn't find this story amusingBoth of the characters are exhibiting bad behavior Bobo steals something and breaks it; Fifi is a snot nosed little gossip and tattletale and blackmailer It's disgustingI can't really find any redeeming featuresI guess the illustrations are cuteThe book has a happy ending ish but it's not the first thing I'd pick up and read to children

  3. Elizabeth says:

    This book is awesome I love the dialogue between the monkey and koala I can't wait to read this to a classroom full of kids

  4. Amanda says:

    So Silly Just wish some of the illustrations were a bit larger so that it could be shared easily for storytimes

  5. Linda Atkinson says:


  6. Annese says:

    I've never had a sibling but this is what I imagine every day feels like Hilarious

  7. Barbara says:

    Bobo who seems to resemble a monkey or a small orangutan simply can't resist stealing a flashlight from the zoo keeper At first he amuses his friend Fifi a koala bear with it But when the battery runs out Fifi threatens to tell on Bobo since both of them assume that it's now broken and Bobo is responsible Things go from bad to worse as the back of the flashlight opens Bobo is desperate to avoid getting in trouble and bows to Fifi's demands that he offer praise to her in exchange for staying uiet Of course the zookeeper still finds out that the flashlight simply needed batteries and isn't broken at all After all that worry Bobo is annoyed with Fifi As other reviewers have noted both of these animals are behaving badly Teachers or caregivers might want to share this title with youngsters just to make them laugh at the animals' antics but also as a reminder of what not to do in such a situation

  8. Rebecca says:

    Bobo the monkey steals the zookeeper's flashlight breaks it and freaks out his guilt made worse by his friend Fifi's taunts and threats to tell on him Kids will identify with his stress and laugh at his antics his eyebrows lift right off his head even though they may not sympathize with him when he breaks the fourth wall to ask readers Are YOU going to tell This would be a fun readaloud for a theatrical reader Kirkus's review makes a good point as well The kindly zookeeper a white man sees that the flashlight just needs new batteriesand pats Bobo on the head Readers attuned to the cultural debate surrounding the association of black people with monkeys may well wince at this sight

  9. Jana says:

    This cute picture book will have young people giggling as poor Bobo gets all stressed out and worried Bobo is a mischievous zoo animal that stole the zookeeper's flashlight When Bobo and his friend Fifi were playing around with it it stopped working Convinced that he broke the flashlight Fifi gleefully announces that Bobo is in big trouble because she's going to tell on him Young readers will definitely be able to relate to Bobo's problem This could be a good way to discuss ways that we can take responsibility for mistakes that we make

  10. Molly Cluff (Library!) says:

    That was actually adorable This could be a good book for discussing what to do if you fear you're in trouble but mostly I just enjoyed the hilarity of Bobo FREAKING OUT when he thought he broke the zookeeper's flashlight that he borrowed to play with The physicality of the characters in the illustrations is very well portrayed Probably best for one on one reads since there are different panels of smaller illustrations on the same page

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