The Passionate Photographer 2nd Ed

The Passionate Photographer 2nd Ed❰Download❯ ➶ The Passionate Photographer 2nd Ed Author Steve Simon – The remastered edition of the best selling classic book for all photographersTake your passion for photography and close the gap between what you hope to achieve and what you do following one of the w Photographer 2nd Kindle Ð The remastered edition of the best selling classic book for all photographersTake your passion for photography and close the gap between what you hope to achieve and what you do following one of the world's most highly regarded photographersThis book will help you think about your photography and find a visual voice It The Passionate PDF/EPUB or follows a clear structure which will make it useful for any reader fully illustrated with Simon's own inspiring photography and alongside some work from the historical greatsSimon's understanding of photography makes for a book filled with tips you can immediately fold into your own shooting uickly establishing your own vision learning what to concentrate Passionate Photographer 2nd Kindle Ò on in a shot and pushing you beyond your comfort zone It also includes lessons learned from Steve's experience so you can neatly side step some problems even the pros had to endureThis revised edition of the already successful book also tackles the essential process facing modern digital photographers selecting the best picture from those you capture It might not be as obvious as you think but in a world full of imagery it's essential than ever.

Photographer 2nd Kindle Ð .

The Passionate Photographer 2nd Ed ePUB ¿
  • Hardcover
  • 256 pages
  • The Passionate Photographer 2nd Ed
  • Steve Simon
  • 10 November 2016
  • 9781781576366

10 thoughts on “The Passionate Photographer 2nd Ed

  1. Sean says:

    The record states that I started reading this book 4 years ago And disgracefully that is true I ambled my way through this book til I reached just under 50% through it then I moved countries from Singapore to New Zealand welcomed my baby daughter then started a new job and finally picked up this book again I forgot whatever I had read 3 years previously and re read it from the start again recentlyOverall It's an encouraging read if not overly inspiring I would recommend it to other photographers as an interesting overall plan for developing your photography

  2. Amy says:

    Very detailed in fact too detailed Too many words for a hobby that is supposed to be fun and for the talented Not my kind of book

  3. Rasha Yousif says:

    This is the best investment you can make as a photographer whether you just bought your first camera or you are already on your way to becoming a full time photographer I was lucky enough to attend Steve Simon’s the passionate photographer workshop in Dubai and reading this book I could relate to Steve’s stories and advices The book is written in a very clear language no complicated stuff here Steve walks the readers through the 10 steps to becoming a great photographer It just makes sense to follow those 10 steps as an exercise to develop your style I made so many notes and I intend to read this book again when I feel uninspired and be back on track

  4. Cat says:

    Simon as a super enthusiastic approach to photography and the ability to laugh at his own early and not so early mistakes I liked his 'ten steps' and the way they are laid out in a logical hierarchy of skillsUnfortunately for me a film photographer the bulk of the book's technical advice was strongly aimed at those with digital cameras and much of it didn't translate If you're a digital photographer this an informative and accessible 4 star book; if you're a film user take his general advice enjoy his friendly attitude to newbies and find a film specific technical resource

  5. Steve Losh says:

    A pretty good book It's pretty heavily skewed toward photojournalism there's large sections about shooting strangers for example but this isn't necessarily a bad thing even if that's not your styleThere's also some practical gems hidden here and there like a way to manage autofocus that I tried and ended up sticking with because it works so wellI took off one star because the book does sound start to sound dangerously close to a feel good self help book in parts But there's still a lot of good stuff in it so as long as you take it with a grain of salt you'll be fine

  6. Gaston Lacombe says:

    Great books for all photographers beginners and not so beginners Reviews things which for photographers are really uite basic but that are often overlooked set aside forgotten or ignored It helps to bring better perspective to who you are as a photographer and how you can get better at it psychologically than simply technically A great tool for photographers going through photographer's block looking for ways to re ignite the career and the passion

  7. Casey says:

    This is the book I open up when I am feeling stuck lazy or complacent with my camera It's a well written enthusiastic kick in the pants I find it very refreshing to read a long time photographer who rather than grumbling about the age of digital photography killing the art and reuiring no skill thinks we are in a new golden age of the medium as digital technology and availability expands experimentation and growth in photography

  8. JW says:

    Although I didn't pick up anything really new I did hear valid and useful information in a new way and from someone whose passion speaks to me Simon knows his craft and knows how to relate passion and excellence to someone willing to receive it For me this book ranks with the Vision series by David DuChemin It will certainly become dog eared over time from reference

  9. Deb says:

    I wish I had found this book 3 years ago when I started my college photog classes I think it should be a must read for all first level digital photography courses One to be kept for future reference and inspiration

  10. Pat Loughery says:

    This was an excellent text focused on strategically and intentionally improving as a photographer From techniue vision business education and many other perspectives I have a better idea of what I need to do in my photography work This came along at the right time for me

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