The Big Drop

      The Big Drop
A client happends to fall from the twentieth story of a building a rock star goes missing an erotic Mongol scroll vanishes a film star has a problem that has nothing to do with creativity it s all in a day s work for Cliff Hardy.Yachts dance on the sparkling waters of the harbour, and the back alleys are busy the city s high and low classes go about their daily business But nothing really surprises Hardy and, for a hundred and twenty five a day plus expenses , he ll provide a few surprises of his own Read The Big Drop author Peter Corris –

Peter Corris was an Australian academic, historian, journalist and a novelist of historical and crime fiction His first novel was published in 1980 Corris is credited with reviving the fully fledged Australian crime novel with local settings and reference points and with a series character firmly rooted in Australian culture, Sydney PI Cliff Hardy As crime fiction writer, he was described as the Godfather of contemporary Australian crime writing.He won the Lifetime Achievement award at the Ned Kelly Awards for Crime Writing in 1999 and was shortlisted for best novel in 2006 for Saving Billy and in 2007 for The Undertow.

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      The Big Drop
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  • The Big Drop
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  • 05 May 2017
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10 thoughts on “ The Big Drop

  1. Mumbler says:

    Roughly, the first several stories are decent The last four or so, which involve references to the movie, music book industries, are largely really boring and a waste Could have given two star rating, but think I liked earlier stories well enough, and am biased to rate a mixed lot by it s best.

  2. HBalikov says:

    This ratesthan two stars for fans of Corris Cliff Hardy Early short stories that are fine for background but Corris became a much better storyteller as he went along.

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