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Ebook  ì Pence PDF Ä
  • ebook
  • 336 pages
  • Pence
  • Tom Lobianco
  • 13 November 2016
  • 9780062868800

10 thoughts on “Pence

  1. John says:

    Want to make of clear at the outset that I dislike Mike Pence Heading into the book I felt he was a hypocrite who would say anything to become president The book confirmed this but is not a hatchet job nothing about it is gotcha materialFirst part was slightly tedious though necessary to give a background What stood out for me was the desperation to acuire money as portrayed in his failed Congressional bid where he cleverly incorporated the campaign so that he could legally if not ethically divert funds to himself to pay his personal bills Donors weren't happy when they found out but he replied that as a full time candidate he deserved a salary This issue resurfaces later when money is diverted from the inauguration funds to the vice president's discretion after Karen complains that they don't have enough money to live a DC lifestyle Ask for his relationship with Trump the best way I could put it is that I came away feeling it's a classic love hate deal If Trump is somehow taken down I would fully expect him to lash out at Pence on the way out Conversely if I were Trump I would not absolutely count on any sort of a pardon from Pence as a guaranteeI inferred that the author's point was that perhaps Pence would mellow a bit in his hardcore social stands to adapt to current popular views I'm not so sure of this myself It was mentioned that in considering him for vice president the Trump campaign was concerned about his wife It's fairly clear that if he were president she would be calling the shots to at least some extent Ugh

  2. Al says:

    Who is Mike Pence?Liberals may wonder if he is a shady Dick Cheney type character running the show behind the scenes Readers of Wolff's Fire and Fury may wonder if Pence fits in at all since he was a non character in the book about Bannon JarVanka and the GOP's influence on TrumpThe answer is he's probably just a regular Vice President This would be a nice companion piece to Fire and Fury if you were so inclined Like that book it is very readable and can be read uickly The benefit to this book is that LoBianco has been following Pence for years and it also doesn't suffer from being a rush publishing job like Wolff'sThe two words in the title define Pence I get from LoBianco that Pence's religious conviction is real While it seems the most vocal about their religious beliefs almost certainly seem the most to be caught in scandal Pence seems legit Pence may even be likeable One wonders if he had taken a different route that he might grow into the role of beloved political icon like Bob DoleThe other part is as important if not overriding Pence is ambitious and his ultimate goal is the White House I think Pence at times chose the path of inaction to not chance risking that road In some ways I think his reputation as a homophobe is a direct result of him trying to be all things to all people and what ensued from that decisionPence is as unlikely as a success story surely Mitch Daniels had better chances but he's played it well Surely some his choices that seem like he was hanging back served him better than appearing ambitious Indeed the highpoint is when Pence is named VP sort of the ultimate I am not going to do anything one way or the other and Let God handle itAlthough I don't know everyone will be excited to read about Pence This is a solid book It is very readable and though Conservatives will be bound to attack it it is uite evenhanded For politicos the inside look at Indiana politics is as good as it gets for books like this There are plenty of insightful and sometimes early cameos like Donald Trump Newt Gingrich Chris Christie Rush Limbaugh John Boehner and many After the excitement of the Veepstakes Pence might be the most important running mate selection in some time As the book wraps up the two sides of Pence come into direct competition Even then Pence must not rock the boat to jeopardize what may be next for him It may be depressing to Dems and NeverTrumpers but that seems to be where he has landed and if you have been paying attention the whole time not surprisingRecommended to all readers of political non fiction

