Belle A Retelling of Beauty and the Beast Once Upon a Time

Belle A Retelling of Beauty and the Beast Once Upon a Time❴PDF❵ ✍ Belle A Retelling of Beauty and the Beast Once Upon a Time Author Cameron Dokey – Belle is convinced she has the wrong name as she lacks her sisters' awe inspiring beauty So she withdraws from society devoting her time to wood carving Secretly Belle longs to find the fabled Heartwo Belle is convinced she has Retelling of PDF ☆ the wrong name as she lacks her sisters' awe inspiring beauty So she withdraws from society devoting her time to wood carving Secretly Belle longs to find the fabled Heartwood Tree If carved by the right hands the Heartwood will reveal the face of one's true love During a fierce storm Belle's father stumbles upon the mysterious Heartwood and encounters a terrifying and Belle A PDF or lonely Beast Now Belle must carve the Heartwood to save her father and learn to see not with the eyes of her mind but with the eyes of her heart.

Cameron Dokey is an American Retelling of PDF ☆ author living in Seattle Washington She has a collection of over old sci fi and horror films Cameron was born in the Central Valley of California Cameron grew up reading classical literature and mythology perhaps due to her father Richard being a teacher of Philosophy Creative Writing and Western Literature Cameron has one husband and three cats and is th.

Belle A Retelling of Beauty and the Beast Once Upon a Time
  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • Belle A Retelling of Beauty and the Beast Once Upon a Time
  • Cameron Dokey
  • English
  • 06 June 2016
  • 9781416961314

10 thoughts on “Belle A Retelling of Beauty and the Beast Once Upon a Time

  1. Anne says:

    So everyone keeps saying that this is a crap knockoff of Robin McKinley's two BB stories Beauty A Retelling of the Story of Beauty and the Beast Rose Daughter Supposedly they're both lovely and enchanting and everything that a retelling should beExceptWell I've read those and the ending of each of them grossed me out to varying degreesview spoiler In Beauty the Beast aged a bit when the spell was broken so this teenage girl ended up with a middle aged man at the end shudderBut compared to the ending in Rose Daughter where the Beast stays a beast? Well now That gives the term bestiality a whole new meaning doesn't it? hooooork hide spoiler

  2. Karen says:

    sigh It was so close and yet no It was good i guess but it was clear that Cameron Dokey had read Robin McKinley's beauty dozens of times There is no rose I liked that The whole love tree with a secret inside of it that only bellethe fabulous wood carver can unlock this was new and interesting And phew the part in the boat read it you'll like that part was really sweet But there were so many moments where I just rolled my eyes Either she had copied and pasted robin mckinley's masterpiece exactly or she had uite obviously done the exact exact opposite Also she didn't meet the beast until it was past halfway through the book That's not okay How can I fall in love? uh erm i mean how can she fall in love in just half of a book? It was okay though Read it anyways and see if you like it

