An Interrupted Love Story Can You Mend It? #1

An Interrupted Love Story Can You Mend It? #1❮Download❯ ➽ An Interrupted Love Story Can You Mend It? #1 ➽ Author Billy Wood-Smith – Three years after their breakup because of another girl D and Joe are forced to deal with each other again during a weekend reunion of their group of friends from college And while Sarah Joe’s siste Three years after their breakup because Love Story Epub µ of another girl D and Joe are forced to deal with each other again during a weekend reunion of their group of friends from college And while Sarah Joe’s sister and D’s best friend is still trying to decide how to handle a weekend caught between the two things already take some unexpected turns Although Joe thinks that all he needs is peace and uiet and time to recuperate from the relationship of hell he just walked out of and despite the fact that D has her hands and her mind full An Interrupted eBook ↠ with things such as applying for a job in London to get some distance between herself and a clingy ex boyfriend seeing each other again has uite an impact And even if that impact is neither welcome nor desired it is still impossible to ignore Suddenly Joe D and even Sarah find themselves on an emotional roller coaster ride A roller coaster ride that everyone who’s ever been in love will be able to relate to.


An Interrupted Love Story Can You Mend It? #1 eBook
  • Kindle Edition
  • 532 pages
  • An Interrupted Love Story Can You Mend It? #1
  • Billy Wood-Smith
  • English
  • 07 February 2016

10 thoughts on “An Interrupted Love Story Can You Mend It? #1

  1. Kristal Taylor says:

    Oh my gosh I wouldn't have read if I knew I had to wait for the next book I really give this book a 10 This is a must read book I don't really like going into details about the books I read I hate spoilers What a great read

  2. Lawrence says:

    Liked this a lot Even as a guy Great story Easy to identify with Joe here Sounds like there'll be Good

