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Mystic River❮Ebook❯ ➨ Mystic River Author Dennis Lehane – Boston 1975 East Buckingham è un uartiere in cui tutti conoscono tutti Nessuno dei suoi abitanti se ne mai andato se non uei ragazzi che la guerra ha strappato dalle proprie case per non restituirli Boston East Buckingham è un uartiere in cui tutti conoscono tutti Nessuno dei suoi abitanti se ne mai andato se non uei ragazzi che la guerra ha strappato dalle proprie case per non restituirli più Crescere in una periferia come uesta non è certo il modo migliore per dare alla propria vita grandi prospettive Ma è ui che Sean Jimmy e Dave sono nati e la loro esistenza sarebbe stata uguale a uella di tanti altri se non fosse arrivata uella dannata mattina La mattina in cui Dave con i suoi occhi spenti pieni di lacrime è salito sul sedile posteriore di uella macchina Ed è scomparso per uattro terribili giorni Venticinue anni dopo la violenza torna a segnare la vita di Dave uesta volta però gli sguardi che si posano su di lui non sono compassionevoli ma carichi d'odio e disprezzo Reazione più che naturale di fronte all'omicidio di una ragazza di diciannove anni di cui Dave è accusato E uasi che il destino volesse rinsaldare un tragico legame la vittima è la figlia di Jimmy mentre Sean diventato poliziotto è incaricato delle indagini.

Dennis Lehane born Aug th is an American author He has written several novels including the New York Times bestseller Mystic River which was later made into an Academy Award winning film also called Mystic River directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Sean Penn Tim Robbins and Kevin Bacon Lehane can be briefly seen waving from a car in the parade scene at the end of the film The.

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  • 10 July 2016
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  1. Dan Schwent says:

    Once upon a time three boys were fighting in the street when two men claiming to be plainclothes cops show up One kid gets in the car the others stay put and their lives will never be the same Decades later Dave Boyle the kid who got into the car is accused of killing the daughter of Jimmy Marcus one of the other boys and the third boy has grown up to be Sean Devine the cop in charge of the case Did Boyle do it? And if he didn't can Sean find the real killer?Yeah 2013 was supposed to be the year of Dennis Lehane for me It probably would have been had I not discovered George Pelecanos However I'm back aboard the Lehane Train now and uite pleasedWhile Mystic River is normally classified as a thriller it's so much than that an exploration of growing up and what a traumatic childhood event can blossom into Mystic River is the tale of three Boston boys who grew up to be very different Boston men Dave Boyle has drifted from job to job never uite managing to bury his abduction experience Jimmy Marcus is a former career criminal who has gone straight and become a family man And Sean Devine is a cop with a wife he hasn't seen in over a year and a child he's not sure is hisFrom the beginning Lehane kept the waters sufficiently muddy to hold my interest While I knew I was supposed to assume Dave Boyle killed Katie Marcus Lehane had me changing my opinion uite a few times None of the three leads are very simple characters Dave's got his childhood baggage but still tries to be the best husband and father he can be Jimmy was once a criminal and is still a hard man but is a loving family man Sean is a supercop but his marriage is in ruins and he's coming off a suspension for something very pettyOnce Sean is on the case the book becomes very hard to put down like it's been duct taped to your hands The mystery unlike a lot of them these days is solvable and I guessed who the killer was about 75% of the way through even though I got the motive wrong The writing is everything I came to expect from the Kenzie and Gennaro series and then some I think this is the book where Dennis Lehane went from Good Thriller Writer to simply Great WriterFive stars I suppose I'll track down the movie now

  2. Em Lost In Books says:

    Intense stunning and shockingAnd I always wanted to know what was going on in Jimmy's head after the last stunt that he pulled Movies would never tell us that and that's why books are always better

