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Buddhas Bedroom[Read] ➪ Buddhas Bedroom ➲ Cheryl Fraser – Heartforum.co.uk In this playful and sexually savvy guide “Dr Cheryl” Fraser presents enlivening mindfulness exercises techniues from couples and sex therapy and the wisdom of Buddhist teachings to help you spark In this playful and sexually savvy guide “Dr Cheryl” Fraser presents enlivening mindfulness exercises techniues from couples and sex therapy and the wisdom of Buddhist teachings to help you spark the passion and thrill you’ve been seeking in your relationship With this book couples can break free from the monotony of familiar routines and bring a little nirvana back to the bedroom for a exciting loving and fulfilling connectionThe beginning of a relationship is always thrilling—butterflies in the stomach; that sense that someone really gets you; that “love drunk” “walking on air” feeling But as time goes by and the tedium of daily life intervenes you may find yourself too busy tired or just unmotivated to devote uality time and attention to the connection you crave So how do you uncover the passion and thrill you’re longing for and how can you make it lastInside Buddha’s Bedroom you’ll discover how the essential Buddhist teachings of mindfulness and awakening can be applied to your love life—showing that true passion absolutely is sustainable if you’re willing to shift your perspective By exploring your deepest desires and expectations and also learning to see your partner as they really are without the need for them to change you’ll be able to create a deep and mindfully loving connection for a fabulous relationship And with these spiritually scintillating tips and techniues you’ll have the keys to igniting and sustaining all the thrill intimacy and sensuality you seek.

Media Bio – Dr Cheryl FraserSharp frank and fearless that’s Buddhist psychologist sex therapist author and speaker Dr Cheryl Fraser With a rare combination of academic credibility humor straight talk and life changing advice Dr Cheryl is a sought after media psychologist and relationship expert She has helped thousands of couples jumpstart their love life and create passion that last.

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  • Paperback
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  • Buddhas Bedroom
  • Cheryl Fraser
  • 03 November 2015
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10 thoughts on “Buddhas Bedroom

  1. Michael-David Sasson says:

    There are many wonderful glorious parts of this book that point toward insight and fun YayThe implicit assumption that either one’s partner was game and committed to the journey or that if one just on one’s own acted the part of an awakened lover then the other would come along for the ride that pissed me offRomance would be sooo easy if other people didn’t have free will Who would need advice columns or booksAnd it seems to gloss over the Buddha’s 4th recollection“All that is dear to me and everyone I love are of the nature to change There is no way to escape being separated from them”

  2. April Harvey says:

    Cheryl Fraser tackled some pretty difficult topics in this book and she made them super easy to understand This book is all about helping couples learn to communicate or even reconnect if they are in a slump I love love love the fact that mindfulness is including We tried some of the exercises and they really do help you to feel closer as a couple We have been together for over a decade and so we had lapsed into this weird sort of complacency where we forgot how to just BE with each other

  3. Steve says:

    Cheryl Fraser knows her Buddhism and has applied this knowledge toward helping couples seeking assistance with their relationships Despite the irreverent title which could be offensive to some Buddhists this book contains very helpful and practical advice for singles and couples to improve the uality of their relationships The title is also a bit misleading since most of the book adopts Buddhist ideas and values for the sake of building better connections between partners The sex tips which are inspired by some tantric notions come at the end and seem interesting enough for couples seeking to spice up their love life But what I find most valuable is Fraser's advice about changing one's mindset to reduce the demons of relationships such as jealousy insecurity resentment and difficulty in communication In my view the guidance for learning to focus on what is beautiful in one's partner is the most valuable part of her book Simply put my approach to my relationship is better for having read Buddha's Bedroom

  4. Heather Bennett says:

    Cheryl Fraser has written a remarkable book that weaves Buddhism intimacy sex falling in love and communication The exercises in this book can bring couples closer being awakened and passionate Cheryl Fraser is a wonderful author

  5. Hillary says:

    At several points while reading this book I felt like the author was speaking directly to me Cheryl Fraser has clearly worked extensively with “long term” couples and deeply understands the rut in which they sometimes get stuck This book aims very successfully in my opinion to help couples reconnect and rediscover what made them fall in love in the first place Through exercises and meditations couples can work together to build intimacy and in turn a better sexual relationship This book is NOT explicitly about sex except for the last few chapters It is much about intimacy and connection the loss of which is often the culprit for sexual disconnection Every couple can benefit by reconnecting with true intimacy I highly recommend that BOTH partners read this book and work through the exercises together to reconnect recommit and remember why they’re together in a loving way Thanks to the publisher for providing an advance copy in exchange for my honest review

  6. Joan Ryan says:

    An intelligent kind and easy to read book that reminds you how passion and intimacy with your partner is achievable and re achievable – again and again because it really can be as simple as “mind over matter” Dr Fraser provides a guide that helps you practice uieting and awakening your mind so you can be present and passionate with your partner but also a loving and compassionate person to yourself your partner and the world I especially liked the advice about how to become a better listening because than once I have heard words while guarding my “walled off heart” I think this book will be appreciated by everyone who is committed to the work and fun it takes to mindfully loving your partner

  7. Ann T says:

    Thank you New Harbinger Publications and Netgalley for an ARC in return of my honest reviewCheryl Fraser is a Buddhist sex therapist Her book brings mindfulness and Buddhist teachings to the bedroom and long term relationships in general A lovely well written enjoyable book which reminds the reader that like everything in life relationships have Dukkha We cannot be happy happy all the time however we can change our perceptions of how we embrace our mindset and in turn our relationship and the amount of passion we bring to itEach chapter is summarised with Love Bytes and Buddha Bytes There are exercises to complete and meditations to enjoyThis is a fabulous book and highly recommended for anyone in a committed relationship

  8. ianca rebel says:

    Apart from the usual self help repetitions I think this book brought some interesting challenging insights into my own mindfulness in regards to viewing relationship happiness partners etc It's uite focused on marriage but I read it as a single person out of a relationship and found it useful Yes yes it does have some juiciness but it is not the foundation of this book It provokes to judgment the idea that we are the only ones responsible for our own happiness and not someone else While I don't agree with some items arguably people in a relationship should not wish to change one another but it's good to at least growimprove together as human beings I did find some food for thought in it

  9. Charlene says:

    Written with wisdom compassion and a bit of humour Buddha’s Bedroom is a wonderful frank resource for strengthening the most important relationship in one’s life Dr Fraser provides effective guidance and practical exercises while emphasizing personal responsibility for the success of the relationship I love that she aligns this guidance with the common sense wisdom of Buddhist teachings such as thinking before acting speaking with kindness and setting loving intentions Even after nearly 40 years of marriage I am grateful for both the reminders and the new insights offered that promote creating a passionate and loving relationship

  10. Lori A. says:

    This book makes practical application of intimacy exploration possible I would recommend reading it chapter by chapter as there are many skills to be tried and examples of how to translate the ideas into manageable exercises You do not have to be a Buddhist to understand the book as it is written in plain language that everyone can apply to their lives Take your time to get the most out of this book I found it most helpful to just use one skill as a focus at a time and then move onto the next one when I was ready

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