Boracay Vows (Carpe Diem Chronicles #1)

Boracay Vows (Carpe Diem Chronicles #1)➳ [Reading] ➶ Boracay Vows (Carpe Diem Chronicles #1) By Maida Malby ➩ – To fulfill one vow she has to break another
Krista Lopez has five days to fulfill her TurningThirty Vow—the promise to do something lifechanging in celebration of this milestone birthday He To fulfill one vow she has to break another Krista Lopez has five days to fulfill her TurningThirty Vow—the promise to do something lifechanging in celebration of this milestone birthday Her plan: give in to her attraction to her boss Mr Blake Ryan Krista’s IrishAmerican hunk of a boss is conveniently vacationing in the same posh resort in Boracay When he proposes a oneweek affair while they're on vacation, she accepts It's only a fling, after all Krista will not fall for an American She can't She promised her mother Promises are made to be broken Krista and Blake hope what happens in Boracay stays in Boracay They want to keep their affair a secret from their colleagues, from her family But, secrets have a way of coming out When they're found out, will Krista and Blake end their affair or will they sayCarpe Diemto the promise of a love of a lifetime?.

maidamalbyWhen not writing, reading, or reviewing books, Maida consults her husband on word selection, debates with her ten year old son regarding the Oxford comma, cooks the dishes she features in her stories, procrastibakes using Baileys as her secret yummy ingredient, and watches golf and food shows on TV.

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  • 14 May 2018

10 thoughts on “Boracay Vows (Carpe Diem Chronicles #1)

  1. Frances says:

    Loved Krista and Blake's story. We need more fabulous multicultural romances, and this one certainly fits that bill. Loved the two characters together and their chemistry. I also really enjoyed the side characters, you can tell that the friendships between Krista and her friends were genuine. Romantic love is not the only one featured in this book which made me smile. If I had one piece of advice for you though, do not read this book on the plane like I did with no food in sight. You WILL regret it! This book made me so hungry to try all of the foods mentioned, not to mention I really wish the resort on Boracay really existed. The author made it sound like a gorgeous paradise. I can't wait to read the next book, New York Engagement!

  2. Tracy DeNeal says:

    Krista and Blake

    Carpe Diem, indeed!

    Goodness gracious when can I get a ticket to Boracay? This story has provided quite an education around a culture that I should know more about considering that my aunt is originally from the Philippines.

    NBSB = No Boyfriend Since Birth, imagine that at nearly 30 years old! In a sense, Krista Lopez is facing a universal dilemma. Born a child of mixed heritage in an essentially homogeneous culture. Coupled with foreign tallness and adolescent obesity with its attendant perils makes for an all too real scenario. Having outgrown her adolescent awkwardness and emerged as a swan unbeknownst to herself, Krista decides to take the leap and seize the day in memory of a friend who will never be able to do it again.

    Blake Ryan is a girl's dream come true. I love that I could totally picture all of the characters due to Maida Malby's very vivid descriptions. Henry Cavil, Tom Hiddleston, oh my! Fine as wine, athletic, gorgeous, smart, commanding, heart stoppingly handsome, considerate, beautiful... did I mention that the man is good looking and Malby compared him to Henry Cavil? No? The man is fine!

    This is THE most well written book I've ever encountered on Kindle. There were zero spelling and grammar errors. The phrasing and thoughts flowed smoothly. There was no awkwardness that pulled me out of the story. This has never happened! Kudos to the author and her editorial team. You impressed this spelling and grammar nerd!

    Maida Malby's playful wit shines through along with her intimate knowledge of local cuisine and culture. This work is interspersed with definitions, local phrases, customs and mores in such a natural and conversational fashion that this reader was transported and carried along with the protagonists on their developing relationship journey. I loved it and I simply cannot wait for Krista and Blake's next steps in their HEA!

  3. Maida says:

    Boracay Vows will always be special to me as it's my first born. Krista has a little bit of me and Blake has a little bit of my hubby in him. The food, hats, and shoes--they're all me. So is the female friendship. And the closeness of family relationships.

  4. Brianna says:

    Amazing Romance, Characters, and Setting

    This book was so good! I loved that if there was drama, it didn't last the whole book. The setting was amazing, with great descriptions of the beach, culture, food...everything. At the start of each chapter was a Filipino word, with its pronunciation and meaning given afterward, and I found that to be a fantastic touch.
    As for the characters? Blake was an American CEO, who loved his family. He liked being in control, but not in a creepy way. He just liked managing people. He was a bit arrogant, but Krista, the heroine, took him down a notch. I loved her, and saw a lot of myself in her. She started out this book very reserved and turning 30. Throughout the story, she grew more confident, stronger, and learned to really love herself. Plus, she read historical romance and was curvy, so YES!!!
    When deciding what to rate this story, I had to give it the full 5 stars. There's not one single thing I would change in here. Sure, things happened quickly, but I really bought it. Blake was respectful, caring, and just generally a great guy. Krista was on the hunt for new experiences and self-discovery, which made her more open to romance. The two characters complimented each other well, too. I think if you're looking for a steamy contemporary romance with a Filipino flair, you need this in your life.

  5. Nelle Nazario says:

    If you are looking for a true multi-cultural romance, you've just found It! This was a great debut novel! The characters were well fleshed out, and oh boy the chemistry!

    so many food references... I have hunger pains! I need a vacay to Boracay!

  6. Courtney says:

    Review originally posted here: https://courtneyreadsromancesite.word...

    I received this book as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

    When an author is a friend, especially the longer I know them, I often worry about their book possibly disappointing me, as tastes can differ widely, as I have found from my experience as a member of a number of book groups. But my fears with Maida Malby’s debut were unfounded. In fact, her book is one of those rare debut novels that not only shows the promise of the writer, but will instantly suck you in.

    She strikes a great balance between an authentic exploration of Filipino culture, including language and cuisine, as well as family values, with which she is obviously familiar, and presenting the characters as people you can relate to regardless of ethnic or religious background. I don’t have the same religious beliefs as Krista, but I could immediately relate to her desire to live a little, and we share the common trait of NBSB (No Boyfriend Since Birth) at an age when people in our age group have gone through at least a few relationships.

    And while Blake could easily have annoyed me, being yet another rich playboy ruined for everyone else after being with a virgin, the way he was so patient with Krista as she figured out what she wanted out of their relationship, and the role his family plays in his life, which I expect plays a role in the series going forward, won me over.

    I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a refreshingly different romance that focuses on an ethnic group and locale that doesn’t have much of a presence in the current market, which has only started to have conversations around diversity in mainstream publishing.

  7. Tricia says:

    Boracay Vows is a great debut story! While it may seem insta-lust/love, they have actually known each other away from Boracay. I can't wait to meet Krista's friends and Blake's brothers in the rest of the series!

  8. Erin Jungdahl says:


    This beach resort romance made me want to seize the day and book a tropical vacation. The heroine grows so much from the beginning to the end and I can’t wait to see what’s next for Krista and Blake.

  9. Nicole says:

    An Amazing Debut!
    Boracay Vowsby Maida Malby is a wonderful debut novel! I've read it twice now and it's lovely! Travel, romance, opposites and true love despite their differences. Krist and blake are solid characters you genuinely want to root for. The setting is full of amazing details and so very real! If you like romance and a good book for you! I enjoyed every minute of it both times!

  10. Catherine Stein says:

    Lovely romance

    A lovely, sexy romance with beautiful details of Filipino culture, food, and people. It will put a smile on your face and make you hungry for both food and love.

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