  3. Kemper says:

    I bought a hardback copy of Mystic River when it first came out and I’ve been recommending it to everyone I know who has the slightest interest in crime fiction ever since Oddly enough it’s been almost 20 years since I first read the book and I’d never revisited it until now I love it but there’s just so much Lehane style depression that a fella can takeIn a working class Boston neighborhood during the mid ‘70sthree young boys encounter a couple of child molesters pretending to be cops One of the kids Dave Boyle ends up being taken by them and endures several days of abuse before managing to escape Twenty five years later Dave still lives in the same old neighborhood with his wife and son Jimmy Marcus didn’t get in the car with Dave He went on to become the leader of a crew of thieves but a stretch in prison and caring for his young daughter Katie set Jimmy straight Now he runs a corner grocery store in the neighborhood Sean Devine also avoided the pedophiles and he’s grown up to be a homicide investigator for the state police while trying to cope with his crumbling marriageWhen Jimmy’s daughter Katie is brutally murdered it’s a shock to the neighborhood As Sean investigates the crime Jimmy has to deal with his grief Dave was one of the last people to see Katie alive when she was out at a bar with some girlfriends and he had no reason to hurt her Yet his wife Celeste knows that he came home late that night covered in bloodA recurring theme that Lehane explores is the damage done by crime and violence and that’s the thing that lingers over this book and makes it great Jimmy is convinced that something in his own past was the reason Katie was killed even as he spent years trying to be ‘good’ Sean’s career as a policeman has made him misanthropic thinking that the world is filled with stupid people killing each for stupid reasons and it’s soured his personal life Both of them are also haunted by how close they came to sharing Dave’s fate and Dave himself refuses to talk about what happened to him even as many who know what happened consider him ‘damaged goods’Lehane takes all of these factors and adds a few like what gentrification was doing to their old neighborhood to create one of the ultimate character driven pieces of crime fiction The ultimate resolution and what happens both because of Dave getting in that car as a young boy and Katie’s murder seem like tragedies that beget tragedies in a long string of unintended conseuences Considering the ending and reading this now nearly 20 years after it was first published made me think that there could be another story by now If Lehane went back now and told us what happened next I’d want to read that book

  4. Ahmad Sharabiani says:

    Mystic River Dennis LehaneMystic River is a novel by Dennis Lehane that was published in 2001 The novel revolves around three boys who grow up as friends in Boston Dave Boyle Sean Devine and Jimmy Marcus When the story opens we see Dave abducted by child molesters while he Sean and Jimmy are horsing around on a neighborhood street Dave escapes and returns home days later emotionally shattered by his experience The book then moves forward 25 years Sean has become a homicide detective Jimmy is an ex convict who currently owns a convenience store and Dave is a shell of a man Jimmy's daughter disappears and is found brutally murdered in a city park and that same night Dave comes home to his wife covered in blood Sean is assigned to investigate the murder and the three childhood friends are caught up in each other's lives againتاریخ نخستین خوانش روز دوازدهم ماه نوامبر سال 2016 میلادیعنوان رودخانه میستیک؛ نویسنده دنیس لیهان؛ مترجم نادر ریاحی؛ تهران موسسه فرهنگی هنری جهان کتاب، ‏‫‏‏‏‏‏1394؛ در 560ص؛ شابک 9786006732459؛ موضوع داستانهای نویسندگان ایالات متحده آمریکا سده 21مکتاب «رودخانه میستیک» نه تنها یک رمان روان‌شناسانه، هراس‌انگیز، و پرتنش، بلکه داستانی حماسی، در وصف عشق، وفاداری، رفاقت، ایمان و خانواده نیز هست؛ داستان این کتاب، درباره ی آدم‌هایی ست که بگذشته‌ ها، به طور تغییرناپذیری، بر آینده‌ شان تأثیر گذاشته، و خود را در موقعیت‌های تاریکی پیدا میکنند، که آن‌ها را با خود درونی و پنهان‌شان، مواجه می‌سازدچکیده هنگامی که آن‌ها بچه بودند، «شان»، «جیمی» و «دِیو» با هم رفیق شدند؛ اما سپس ماشین غریبه‌ ای از راه رسید؛ یکی از بچه‌ ها سوار ماشین شد، و دو تای دیگر نشدند؛ و بعد اتفاق وحشتناکی افتاد؛ اتفاقی که به رفاقت آن‌ها پایان داد، و آن سه پسر را، برای همیشه عوض کرد؛ بیست و پنج سال بعد حالا «شان» یک کارآگاه پلیس است؛ «جیمی» یک زندانی پیشین است، که صاحب یک بقالی شده، و «دِیو» برای حفظ زندگی و دور نگاه داشتن هیولای درونش، دست و پا می‌زند؛ هیولایی که او را به کارهای وحشتناک وامی‌دارد؛ وقتی جسد دختر «جیمی» پیدا می‌شود، تحقیقات «شان»، که مأمور رسیدگی به آن پرونده است، او را با «جیمی» سرشاخ می‌کند؛ کسی که سابقه ی جنایی اش، او را به سوی انتقام، و اجرای شخصی عدالت سوق می‌دهد؛ و حالا این «دِیو» است، که در شب کشته شدن دختر «جیمی»، با لباس سراسر خون‌ آلود به خانه می‌رسد؛ و ؛ ا شربیانی

