Hentopia[PDF / Epub] ☄ Hentopia By Frank Hyman – Heartforum.co.uk More eggs less work And enjoyment for both the chickens and their keeper That’s the promise of Frank Hyman’s  Hentopia From the Vending Machine Feeder to the Refilling Rainwaterer Hyman’s innov More eggs less work And enjoyment for both the chickens and their keeper That’s the promise of Frank Hyman’s  Hentopia From the Vending Machine Feeder to the Refilling Rainwaterer Hyman’s innovative building projects are designed to save time and money while keeping chickens safe healthy clean and well fed Featuring easy to follow instructions and colorful photos the  projects for the chicken yard range from creative doorways nest boxes fencing and roosts to a predator proof pen a “Chunnel” chicken run and a sturdy but inexpensive coop made from wooden pallets With a lively humorous voice Hyman generously shares his expert advice on all aspects of chicken keeping Reuiring minimal previous carpentry experience and using many salvaged or found materials Hentopia is within reach of every aspiring chicken keeper.


Paperback  ✓ Hentopia PDF Ä
  • Paperback
  • 208 pages
  • Hentopia
  • Frank Hyman
  • 20 December 2014
  • 9781612129945

10 thoughts on “Hentopia

  1. Laura says:

    We who keep backyard chickens for a few years feel as though we know it all and are than willing to share that knowledge with anyone who wants to know it or doesn't want to know it as the case may beIt is sometimes hard to think back to a time that I didn't have chickens and had no idea where to begin Hard to remember that when I first got my baby chicks I kept them in my office with me and when they were coop ready I moved them into the garage because I had not really thought through this whole what to do with the chickens thing I mean yeah I knew I had to get them a coop and a yard and all that but heyMy whole point is that everyone who is curious about chicken keeping needs to have a good resource and while the local feed store is than willing to sell you all bits you need for a chicken they are not there every day to help you with the chickens So a book like this one is such a good thing™The author is very straightforward has a good wit on him and explains all the ins and out of making a safe place for your chickens to live and lay From building a run to setting up a good laying box to what to do with all the chicken droppings Hint compostHe even mentions why you would need a coop to begin with as though we had gotten this far into the book and though oh the heck with it they can live in the treesThe pictures a very clear the projects are discussed and each step is shown along the way There is even a section on what tools you would need to build each of the projects in the book which rang from things as simple as an automatic feeder to a nesting box add on to the coopHighly highly recommend this book to those who are just starting out and perhaps to those who have had a coop and chickens for a while for the next steps they want to make in the process Thanks to Netgalley for making this book available for an honest review #Hentopia #NetGalley

  2. Cat says:

    Finally a down to earth chicken keeping and caring guide by someone who’s not a rich professional and cherishes their freedom and sleep Most chicken guides I’ve read thus far reuire ways too much money and time it really makes the eggs too expensive to enjoy as a hobby This author Frank Hyman uses down to earth techniues reuses materials and keeps it simple through all steps He and his wife enjoy traveling sleeping in if they want and enjoying their freedom Their entire chicken coop design is built around those parameters I loved the pictures of the process and the finished product; this created a clear and concise image in my mind of how I plan to construct my next chicken coop Thanks for a simple down to earth guide to enjoying raising chickens for food and companyI received an advance copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an unbiased review Thank you to Story Publishing for making it available

  3. Carol says:

    Great resource for someone like me planning to get chickens I ended up scanning have the book to save for when I want to make a feeder put up the pen and so on I have looked at other chicken keeping books that were so loaded with meandering technical detail as to be unreadable This one is to the point and also funny

  4. Mouse says:

    Bawk Bawk Bawk Ber cawk 🐓 🐔

  5. Lauren says:

    A super helpful and easy to read book from a knowledgeable author in terms of chickens and construction The downside I now want my hubby to upgrade our coop

  6. Lindsay says:

    Such a helpful book on raising chickens I enjoyed Frank's perspectives and ideas

  7. Rose Ann says:

    A cute helpful informative well written and well illustrated guide to raising chickens in your yard

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