  3. Andrée says:

    FRENCH EDITIONJ'ai adoré ce livre Vraiment Entre le style de l'auteur et l'histoire en elle même le combo était juste génialEn lisant le résumé du livre j'avais peur u'on tombe dans le gnan gnan le cul cul la praline et ue tout soit mielleux entre Joe et D En fait pas du tout Et c'est pour ça ue j'ai tant aimé lire ce livre Parce ue l'auteur n'a pas écrit ce ue le lecteur avait envie de lire mais u'il a dépeint la réalité Et la réalité c'est la suivante on a beau tout faire il y a des sentiments ue l'on ne peut pas refouler Et on a beau tout essayer on ne peut pas non plus se forcer à faire des choses ue l'esprit refuse de faire ou veut nier L'éternel choix entre suivre le chemin du coeur ou le chemin de la raison La vérité c'est u'on ne choisit jamais nous mêmes De l'esprit ou du coeur un seul sera plus fort ue l'autre et malgré tout ce à uoi on aspire ou du moins tout ce ue à uoi on voudrait aspirer on ne peut pas prendre le dessus soi même Voir au fur et à mesure des pages ue malgré tout ce u'elle se disait D ne pouvait pas refouler ce u'elle ressentait et u'elle n'avait pas d'autre choix ue d'accepter ses sentiments pour pouvoir ensuite aller de l'avant avec ou sans Joe montre bien à uel point on peut être tirailler entre deux situationsOutre Joe et D les personnages sont vraiment sympa et ça fait plaisir de voir u'une bande d'adultes se retrouvent tous ensemble le temps d'un week end juste pour se revoir De constater ue même uand on est adulte on prend le temps de uitter le boulot et d'aller faire du mini golf avec ses potes dans un hôteluant à la fin du livre la toute toute toute fin à la dernière page je l'adore et je la déteste en même temps et pour la même raison Parce ue c'est la réalité Et la réalité c'est ue la vie ne se résume pas à une fin heureuse ou une fin triste Parfois et même souvent il n'y a pas de fin à une histoire C'est plus comme un estompement progressif de tout ce ue l'on a connu jusu'à ce u'il ne reste plus rien L'histoire entre D et Joe n'a pas de fin ou du moins on ne la connaîtra jamais Parce ue comment voulez vous leur trouver une fin si eux ne savent même pas où ils en sont? Et ça Billy WOOD SMITH l'a bien démontré à travers son romanJ'ai donc adoré cette fin parce ue pour une fois on peut lire une vraie fin comme elle pourrait se passer dans la vraie vie Mais c'est aussi pour cela ue je l'ai détesté Parce ue ce n'est pas une vraie fin une fin heureuse comme on veut lire Parce u'au fond uand on lit un livre on sait pertinemment u'il y aura une fin et ue la plupart du temps elle sera heureuse Pas dans ce livreMais rassurez vous j'aime plus cette fin ue je ne la déteste et j'adore ce livreNOTE MAGNIFIUEMENT REELDisclosure j'ai gagné ce livre grâce à un concours sur Goodreads et je remercie Billy Wood Smith de m'avoir donné la possibilité de lire son livre gratuitementENGLISH EDITIONI really loved that book Between the style of the author and the story itself the combo was just amazingWhile reading the summary I was afraid the story will fall into too much namby pamby wishy washy and that everyting will be too fawning between Joe and D But it's not at all And that's why I loved that book so much Because the author didn't write what the reader wanted to read but he depicted the reality And the reality is this we can do whatever we want there will be feelings that cannot be hold back And even if we try everything we cannot make ourselves do things our mind refuses to do or wants to deny The eternal choice between following the path of the heart or the path of the reasonThe truth is that we never really choose Between the heart or the mind only one will be stronger than the ohter and despite everything we yearn to do or at least everything we wish to yearn to do we can't take the upper hand ourselves Seeing through the pages that despite everyting she was saying D couldn't hold back what she was feeling and that she didn't have any other choice than to accept her feelings so she can move on with or without Joe shows how much oneself can be torn in half between two situationsBesides Joe and D the characters are really nice and it's a pleasure to see a group of grown ups who gather altogether for a week end just to catch up To see that even when you are a grown up you can take time to leave your job and do a mini golf with your buddies in an hotelAs for the end of the book the very end the very last page I love it and I hate it at the same time and for the same reason Because it's the reality And the reality is that life isn't just about a happy end or a sad end Sometimes and even most of the time there is no end for a story It's like a progressive receding of everything we ever knew until ther'es nothing leftThe story between D and Joe doesn't have an end or at least we will never know it Because who could you want them to find the end if they don't even who how to feel And that Billy Wood Smith really depicted it through his bookSo I really loved the end because for once you can read a real end just like it could happen in real lifeBut that's also why I hated it Because it's not a real end a happy end like you want to read Because the truth is when you read a book you are well aware that there will be an end and that most of the time it will be a happy one But not in this bookBut don't worry I love the end than I hate it and I love this bookRATING MAGNIFICIENTLY REALDisclosure I won this book thanks to a giveaway on Goodreads and I thank Billy Wood Smith for giving me the opportunity to read his book for free

  4. Constance says:

    Great loves story I came across this when it was free on Preview sounded goodRest of the book is even BETTER Got me hooked from chapter 1 Can’t go into detail regarding the story or I’ll spoil it Just so much refreshingly non sappy non cliché touching and sometimes hilarious with awesome dialogues and several unexpected twistsUnlike most romances this one is written in the third person but still giving great glimpses at what the main characters think and feel Perfectly doneA gripping emotional read Hopefully there will be soonIf you like realistic romance you'll love this

  5. Alison My Calendar is Booked says:

    This series came HIGHLY recommended to me Now that I've finished all three books it is time for a review I really enjoyed all of the characters Billy Wood Smith writes in a way that makes you feel as though you know the characters personally and you can feel the effects of the events that happen in their lives and the decisions that they make in your gut While it took me a bit to get into the first book once it picked up I couldn't put it down When I would finish one book I would have the next on my Kindle within a couple of minutes I needed to know what was going to happen next

