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The School of Numbers❮Read❯ ➹ The School of Numbers ➼ Author Emily Hawkins – Greetings Cadet Congratulations on being accepted into the prestigious Astro Academy for math Now strap on your space boots secure you helmet and let’s get ready for a mathematical journey like no o Greetings Cadet Congratulations on being accepted into the prestigious Astro Academy for math Now strap on your space boots secure you helmet and let’s get ready for a mathematical journey like no otherHop on board the spaceship School of Numbers and head off on an intergalactic mathematical journey that will introduce young readers to key The School PDF or concepts including arithmetic shapes fractions percentages and seuences Six eccentric professors will teach budding space mathematic Cadets all there is to know about the world of numbers Meet Captain Archimedes Brown who keeps everyone in order; Lois Carmen Denominator who’s got a passion for fractions; Di Ameter who’s a stickler for geometry; Al Jabra who loves algebra; Ava Ridge who’s looney for statistics; and last but certainly not least Adam Up who just can’t get enough of arithmeticFloat into this gravity free classroom prepare yourself for antics aplenty and get ready to see math in action like never before.

Emily Hawkins is a children's author who loves making complicated things easy to understand She has written than books about all sorts of things from mythical creatures and magic to mathematics ocean animals dinosaurs cars and trains Her work has been featured on the New York Times bestseller list Oceanology as well The School PDF or as winning the Children’s Travel Book of the Year Award Atl.

The School of Numbers Epub ↠ The School  PDF or
  • Hardcover
  • 96 pages
  • The School of Numbers
  • Emily Hawkins
  • 25 November 2014
  • 9781786031846

10 thoughts on “The School of Numbers

  1. Toni says:

    Fascinating world of maths explained in 40 clear and engaging lessonsI find it difficult even to choose the most interesting lesson Feel the Freeze about negative numbers presented in the context of coldest places on Earth Getting Handle on Angles Easy as Pi or Body Maths Playful artwork and bold bright colours help to illustrate and support points made by the authorsStrongly recommended for those who loved maths and those who didn't but would like their children to love it or at least to understand the basic concepts in an effortless memorable wayThank you to NetGalley and uarto Publishing Group Wide Eyed Editions for the ARC provided in exchange for an honest opinion

  2. Seema Rao says:

    Effective Playful Detailed Cleartldr math for funMany parents struggle with helping young children with their math as the American education system is often employing different ways of thinking of number sense This book would be a great purchase for kindergarten families to do collectively so as everyone gains the same vocabulary The exercises are described concisely but precisely ideal for a busy parent reading ahead of their child The illustrations add a level of playfulness This is a book that will help kids foster their love of learning Thanks to NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest reviewSeema Rao Write Instagram| Blog| Twitter|

  3. MetLineReader says:

    Interesting book with insight into numbers My daughter enjoyed it too and it helped her to understand some number facts However many of the images didn’t display properly on my kindle or iPad so it was difficult for her to fully engage with the maths facts A great idea but sadly the advance copy just didn’t work properly to give a fully rounded perspective

  4. Justin says:

    I received this book for free in exchange for an honest reviewThis book seems to be for children older than my daughter 7For her this book seems overly academic and she lost interest despite my attempts to engage herThe idea seems excellent and might've had success if the images rendered better in my reader