  3. Kiirsi Hellewell says:

    I had mixed feelings about this book For the first 140 pages I was getting into the story I enjoyed the good writing the descriptions I even liked all the characters This was a nice version of Beauty and the Beast where Belle still had both her parents and even her sisters are kind and good Nothing was really happening in the story We were watching the main character grow up which was somewhat boring but a little cool since she liked to carve wood and had a magical gift to see inside the wood to what it truly wanted to be shownthough we never got to see her do it than onceAt leastI trusted that this WAS Beauty and the Beast since the back cover said it was For over 100 pages though there was no mention of a Beast or a forest or any other elements that would make this story even remotely connected to the famous fairy taleSpoilers aheadbe warnedFinally Belle's family's fortune takes a turn for the worse and they set off through the mysterious Forest and we hear that there may be a monster living in it We also hear the story of a magical Heartwood Tree Belle is intrigued by this story since she likes to carve wood Belle and her family make it through safely and come out on the other side and start living a happy well adjusted life in a farmhouse in the countryMany pagesnice interactions with her sisterseveryone is surprisingly making the adjustment from a rich fashionable life to a uiet country life with no servants very wellah at page 130 or so finally Belle's dad has an encounter with the Beast which he tells to his family after the factThen at page 142 Belle goes to meet the Beast Many pages are taken up with descriptions of what it's like to meet him The Beast asks Belle to look into his eyes for the count of 5 to free them both She can't do itHe asks her to do this every day and she can't Why? No idea She didn't ever even try not once There is no explanation of why this is impossible or even any description of how she feels about it except that she's frustrated that she has to tell him no At first I thought this was a cool device the look into my eyes thing Better than the traditional proposal uestion the Beast is supposed to ask every night and realistic But since there was no explanation of why strong confident courageous Belle didn't even try to do this once it soon fell flat and became meaninglessBelle and the Beast during a mere 40 pages not a lot because this is a very small book have a couple of conversations The rest of the time she wanders around on her own Then one day he lets her go home just like thatWhile she's home after a few days she's feeling kind of depressed She has a talk with the family friend an adopted grandfather type Suddenly she realizes that she must love the Beast and she has to go backHuh?? Where did that come from? It was totally out of left field No warning no indication So she goes back and the Beast is dying and she looks in his eyes for the reuisite 5 counts and tells him don't leave me to love alone The spell is broken the spell that wasn't really satisfactorally explained at all and he turns into a handsome young man They get married and live happily ever after And yes all of this her realizing she loves him and going back to save him and getting married and the end takes ten pages Talk about disappointment The story described Belle's childhood feelings and growing up years in such detail that I assumed we would get the gradual friendship and romance between her and the Beast with even time care and attentionbut no It was a big let down and made me not care about their fate at all And the Heartwood Tree that was sounding like such a cool device and different twist turned out to be rather hokey too because it never said what Belle carved out of the branch or how the Beast even came to own that property with the tree on it Very strange You'd think after making such a big deal out of her Gift to see what each piece of wood really had inside and carve it it would show the process of her and the Beast discovering it together I felt kind of cheated out of their relationship and not getting to see how fear and loneliness turned to gradual friendship and then acceptance and then trust and then love

  4. Cara says:

    I am totally in like with this series Why do I go all mushy inside every time I read one? I guess I carry way too much estrogen but I'm not ashamed No way Part of the reasons fairy tales have been around so long is because they show us something about what the heart can doBelle doesn't fit her name At least she doesn't feel like she does when she is next to her gorgeous sisters The author doesn't make us feel sorry for Belle in the least which I thought was odd but good Though she isn't the beauty of the family she can carve wood Her one true gift And that gift is what brings her face to face with the beast and that's where the real story beginsIn many parts of the book I felt that the imagery and the lines just seemed to fit and go perfectly for the age old tale of the Beauty and the Beast From the heartwood to the water that could show you what your heart most wished for Belle is honest and can't see the beauty she does possess and the Beast though as painful as a figure as he is you end up understanding him than you would have anticipated Nice touch about the eyes of the Beast Belle's family is wonderful Needless to say I truly enjoyed it and in all reality the book has gotten a 45 star rating from meYou might be wondering why I used like instead of love Well it's because of the rushed ending I was excited to give this book 5 stars and talk about it to death but then it ended way too fast It gets too easy in the end for the protagonist each and every time I know as readers we want to be spoiled from time to time but I do wish to see struggle and something that is fought hard for It's not that the ending bothered me but how fast everything goes once there is a resolution The back story is always done superbly but then it all gets hastily tied in a bow I want the bow to be neater Well enough with my metaphors Even with my complaints do read the book to get a new take on this fairy tale

  5. Sarah says:

    Like the previous Dokey book I read Before Midnight this book did a great job of establishing the main character's world and everyday life but rushed the last act which contains the actual fairytale that the book is supposed to retellPros1 I liked how Belle's mom was still alive and her sisters were actually nice to her2 The lore of the Heartwood Tree was pretty intriguing albeit resolved way too uickly and Belle's talent for carving was refreshingly different Too bad Dokey didn't use it that much3 In this version the Beast view spoileris not a prince but a common huntsman who ran afoul of a good fairy in the Wood hide spoiler