  3. Jill Meyer says:

    As a long time reader of political biographies I've always found the best most honest ones tend to be written by a third person and not the politician or someone in his orbit Usually print and media people are honest enough to write a fair biography And so it is with AP journalist Tom Lobianco and his new biography Piety and PowerMike Pence and the Taking of the White House I am not a fan of our Vice President but in these weird times of a coming impeachment of Donald Trump and after that an election in 2020 I wanted to know about Mike PenceTom Lobianco has done a fine job looking at Pence's background As Pence has always contended he was born and raised in the front of a cornfield A cornfield in Columbus Indiana a small town about 60 miles south of Indianapolis Columbus is no sleepy little burg; it is the home of some the best examples of mid 20th century architecture in the country The town is the home of the Cummins Inc which was run by town father J Irwin Miller Miller was a big fan of modern architecture and paid famous architects to come to his small town and design public buildings Miller paid the architects' fees and the town got splendid buildings to pray in go to school in and in one case spend jail time in I mention this because for a small town Columbus Indiana is a pretty sophisticated place I've visited twice to see the buildingsMike Pence as seen by Lobiance is an enigma He's had trouble combing his religious side with his political one How ambitious can you be serving God while also serving the State? Pence bounced between politics and religion for many years always trying to find a way to fit the two together He had a difficult time when they clashed as they did when he was Governor of Indiana and he had to deal with the anti LGBT Religious Freedom Restoration Act Lobianco spends a bit of his book explaining the RFRA and how it affected Pence's only term as governorIs Mike Pence smart? Is Mike Pence dumb? He was referred to in Indianapolis as Mike Dence but that could possibly anyway have been a sign of affection for the man Two things that are true is that he's cunning in a kind of feral way AND that Karen Pence is the power behind the throne A third is that he's had presidential ambitions since he was a young man However working in the vagaries of the current White House may have dulled themSo where in the last week of September 2019 do we stand as a country with the politicians currently in power? Who knows and a book review is not the place to talk about politics even if the book in uestion is a political biography But if you're curious about Mike Pence please read Tom Lobrianco's biography It's very well written

  4. Lynn says:

    Everybody with any interest in politics should read this book and nobody will like itIf you are a Trump fan you will hate how the author condenses all his faults into 310 pages showing just how mcuh you haver to overlook to think he isnt the worst person to ever hold this officeIf you think he is the worst person to hold the office as I do you will have to suck down all his awfulness in one uick drink while realizing that it could be worse Mike Pence really wants to be President and while Trump thinks he is God Pence thinks he is doing God's work as it is defined by the worst of the Tea Party and the Radical Right EvangelicalsThis book left me praying literally that the impeachment inuiry will leave Team Trump terribly damaged but the Senate will still leave them in place so we can sweep the whole ugly mess out on 12021

  5. Linda Hagedorn says:

    I love to read biographies but this one makes me sad Politicians are not people I readily trust so I do begin with preconceived attitudes Though Pence's early political career shows moral misjudgment and misuse of money I somehow view a man who has gone through some positive spiritual changes but is now still too ambitious and stretches the bounds of Christ like acceptance It is interesting what power will lead one to idly accept I'll have to wait and see how this plays out and hope I find I'm wrong

  6. Liz Norell says:

    While this book and its author deserve kudos for deep reporting on Pence's history the book itself read slowly and wasn't as illuminating as I'd hoped Ultimately Lobianco seems to conclude that nobody really knows Mike Pence not even the man himself That's both sad and frustrating I'm not sorry I read this book but I wouldn't recommend it given how many far interesting and useful books there are to spend your time on instead

  7. Douglass Gaking says:

    This biography written by a journalist who has covered Mike Pence since he was running for office in Indiana offers details and perspectives from Pence’s political career so far LoBianco discusses how Pence’s wife Karen his evangelical Christianity and his political ambition have shaped his policies his campaigns and his behavior in various situationsThere are no bombshells here but there are behind the scenes looks at many events that offer a new perspective about how Pence has tried to manipulate or obfuscate journalists and how lesser known factors played a role in various events and scandals Pence often states “I’m a Christian a conservative and a Republican–in that order” After reading this book I would say that his behavior is influenced by his ambition his ego and the people with whom he surrounds himself–in that orderThis man is a heartbeat–or a Senate trial verdict–away from the Presidency so it is worth reading this book to get a better understanding of how the man got where he is and what he might do if he becomes President

