Something Rotten

Something Rotten❮Read❯ ➪ Something Rotten Author Jasper Fforde – Detective Thursday Next has had her fill of her responsibilities as the Bellman in Jurisfiction Packing up her son Friday Thursday returns to Swindon accompanied by none other than the dithering Danis Detective Thursday Next has had her fill of her responsibilities as the Bellman in Jurisfiction Packing up her son Friday Thursday returns to Swindon accompanied by none other than the dithering Danish prince Hamlet But returning to SpecOps is no snap—as outlaw fictioneer Yorrick Kaine plots for absolute power the return of Swindon's patron saint foretells doom and if that isn't bad enough back in the Book World The Merry Wives of Windsor is becoming entangled with Hamlet Can Thursday find a Shakespeare clone to stop this hostile takeover Can she vanuish Kaine and prevent the world from plunging into war And most important will she ever find reliable childcare Find out in this totally original action packed romp sure to be another escapist thrill for Jasper Fforde's legion of fans.

Thursday Next.

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  • Paperback
  • 385 pages
  • Something Rotten
  • Jasper Fforde
  • English
  • 02 December 2015
  • 9780143035411

10 thoughts on “Something Rotten

  1. Mario the lone bookwolf says:

    So here come some of the main ingredients of this part of the series of inimitable inter genre reading cocktailsPropaganda manipulation and warmongering in politics and trade the satirizing of all the conspiracy theories and real life events in this regard play a key role in the series as it´s often the evil corporation that is playing with the next attempt of real world domination literary world submission or just mega sales of a new product not caring about the potential causality time loop stability of the whole book universe conseuences Some of the funniest and most profound scenes and plot twists are created by using real life inspired happeningsHamlet has hardly ever gotten so many laughs instead of sighs tears and suffering So it took four parts until we reached the solilouizing skull wielder and I guess friends of Shakespeare will hardly ever read it may find much pleasure than the average reader for whom there are wit entertaining literary history and some alternative plot use options for the old fellowWhat happens if real living genres merge or are forced to interbreed and get monstrous dysfunctional mad kids? This one of Ffjordes´most ingenious ideas has become one of my favorite creativity techniue vehicle and once again I ask myself why nobody else before had this idea before Fforde Parody and satire used the idea of mixing not fitting and opposed ideas together for millennia I don´t know if there might not be even the one or other cave painting but Ffjorde nailed it and pimped it to perfection Try it take 2 or 3 genres with 2 very different authors and bam that´s brainstorming and creative writing ammunition for a long timeLiterary detective rules and conventions of genres Kind of relates to the last point and is one of the driving forces of the series as Thursday is a mixture of different thriller genre tropes But imagine it with another setting this has a Pratchettian potential for satire in close to every genre except tragedy probably or my dream to use the giant of satire again Pratchett in space with sci fi elements view spoilerGoliath corporation as a religion how cool is this? It also opens the uestion of where and if the differences between a religion and a profit and shareholder value oriented company are and how much faith and belief there is in economics and fiat money in general but we don´t want to get too reflective and have fun instead jay hide spoiler

  2. Lynx says:

    Jasper Fforde has easily made his way into my favourite authors list He is smart witty inventive and packs his Thursday Next series full of literary references He's basically a book lovers dream The only terrible thing about reading one of his books is knowing it has to end This one was definitely one of my favourites Fforde seems to have had a vision of the future because I could swear he based his villain character Yorrick Kaine on Trump Thursday is as usual a magnificent heroine and I cannot wait to find out what adventure they will take us on next

  3. Martine says:

    The fouth instalment of the Thursday Next series is my favourite one the one in which all the plotlines set out earlier are woven together and political satire enters the series in a grand wayIn Something Rotten Thursday returns from the book world to late 1980s England with her two year old son two dodos and the Prince of Denmark Hamlet who wishes to see a bit of the world As it happens Hamlet's arrival in the real world poses a bit of a problem for unbeknownst to Thursday a fictional character Yorrick Kaine has been trying to get himself elected dictator of the British Isles and he has just launched a vitriolic campaign against all things Danish including Kierkegaard and Out of Africa Just as worryingly the almighty Goliath Corporation is trying to pass itself off as a religion rather than Big Brother which if everything goes according to plan will change life in Britain significantly and not for the better Needless to say Thursday has to sort things out which she does while trying to evade an assassin visiting the world of the dead and making sure that the local crouet team wins the cup as the thirteenth century saint St Zvlkx who is always right has predicted that the fate of the world depends on this match Naturally she also spends a bit of time trying to get back her husband who still has an existence problem but first she has to arrange a baby sitter for her son which proves just as difficult Something Rotten gets off to a slow start but once it gets under way some 100 pages into the book it's excellent; the second of half of the book may well be the best part of the series so far The political satire is thick and hilarious the cameos and conspiracy theories are great fun the loose ends are tied up very nicely and in the end nearly everyone gets what heshe deserves What could a reader want?