  5. Fabian {Councillor} says:

    Every adult human being has the chance to choose a personally favored path of life considering it isn't predeterminated by illnesses accidents etc but the general direction this path heads towards will usually already be marked during childhood This might be the idea which provoked Dennis Lehane to write about the abysms of humanity and the fateful conseuences one single deed might release to weigh heavily upon your conscience for the rest of your life even if it is something as simple as not entering a certain car while you are a kidLehane might be well known because of the successful movie adaption with Leonardo DiCaprio and Ben Kingsley of his 2003 thriller Shutter Island but when it comes to exploring human minds in their deepest psychological profundities Mystic River is where the author truly shines This novel which has also been adapted into a movie starring Tim Robbins Sean Penn and Kevin Bacon focuses on three young childhood friends Sean Jimmy and Dave whose friendship was changed forever when one of the boys was pulled into a strange car and had to go through something which could not be worse as an incisive childhood experience About twenty years later they have all grown into men with their own or less intact families although you might as well scratch the or part The story gets going when one of the friend's daughters is brutally murdered another one of them starts to investigate the case as a police detective and the third friend soon turns into one of the suspects himself with very strong evidence pointing towards himThis is no easy thriller to get through; with his elaborate descriptions of a Boston crime scene and the complex plot twists and dynamics between the relationships Lehane keeps the intellectual niveau on a high level throughout the entire course of the novel as he explores failing marriages bursting families and shocking revelations As he did with Shutter Island he once again managed to challenge my personal perception of what human minds can be capable of It might be fiction but the author managed to write it in such a convincing way as if it was a nightmare come trueDennis Lehane refrains from fast pace and instead relies on extensively detailed descriptions painting a vivid picture filled with a dark atmosphere This made it sometimes easy to put the book down again yet all the time the book included enough potential to prompt the reader to return to reading You may call the novel a classic 'whodunnit' tale but it's than that so much The mysterythriller genre is a very difficult one for an author to emerge out of the masses of authors who claim to glue their readers' eyes to their books and yet many readers keep returning to this genre out of the hope to hold a true masterpiece in their hands one day Mystic River might not be a masterpiece but it's still everything you can possibly look for as a reader of crime fictionIt wasn't my first Lehane novel and it definitely won't be my last either

  6. Trudi says:

    Just before picking this book up my first Lehane it won't be my last I came across a uote by him illuminating the working class blue collar nature of noir In Greek tragedy they fall from great heights In noir they fall from the curb I love this uote It slices right to the heart of who we are reading about and even why we are reading about them In Mystic River Lehane is shooting from both barrels; he intuitively knows who he is writing about and where the gritty depressed working class neighborhoods of South Boston and the largely white blue collar families who live there These are residents bound to one another when not by blood then by loyalties forged from childhood friendships and the kinship that comes from growing up in the same neighborhood A shared history a sense of community no matter how co dependent damaging or predatory Lehane's characters are so vivid and three dimensional they sigh and bleed across the pages But you won't love them They are beyond flawed and you could even argue beyond redemption Lehane is not writing about beauty and love or hope and healing Lehane is painting a portrait of despair and guilt His characters are damaged goods in many ways with painful histories that have consumed them with a slow burning rage The love Jimmy Marcus has for his eldest daughter Katie is primal almost animalistic in its fierceness When a savage beating and shooting violently rips her away from him Jimmy vows to see her killer brought to justice one way or another Who could have killed Katie Marcus? Nineteen years old sweet and non threatening a good friend a loving sister working part time in her father's neighborhood corner store When Jimmy's childhood friend Sean is brought in to lead the investigation there are uestions than answers to be found It doesn't take long however before Sean and his senior partner Whitey begin looking hard at Dave Boyle another childhood friend from the neighborhood with dark secrets of his own The handling of the mystery here the construction the pacing the clues and final reveal it's all flawlessly done My only regret reading this novel is that I had seen the film first While already knowing who killed Katie did not diminish my enjoyment I can only imagine the sheer thrill this book delivers at the moment of climax if you didn't know I found the women in this story to be at least as interesting as the men if not so view spoilerWhile I could sympathize with Celeste's confusion and doubt about Dave I uestioned her motives for going to Jimmy with her suspicions Why go to the father? Why not the police? What did she think was going to happen? She knew the rules of the neighborhood Did she really imagine Jimmy would not act uneuivocally and ruthlessly? She signed Dave's death warrant the moment she decided to tell Jimmy what she thought she knew She got her husband killed and unraveled her own life perhaps even her own sanity in one careless impulse Jimmy's wife Annabeth is ruthless in her own way thinking only of her own family and status in the neighborhood Her acceptance of Jimmy's violence her pride in it is practically sociopathic Her husband won't find the cure for cancer but dammit he looks after his own He does what needs to be done like a King that rules over his realm Her support is icky but oh so very real Her disdain of Celeste's weakness and her betrayal of her husband revealing of character than any other act or a thousand words hide spoiler