  5. I _teach_muggles says:

    I love maths and mathematical concepts but I totally get that many people and children have the opposite view As a primary school teacher hearing the words I can’t do maths from children or I wasn’t good at maths from adults was very disheartening The truth is anyone can ‘do maths’ and understand mathematical concepts they just need to be explained in a way that makes it relevant to the learnerReaders of The School of Numbers will find themselves guided by a crew of mathematical astronauts through three terms of maths lessons The three terms each have a specific focus; numbers is handled in term one shape and space in term two and maths in the real world in term three Readers can dip in and out of the book as per their learning needs using the clear contents page that numbers lessons and gives a clear focus for what learning will be found on the pages Topics range from the simple concepts of addition and subtraction to fractions and percentages to the mind boggling topics of probability and Pi the number variety not the pastryThe forty lessons are each presented over a double page with the exception of 3D shapes and Transformation which share a double page Each lesson is ‘taught’ by one of the crew of the Starship Infinity Get ready to learn with Adam Up Lois Carmen Denominator Al Jabra and the rest of the gang Lessons are easy to follow and include worked through examples that are clear and easy to follow The illustrations are colourful and fun and genuinely make things feel really enjoyable The activities that readers are tasked to do are relevant to the learning within the lesson and answers are provided at the bottom of the page upside down of course I’m big into making connections to maths in our everyday lives and this book does a really good job of linking the maths concepts to real lifeAs well as lessons that explain the fundamental concepts tricks and tips often crop up which will fascinate readers These include sneaky ways to calculate times table facts and how to easily find triangular numbers There are also magic number tricks to perform to amaze your friends your parents and even your teachersThis book covers such a wide range of topics that it is very difficult to say an exact age that it would be appropriate for All children learn at different rates and will master some topics uickly than others Younger children would perhaps benefit from many of the number lessons but concepts to do with measurements of a circle and types of triangles would be beyond them The opposite is true for older readers who would find challenge in the lessons on speed distance and time and exploring powers but would find some of the other lessons too simplisticThe book would be best used as a means of re enforcing school learning and supplementing knowledge or as a pre cursor for learning at school This book will not meet the needs of all children but for those who enjoy learning through written examples then this is a perfect tool to support learningRecommended for 8

  6. Roger says:

    It is possible to feel excited about learning mathIn a very creative way the author intertwines a story as members of an Astro Academy starship and takes us on a super fun journey of mathematics The content is very integrative from historical data interesting real world facts; precise explanations to carry out operations and solve puzzles geometry and perimeters symmetry and measurements Everything is arranged for tutors and educators to accompany reading to children who will be curious to discover why mathematics is widely useful and can also be fascinatingThe illustrations accompany in a splendid colorful way and exemplify the content very well It also shows children the importance of mathematics in daily life science engineering cartography probability and statistics This book is suitable to accompany the little ones and as a great didactic resource for older children What I liked most are the mental math tips puzzles and amazing phenomena that occur with mathematics even as adults we do not cease to be surprisedI feel very captivated by this uarto Publishing Group material I give my recommendation as it has the potential that children love math and get excited to learn themMy sincere appreciation to the Publisher and NetGalley for allowing me to review the book

  7. Wayne McCoy says:

    'The School of Numbers Learn about Mathematics with 40 Simple Lessons' by Emily Hawkins with illustrations by Daniel Frost takes math concepts and makes them approachable to young learnersReaders are invited to board the Starship Infinity and are guided by the various uirky crew members The book is divided in to 3 terms Getting the Knack of Numbers All Shapes and Sizes and Real World Maths Each lesson takes up two pages full of examples and colorful illustrations There is an activity bubble to practice ach new conceptThis book is really great It makes math accessible and does it in a fun way Things are clearly explained and the scope of the book goes uite a way into mathematics The illustrations are fun as are the characters that help the reader along the way I received a review copy of this ebook from uarto Publishing Wide Eyed Editions and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Thank you for allowing me to review this ebook

  8. KayKay says:

    A most wonderful book about mathematics I am certainly impressedIt is not the most comprehensive reference but it's good enough to introduce basic math concepts to children While some of the concepts are too abstract to explain the illustrations help children to visualize them effectively There is no textbook text or explanation The contents are reinforced with simple explanations with graphics The great thing about this math book is that it can be used over a good number of years The School of Numbers covers a wide array of math topics almost all the basics but algebra It's fun and engaging and the book certainly portraits math an interesting and welcoming subject I wish I grew up with books like this because it took me a long time before I fell in love with math This is definitely an essential book to own Highly recommended

  9. Donna says:

    Fun story history of numbers interwoven with math lessonsWould make a good read aloud initially and then could use each lesson as a follow up to your regular math lesson or as a center activityProblems and info get harder as the story progresses

  10. Julia says:

    On board the Spaceship Infinity you become a cadet learning about mathematics From single digits to long division Fibonacci Seuence angles and shapes symmetry distance in space and time graphs and charts and so much The illustrations are wonderful and I'd recommend the book as a reference book that can be used for pre schoolers and older kids

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