  8. Charles Wagner says:

    Turn right for Jesus “One thing hadn’t changed throughout Pence’s long political career his strict religious devotion” P 13 although the author claims our subject seeks first political power Young Mike was a hard driven Catholic boy with big ambitions but at Hanover College he decided to be Christian and was born again The back story of the power wielded by Jerry Falwell Billy Graham and Bob Jones and their heirs and the right wing moneyed power brokers which have been driving our government to self destruction is both amazing and frightening That alone is worth the price of the book Imagine the orgasmic desire for an all Jewish Israel and the second coming of Jesus which so drives that horde GodJesus was number one in Mike and Karen’s lives Apparently GodJesus is also number one in winning national politics From 1991 to 1994 Pence was president of the Indiana Policy Review Foundation where he received health insurance as a benefit instead of buying it on the free market as libertarians demand His wife worked as an art teacher in three elementary schools John Strange Acton Elementary and Fall Creek Elementary which were public with socialist health insurance She also worked at a private school Orchard School which possibly also had health insurance Shortly after taking his position at IPRF God finally allowed Karen to get pregnant unless the author was being sarcastic And then another three In 1991 Pence admitted negative campaigning was wrong In 2016 he was elected with the greatest negative campaigner America was yet to see By 2000 he was Christian right economically conservative pro free trade and anti environmental regulations p 117 His stance against abortion bought him plenty of votes 911 allowed the Christians to blame the attack on lesbians abortionists and the ACLU to name a few Pence backed Bush to war on Ira even though most of the terrorist were Saudi He balked at Bush’s attempt to beef up Medicare but climbed on No Child Left Behind designed to destroy public education and spoke against same sex marriage In Indiana Pence promised to fight Obamacare and environmental regulations Once elected governor Pence found some really juicy scoops on his predecessor Mitch Daniels And had to pay his dues to the Koch brothers Daniels “religious freedom” act caused trouble and he let it go although he did not wish to Damn those ueer marriages anyhow After finally being endorsed the vice presidential nominee the first thing Pence did was thank God Then he began attempting to dismantle the Affordable Care act even though that action would bankrupt many rural Indiana hospitals Pence’s failure in the matter kept him from a major role in the “tax cut” legislation Aligning himself with the Donald the author said Pence began seeing himself as the old testament Daniels who became Nebuchadnezzar’s chief advisor before the kingdom fell under a wrathful god or some other old testament “hero” who saved the day for the Jewish people The religious right had no ualms about selling out to Trump to gain their own objectives Since the publication of this title Karen Pence has begun campaigning for Trump and Trump appointed Pence to head the COVID 19 task force both events could be topics for a panel discussionMajor players in no particular order Brian Bosma Mitch Daniels the religious right Tony Bennet Bill Gates Betsy DeVoss Tea Party Donald Trump The modern day Cyrus Eric Holcomb Vladimir Putin John Hagee Robert Jeffress Billy Graham

  9. Melanie says:

    I give this an I liked it rating because I learned uite a bit about the current VPOTS and SLOTUS Mike and Karen Pence Karen is definitely the one with the power in this marriage Pence is a fence rider and will blend in with the background or furniture I don't see where he has good leadership skills and if he does get the job as POTUS rather though removal resignation or election we would continue to see West Wing chaos However POTUS is the job he has always wanted so maybe his leadership skills he lacked as Governor would arise or he in it for the ceremony The Pences have been tight on funds but then there has been only a few years that Mike has held down a non elected job Karen also stopped teaching to be a stay at home mother Indiana's First Lady and SLOTUS The Pences always seem to have to pray over decisions yet somehow what they want and the answer to their prayers seem to go in the same direction I wish that Lobianco had gone into Pences religious connections such as with Ambassador Brownback and of the evangelical conservatives Readers to get a lot of insight to Pence and even this Administration The subject matter is boring and I feel asleep many times reading it

  10. Writemoves says:

    I know too much about Donald Trump but very little about Mike Pence Based on this book I wish I did not know much about Mike Pence at all In his early political days he sounds like bit of a flip flopper His religious beliefs seem to dictate how he thinks about politics the role of government and cultural values Why Pence's religious beliefs seem to present him with little pause about the behavior actions and policies of his boss is a bit mysterious His wife Karen appears to wear the pants in the family and maybe an examination of her life may be illuminating than any review of Pence’s role as a Congressman and GovernorThis is a well written book The author does not seem to have an axe to grind Pence is a very ambitious politician and with his religious beliefs aside acts like a typical Republican Pence is the Ed McMahon to Trump’s Johnny Carson Like Carson Trump does not view Pence as any real danger to usurp his power

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