  6. Katie says:

    Halfway through reading this I realized I was halfway through the book and had yet to meet the Beast That in itself wouldn't have been a problem if I had liked Belle herself at allHowever early on Dokey sets this up as a tale about Belle being Not As Pretty as her sisters and her Issues With That god why the hell are heroines clearly described as beautiful always considered plain? This device was gross to me for a couple of reasons One she's described as plain but evidence is to the contrary because the actual description of her is of a pretty girl Two she decides without actually confronting her mother or anyone else she thinks sees her plainness that she must be so out of tune with her name that she needs to never go out into society ever Because it's not like plain girls would like social functions After all being plain must be like being a social outcastOh and three? Because then Belle you know the heroine? The one I'm supposed to think is strong and interesting? Spends over half the book thinking about how pretty she is or isn't Which I'll put this out there is really boring If I wanted to read that book I'd read an ugly ducking romance novel At least there I'd meet the hero in the first ten pagesSo five hundred pages later they all move out to the country Instead of being interesting Dokey decided to say that Belle can carve She's got a magical carving ability instead of a personality About 80% of the way through the book I was reading on Kindle we finally meet the BeastAnd this is where the book went from boring to kind of surreal Because as a kid I read Robin McKinley's version of Beauty A Retelling alot so when certain scenes began reading as familiar I went with my gutWhole scenes whole pieces of dialogue are essentially cut and pasted from Robin McKinley's book Except where in that one they'd been used to show an at first acrimonious then slowly becoming warm then slowly becoming love in this book they're just thereFor example in Beauty the two bond over reading books I think she reads to him? Because his claws make it hard In this one he shows her his claws and says he likes reading Later Dokey says they have conversations about books but we never hear them since she thinks we should just believe they're falling in love without any proof This is after all their love story Why would we want it shown instead of told?Instead of asking her to marry him the Beast asks her to look at him for five seconds Interesting However not really She's so desperate to escape but she doesn't try not even once At least in Beauty as she grew to love him the idea of saying she couldn't marry him became painful to Belle In Belle we don't have an idea of what their relationship is like As she refuses to even try to look at him it becomes clear that that's a metaphor for how Dokey sees their relationshipShe shouldn't have to try to write it for us We need to take it on faith that it's thereOh also the whole carving thing was one long unshot Checkov's Gun It had absolutely nothing to do with the conclusionIt must be hard to write a version of Beauty and the Beast after Robin McKinley did it However this one decided to either copy or do the opposite of whatever McKinley did Instead of making this one a uniue interesting book it just left me with a craving for the original

  7. Loraine says:

    SUMMARY Belle is convinced she has the wrong name as she lacks her sisters' awe inspiring beauty So she withdraws from society devoting her time to wood carving Secretly Belle longs to find the fabled Heartwood Tree If carved by the right hands the Heartwood will reveal the face of one's true love During a fierce storm Belle's father stumbles upon the mysterious Heartwood and encounters a terrifying and lonely Beast Now Belle must carve the Heartwood to save her father and learn to see not with the eyes of her mind but with the eyes of her heartREVIEW The story of Beauty and the Beast is one of my very favorites This book in turn is one of my favorites so far in the Once Upon a Fairy Tale series The beginning half was a bit slow and the continuous whining of Belle about her beautiful sisters and lamenting her own plain looks felt a little cumbersome Once the Beast enters though the story becomes much interesting Cameron Dokey's books in this series seem to have depth and a definite lesson or moral in them which makes them endearing to me She keeps the focus on the main plot without a lot of unnecessary side plots which helps to strengthen the lesson she is emphasizing Belle learns as we all need to that true beauty is not just what is on the outside but even what is within FAVORITE UOTES Everything is beautiful in its own way ma Belle even if you have to look hard to find itThe memory of being unhappy has the power to hurt us long after the factAnd happiness once found is hard to give upLove is many things ma Belle And the face it wears is not always what we expect That's one of the things that makes it wonderfulTrue love never has just one face does it? It must always have two or it isn't true love at all

  8. Marquise says:

    Bleh Just another insipid retelling of Beauty and the Beast that reads amateurishly plotted characterised with the additional aggravation that Dokey is unashamedly trying to reproduce Robin McKinley's Beauty without a drop of the latter's charm Don't bother with this copycat book is what I'd recommend to those checking it up to see if it might be their thing You'll be best served going for McKinley's or if you crave something like that story with the same plot but different enough to satisfy then go for T Kingfisher's Bryony and Roses It's just like McKinley's retelling with a dash humour and better developed

  9. Allison says:

    This is a retelling of Beauty and the Beast And by retelling I mean that the father isn't dumb and the author replaces the stolen rose with an accidentally fallen tree branchI feel like this is the book you give to middle schoolhigh school students to teach them about patterns and oppositions in writing No subtlety Also it has the classic mistake that most MODERN YA authors try to avoid you know nothing about the prince and you can't tell that the heroine is in love with him or vice versa until the author tells you No hint no plot build up kind of like the way Cinderella and Prince Charming end up together in the Disney movie She's pretty they dance and then there is an easily resolved footwear issue Well that stupid tree branch was the footwear issue of this book

  10. Tandie says:

    A very basic retelling of Beauty and the Beast It felt like the Cliff Notes version skimming over the whole falling in love thing Could've done that part better

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