  6. Crissy says:

    I adored this book series Before I started Can You Mend It? all I wanted to read was a believable romance Although that is exactly what this series is it is also an absolute tour de emotionsThere were parts of this series that made me laugh out loud happy cry sad cry and scream at the top of my lungs something like AHH JUST CALL HER YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO What I may have loved most about the way these books are written is that they aren't always predictable and Billy Wood Smith does a great job at avoiding cliché Reading this was kind of like a kick in the butt regarding other sappy love stories I've read Why can't they all be like this?Anyway if this review or the summary has turned you on to this book in ANY way I highly suggest you take the plunge and read the series You won't regret it

  7. Elise says:

    This is such a great book Totally unexpectedIt lets you into Joe's head and heart as much as into D's And their feelings and sometime silly reactions are so real and easy to identify with that the book could as well be about you or me This is exactly what it would feel like to run into an old boyfriendgirlfriend again When you're still trying to appear cool and like you don't care while at the same time you can't deny that you are not over himher at allVery well written and easy to readCan't wait for

  8. Katie Seehusen says:

    25 StarsFirst I want to say that I am not writing this to offend anyone that is never my goal so if I do I want to apologize in advance I think everyone has different reading styles and preferences and this series wasn't really for me The good I read all of the books in less than a week because I loved the characters and I really had to know what happened So a big plus I also loved that the story was told from many perspectives It was fun to hear the story from every point and not just by each chapter but up to as freuently as each paragraphThe stuff that wasn't really my style The writing style was just not for me I found myself getting annoyed by the excessive use of exclamation marks They were used so much they lost their effect I could no longer decipher what was supposed to be exciting or important because so many statements were I didn't like the use of lists a b c that the author used through out the book again this is not a slam it just isn't my style I rolled my eyes when I read each one I also didn't like the use of Blahblahblah I found certain lines used over and over when describing someone's reaction like when Joe would talk about Danny would react to something It happened when she reacted how he thought and when she did the opposite I was soon able to finish his sentences for him The last thing I read these books because it seems like they were romance books that weren't super explicit I usually never read this genre because I can't handle things can get and you never really know about it will turn out Thank you Billy Wood Smith for not taking scenes too far That being said it was still a little too much for me This is my personal preference I know a lot of people would find it super subdued The reason the rating was low was not because the book was necessarily bad but it just wasn't my cup of tea

  9. LierinM says:

    Despite such an horrible cover art that makes it appear that the book is a school homework of an amateur when actually contains the work of a very good indie author I decided to give an opportunity to the story and bought the ebook Mostly because the sample and writing were very promising in fact I was hooked with the realistic narrative from the first chapter And the book did not disappoint me but on the contrary kept my interest with its steady paceThe male character Joe is extremely interesting because it is imperfect and has blundered and has paid a high price for it living in an abusive relationship Throughout the story I never had problem to understand although hardly accept his actions I even wished with all my heart for him to find peaceHowever almost 70% of the story I was annoyed with Danielle h It's like the female character simply exist in suspended animation as if the event than happened between her and Joe H left her on stand by and simply never got over it There were times that her passive aggressive behavior made me want to screamHonestly if it were not for the last chapter and the scene between Danielle and Liz and Danielle and Joe I would have read the alternative ending that the author proposes on its website for HEA and let the story rest ButThe last actions and words of Danny indicate me that perhaps she woken from its slumber and found that life continues despite the past and regardless of the actions of Joe and Liz And maybe in the next part of the story we will meet the woman rather than the girlSo I want to know what happens and I bought the next ebook Torn CAN YOU MEND IT? Series Book 2

  10. evergreencrime says:

    31% The real story based on the plot doesn't even start until 29% What a waste of time I am so pissed

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