Grandma Bird

Grandma Bird➮ [Ebook] ➩ Grandma Bird By Benji Davies ➺ – A tender and heart warming new story from the world of The Storm Whale Noi isn’t at all sure about staying at Grandma’s Grandma boils seaweed for soup and there’s not much to do on the tiny isla A tender and heart warming new story from the world of The Storm Whale Noi isn’t at all sure about staying at Grandma’s Grandma boils seaweed for soup and there’s not much to do on the tiny island where she lives where the wind cuts in and the grass grows sideways   But that’s before Noi gets swept up in the dramatic rescue that will mark the beginning of their touching new friendship.


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  • ebook
  • 32 pages
  • Grandma Bird
  • Benji Davies
  • 03 August 2016
  • 9781471171819

10 thoughts on “Grandma Bird

  1. Hilary says:

    25 stars Noi lives with his dad and six cats for the summer he is dropped off at Grandma's tiny island where she lives in an upturned boat Grandma is busy doing her own thing so Noi goes off to explore When he spots a cave he goes to play inside unaware of the incoming tide he becomes trapped Luckily Grandma rescues him in her boat I found this storyline a bit odd Noi looks about 4 yrs old and nobody is looking after him or teaching him to be safe around the sea and tides As they sail home they find some windswept birds which they 'rescue' and take home to dry their wings obviously flocks of birds don't get windswept or need taking home to dry The illustrations are lovely I found the storyline a strange choice as this could have been a lovely story about a boy staying with his Grandmother who lives a different and interesting life

  2. Samu says:

    I can't even I love Benji Davies His illustrations are GORGEOUS and this series with Noi is amazingly beautiful and there are birds in this one 'Nough said 3

  3. Nicole says:

    Grandma BirdThese illustrations are awesome Very prettyCute story about a boy who is visiting his grandma His grandma lives on a rockisland all alone He got bored and went on a expedition alone A storm came he found a 'pirate' cave and a little bird who was trapped because of the bad weather Boy and Grandma nursed the birds they found back at grandma's place until the storm passed

  4. Rosie says:

    Another story about Noi from The Storm Whale where Noi stays with his grandma over the summer They build up a nice bond by caring for windswept birdsA lovely story about children getting to know grandparents It would link nicely with Drawn Together by Minh Lê as both stories show that bonds can be built

  5. Anthony Burt says:

    Benji Davies beautiful animation style and effortless storytelling return in this Storm Whale spin off It's lovely and warm as you'd expect but is slightly lacking in depth and genuine heart as some of his other books A good read but not the best of his pic books

  6. Hannah says:

    Another great adventure with Noi Unfortunately I now have to buy this one too I love them I need to check out of Davies work he is uickly becoming a favourite author of mine

  7. I _teach_muggles says:

    From Benji Davies author of the The Storm Whale comes a new story that eventually sees the joy that the young find in spending time with the oldIt is summer and Noi is going to stay at his Grandma’s but he is far from excited Grandma lives on her own on a small and windswept island with only the birds for company Everything is strange with Grandma strange food Grandma has strange habits and they have to share a bed under the itchy blanketsFinding Grandma lost in her own world and going about her own business and too busy to play Noi finds himself going on his own adventure But when Noi finds himself trapped out at sea it is Grandma that comes to the rescue and this will be the start of a beautiful relationshipThis is a delightful adventure story with plenty of drama danger and excitement Noi is having very little fun with his Grandma and it is this that sees him head off to explore his surroundings whereby he finds a cave Whilst in his cave a storm brews and a surprise visitor drops from the sky in need of help Through the nursing of this bird and several others that Noi and his Grandma rescue the two bond From this moment on the two feel much closer and they then enjoy adventures together and spend their days exploring in the company of each otherGrandma Bird is a clever exploration of the emotions that young children will often experience when staying away from home with a relative for the first time Having to adjust to unfamiliar surroundings and missing the comforts and familiarities of home are very big deals for lots of children The development of the relationship between Noi and his Grandma changes throughout the story From Noi feeling distant and disconnected in the early part of the narrative to forming a close and meaningful bond by the endThe illustrations are gorgeous and fit perfectly with this charming and warm hearted read that any child who enjoys spending time with Grandma will dearly loveRecommended for 5

  8. Lauren Drake says:

    Another fantastic story featuring Noi This time Noi's grandma is introduced as Noi spends the summer with her on her tiny rock At first Noi struggles to bond with his Grandma and they cannot find anything that they have in common However when Noi gets lost at sea Grandma finds him and brings him back to safety Grandma and Noi bond whilst caring for a bird that Noi found injured when he got lost This is such a beautiful story which wonderful illustrations Once again Davies did not disappoint Highly recommend reading

  9. Rach Denholm says:

    Noi leaves his father to spend summer with Grandma Bird on a different island At first it's all strange grandma eats strange food and her blankets are scratchy When a storm hits the island a bird falls from the sky and grandma helps Noi to restore it to health changing the dynamics of their relationship A delightful tale of compromise acceptance and love Benji Davies is one of those authors that touch my soul

  10. Ella says:

    Another lovely story by Davies' featuring Noi Noi goes to stay with his lonely grandma over the summer and they form a strong bond they didn't have before Noi uses lots of metaphors to describe the rocks which would be great to use when teaching grammar This is a lovely story that has endless cross curricular links I'd use the book with KS1 and lower KS2 children either as a read aloud story or to base a unit of work around

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