Violet and the Trial of Trauma Dark Agents #1

Violet and the Trial of Trauma Dark Agents #1[Ebook] ➧ Violet and the Trial of Trauma Dark Agents #1 ➦ Janina Scarlet – This spellbinding graphic novel follows the adventures of Violet—a young witch whose parents were murdered when she was a child As she wages war against necromancers and demons Violet learns to over This spellbinding graphic the Trial eBook ☆ novel follows the adventures of Violet—a young witch whose parents were murdered when she was a child As she wages war against necromancers and demons Violet learns to overcome her internal monsters as wellIn this groundbreaking comic book for teens and young adults we meet Violet—a witch whose parents were murdered by an evil necromancer when she was only six years Violet and PDF/EPUB ² old Running from country to country as well as from herself Violet never gets a chance to fully process her traumatic experienceWhen she turns Violet begins training at the Underworld Intelligence Agency UIA in hopes of becoming a Dark Agent—someone tasked with keeping the balance between the world of the living and the world of the undead During her training Violet hopes to and the Trial of Trauma ePUB × finally and the Trial ePUB ↠ overcome her fear of death and take control of her emotions but instead she finds that mindfulness vulnerability and acceptance are the skills most necessary to help her succeedBlended seamlessly throughout the story are elements of a powerful and evidence based treatment called acceptance and commitment therapy ACT Whether or not you’ve experienced a traumatic event like Violet you’ll find valuable skills you can apply and the Trial of Trauma ePUB × to your own life to help you conuer your demons and hone your uniue superpowers Note for therapists Dark Agents presents the core skills of ACT in a fun narrative format to appeal to teen readers In this comic teens will learn all about mindfulness defusion self compassion and values based living The book doesn't feel like a therapist recommendation—which is exactly what makes it perfect for your teen clients.


Violet and the Trial of Trauma Dark Agents #1 PDF/EPUB
  • Paperback
  • 152 pages
  • Violet and the Trial of Trauma Dark Agents #1
  • Janina Scarlet
  • English
  • 21 August 2015
  • 9781684031740

10 thoughts on “Violet and the Trial of Trauma Dark Agents #1

  1. Natalie ♡ says:

    got an e arc via netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewActually I enjoyed this book than I thought I would It has a good introduction and an simplistic art style which made it easy to get into Still some things were a little confusing and I felt like the book gave you too much information about one thing and then before you could comprehend it it already gave you some information about something else The characters and their relationships with each other were soooo cute I especially loved Violet and Cassie´s relationship Also Damen deserves the worldThis graphic novel also dealt with an important topic PTSD I can´t tell you if it was good representation However it wasn’t to serious It also had many fun moments for example the main characters were at a bar and the drinks they ordered were hilariousBtw Idk if it was just my copy but the font was sometimes hard to read

  2. Nana Spark says:

    Yeah no My Thoughts 💭This book was made as a tool to help child therapist and it shows Called an instruction manual with pictures by fellow NetGalley reviewer Ije B this book really focuses on the trauma and mental illnesses of all the characters However in the process it sacrifices a good story and pacing Teaching kids about mental illness and mindfulness is great and all but can we get a good story too? And not a Greek mythology Harry Potter fanfic with witches? And can get some good art that doesn't look like glorified stick figures? Maybe? That's all I'm asking man Recommendation 👎I would recommend only for people who want to teach their kids about mental health everyone else give this a hard passℹ Disclosure I received an arc copy of this book from Instant Help via NetGalley and I’m reviewing it voluntarily

  3. Betsy says:

    Reflecting on my own experiences that I deal with on a daily basis this might very well be one of the best portrayals of what it is like to live in a mentally anxious person’s head I have read It portrays a demon that changes people’s thoughts into anxious thought and a heroine who is mentally fearful of her own death and constantly uestioning how others may be perceive her But it also dives into some of the coping mechanisms that counselors books and podcasts have taught me as the story has mentor who is a therapist that walks through some mindfulness techniues that are utilized in acceptance and commitment therapy It is no surprise that the author of this comic Dr Janina Scarlet is a therapist It was clearly written for teenagers who need to learn coping skills for dealing with post traumatic stress disorder and anxiety However adults who love comic books andor are visually inclined would get a lot out of this comic book if they are dealing with anxiety or even if they want to have a taste about what is going on in an anxious person’s head And as we are dealing with a fair amount of anxiety right now as a culture in these days of the Corona virus pandemic I am uite sure that anyone would benefit from reading this gem of a comic bookYou can read a longer version of my review at

  4. Monica says:

    I was pleasantly surprised by this one The educational parts mostly fit well in the story and rarely fell into didacticism Engaging story though sometimes choppy and a little flat in appearance Good for learning about PTSD and mindfulness or just a fun read

  5. Dan says:

    A supernatural graphic novel that deals with PTSD in a way that teens could understand I think that was the purpose of the story and it worked well I wasn’t’ a fan of the way the characters were drawn but the artwork was very good Violet is a nineteen year old dealing with her own demons and hopes that being accepted into the Underworld Intelligence Agency will hope her cope with the death of her parents and deal with her fear of death It is a story with a therapeutic purpose and didn’t take away the story

  6. Jennifer says:

    One word uniue I'm loving this blend of fiction with non fiction undercurrents The psychological approach to the story line is very intriguing I particularly appreciate the integration in the bar scene with alcohol as a coping mechanism albeit in a vastly different way Trauma Avoidance with two cherries please Two trauma avoidance shots with olives Four shots of shame reduction and a bottle of pure joy Brilliant

  7. Rebecca says:

    This was my first Graphic Novel The Artwork was great I think that the underlying helpfulness of the lessons of mindfulness were wonderful The story was intriguing My only critic would be that the words were sometimes hard to read even blown up a different text with a little better spacing might read clearer

  8. books nraedunn says:

    I thought the illustrations were fine for a graphiccomic novel The story is interesting mixing supernatural with real life social and mental aspects which it amazing for youths these days I wish these types of graphic novels existed in the late 90searly 20s Highly recommend this to anyone that’s going thru anxiety emotional support andor trauma

  9. Cassandra says:

    I recevied a complimentary ARCIt was a little hard to keep track of the storyline and I would have prefered color over the back and white as it seems to take away from the imaginative aspects Overall possibly a younger teen might enjoy it

  10. Tone says:

    I'm sure there's a word for this kind of book one that's trying to communicate a principle of therapy to the reader Scarlet does an excellent job of educating the reader without standing on a soapbox to do it

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