  4. R.S. Carter says:

    Have you started the Thursday Next series yet? If not put the first book The Eyre Affair on your short list This is one of my favorite series and Something Rotten is easily the best book in the series thus farHow can a book this hilarious make me weep like a heartbroken teenager at the end? I laughed I cried I was nearly institutionalized because of the Fforde induced bipolar syndrome this book causedIt wasn't just me Hamlet various classic fiction characters make grand entrances in all of these books was also a wreck But at the very least his emotional highs were from knowing that he was once played by Mel Gibson That IS at least somethingMy review probably doesn't make sense But I'm not trying to be serious If you've read these books which also make no sense and no determinable effort at being serious you'll actually understand this garbled nonsense

  5. Jenny says:

    I really enjoyed this installment in the Thursday Next series It moved uickly than The Well of Lost Plots and there was some suspense Overall it’s the characters and the uirkiness that keep me invested in this series I love Fforde’s writing style his humor and the literary allusions I love that the series is postmodern surrealist science fiction There’s time travel strange technology and visits to the underworld Mythological characters feature as much as the characters of the literary canon I like Fforde best when he mixes the Outland with the Book World The clash of cultures is especially interesting to me and it’s uniue to have the characters travel back and forth whereas Thursday living fully in the Book World had less variety and felt static Overall I liked this book a lot and think it continues Thursday’s story well I was very relieved that view spoilerLanden is finally back His being eradicated for so long was starting to get frustrating and repetitive hide spoiler

  6. melydia says:

    With every book I've read in this series I've said the same thing this was fun but I doubt I'll continue on with the series Well this is the fourth book and I give up I'm going to keep reading Thursday Next books because they're absolutely ridiculous and they make me laugh This time around Thursday is back in the real world where she has to deal with fictional would be dictators semi dead presidents a husband who may not actually exist violent cricket matches 13th century mystics a perpetually dithering Hamlet and most daunting of all motherhood The whole thing is just marvelous My favorite part was Avoid the uestion Time which is pretty much what all political interviews and debates actually are but won't admit it Nothing is too outlandish to show up in these stories and I can't wait for the next book

  7. BrokenTune says:

    45 I knocked at their door and hearing no answer walked in When I was last working at SpecOps we rarely heard anything from the mildly eccentric members of the time travelling elite but when you work in the time business you don’t waste it by nattering – it’s much too precious My father always argued that time was far and away the most valuable commodity we had and that temporal profligacy should be a criminal offence – which kind of makes watching Celebrity Kidney Swap or reading Daphne Faruitt novels a crime straight awayAfter being disappointed by book #2 and skipping book #3 I loved this one Something Rotten had just the right mix of silliness with thoughtful digs at current affairs and contemporary discussions such as the argument about what makes humans human and what gives humans have the right to control other species or the rights of other groups of humans for that matter Thursday has returned from the book world and again takes up the pursuit of a shady character that threatens the country But Thursday has not returned alone Hamlet aka the ditherer has come with her and so has Alan I loved Alan and I am having to read the rest of the series just to find out how he faresYes Never mind Thursday and the fate of Landon my interests in this series are thoroughly invested in Pickwick and Alan

  8. Book Concierge says:

    Book on CD read by Emily GrayBook four in the Thursday Next fantasy sci fi “literary detective” series The Goliath Corporation is still trying to take over the world though this time their scheme is to be declared a religion Hamlet is staying with Thursday and her family while she tries to sort out the mess that all the cloned Shakespeares have made of the original play Thursday’s father the rogue ChronoGuard and her mad scientist Uncle Mycroft both make significant though small contributionsWhat I most enjoy about this series is Fforde’s vivid imagination and all the literary references The plots are completely unrealistic but that’s part of the fun Thursday is a strong independent resourceful heroine and the supporting characters – Spike the vampire and Stig the Neanderthal in particular – are delightfully over the top The SuperHoop think “Super Bowl” for crouet match is fun and thrilling and ridiculous all at once If this review doesn’t make much sense well neither does the book But who cares? It’s fun to read Emily Gray does a marvelous job performing the audio version She has great pacing and is a skilled voice artist able to differentiate the many characters I love the way she voices Stig and St Zvlkx in this installment

  9. Ms. Smartarse says:

    I regarded reading the 4th book in the series like a duty rather than something interesting to pass time with I didn't really want to read it now but since I got through the first 3 I might as well read the 4th one too right? Plus I would've probably forgotten the plot in a year In other words Something Rotten was bound for failure right from the beginning and now I'm wondering if I could just possibly insert yet another I somewhere in this paragraph ITwo years have passed since The Well of Lost Plots and Thursday is ready to go back to the Real World and get her husband reactualized Easier said than done Her friends at Jurisfiction are not ready for a new Bellman her son Friday needs a nanny and 'back home' she's still very much a wanted criminalSince it never pours but rains she finds that Yorrick Kaine the villain from Lost in a Good Book is about to be elected a dictator for life The evil multinational Goliath Corporation has decided to 'up the ante' by backing Kaine's candidacy and also angling to become a religion Luckily all this can be avoided if the Swindon Mallets win the 1988 Superhoop Too bad their players suckI have to admit there are LOTS of hilarious moments tonnes of memorable uotes and the televised election debates are extremely accurate 'I will award three points to Mr Kaine for an excellent nonspecific condemnation plus one bonus point for blaming the previous government and another for successfully mutating the uestion to promote the party line Mr van de Poste gets a point for a firm rebuttal but only two points for his condemnation as he tried to inject an impartial and intelligent observation' I contamplated giving it a rating of 25 but the extremely satisfying ending tacked on an extra star It would've been good enough to wrap up the entire series had Jasper Fforde decided to end the series here Luckily for fans that's not the case I however will be taking an indefinite break from the books35 stars for yet another funny and uotable book from the Thursday Next seriesReview of the 2nd book Lost in a Good BookReview of the 3rd book The Well of Lost Plots

  10. Luann says:

    This took me a LONG time to get into It has been on my to read list since 2008 so for a while I wondered why I even bothered I started enjoying it about half way through and then I came across a passage that made the whole thing worth itview spoilerWait I cried out What? I can't concentrate with all those peopleLanden looked around the empty bedroom What people?Those people I repeated waving a hand in the general direction of everywhere the ones reading usLanden stared at me and raised an eyebrow I felt stupid then relaxed and gave out a nervous giggleSorry I've been living inside fiction for too long; sometimes I get this weird feeling that you me and everything else are justwell characters in a book or somethingPlainly that is ridiculous hide spoiler

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