  7. PattyMacDotComma says:

    5★“Four in the morning and she was awake than she’d been in years She was Christmas morning when you’re eight kind of awake Her blood was caffeine Your whole life you wished for something like this You told yourself you didn’t but you did To be involved in a drama”The story isn’t about her though it’s about them and she knows them Jimmy Sean and Davey The boys They grew up together from different parts of town But at eleven boys are rough and tumble and who cares where you live? You all play in the street and when a car comes along with a couple of big guys in it who say they’re cops who are you to uestion them? One of you gets in when told to while the other two back offDavey Boyle went for the ride and no they weren’t cops Davey escaped after four days of abuse which is never described only referred to and is now a seemingly uiet pleasant man with an uneventful life He had a rough childhood in the Flats but he’s doing okay He was a baseball star in high school and is now married with a young son Jimmy Marcus also grew up in the Flats was a happy go lucky hoodlum who got a little rougher over the years He is now an ex con running a corner store and determined to go straight He’s a widower with a second wife who is the only daughter of the eleven kids in the well named Savage family “When they were kids they had no individuality to the outside world They were just the Savages a brood a pack a collection of limbs and armpits and knees and tangled hair that seemed to move in a cloud of dust like the Tasmanian Devil You saw the cloud coming your way you stepped aside hoped they’d find someone else to fck up before they reached you or simply whirl on by lost in the obsession of their own grimy psychoses”The third boy now a local cop a real one did not live in the Flats but on the Point the nicer part of town Sean Devine is separated unhappily achingly so He hasn’t kept in touch with Jimmy and Davey but of course he knows Jimmy’s criminal record All three are still haunted by the men and the car that took Davey away Davey of course but Sean and Jimmy are as well What would have happened if? Could we have stopped it? We watched them drive him awayThe blurb gives the crux of the story which I think is a bit of a spoiler so I’ll just say that the writing is terrific the people are real and the tension and plot make it hard to put down Some books do make me keep thinking ‘just one chapter ’ This is one So I’ll just add a few uotes that gave me a good sense of the story and the characters This shows Jimmy’s early ambivalence choosing between friendship and what he thinks he can get away with When they were kids he picked up Sean’s baseball glove just as he walked out of Sean’s house but held it so nobody could see it“Jimmy took the glove and he felt bad about it Sean would miss it Jimmy took the glove and he felt good about it Sean would miss it”Sean came from the Point and could afford the loss Jimmy came from the Flats and was entitled to fend for himself however he couldThis is one of the men who stopped the boys in the road“He looked like a cop—blond crew cut red face white shirt black and gold nylon tie the heft of his gut dropping over his belt buckle like a stack of pancakes The other one looked sick”This is another pair of brothers who live in the Flats“The brothers grew up crammed and mangy and irate in a bedroom the size of a Japanese radio beside the el tracks that used to hover over the Flats blotting out the sun before they got torn down when Brendan was a kid”Suspecting the worst but not wanting to admit it feels like this You know You just know“You felt it in your soul no place else You felt the truth there sometimes—beyond logic—and you were usually right if it was a type of truth that was the exact kind you didn’t want to face weren’t sure you could That’s what you tried to ignore why you went to psychiatrists and spent too long in bars and numbed your brain in front of TV tubes—to hide from hard ugly truths your soul recognized long before your mind caught up”This is one of my favourite books No uestion I just know

  8. David Schaafsma says:

    “Jimmy knelt down by the river and plunged his hands in it oily and polluted We bury our sins here We wash them clean” I have now within a month listened to what I have heard from Goodreads friends are the three best novels from Dennis Lehane Since We Fell Shutter Island and Mystic River At this point I have seen two film adaptations of his books that I liked very much Mystic River and Gone Baby Gone I haven’t read any of his other books yet but this one based on a uick look at the range of them is pretty much a masterpiece I thought it was a great movie seen than a decade ago but it is also a very great book with real depth and passion a story of tragic loss Yes it's a thriller a mystery but sometimes works rise above their genres of course to be great literature Shutter Island is very good a kind of homage to forties noir films; Since We Fell deals with upper middle class yuppie types and both are well written page turners But Mystic River would seem to be Lehane’s real territory focused as it is on working class folks from the East Buckingham neighborhood of Boston that Lehane clearly knows very very well In the other two books there is nothing approaching the depth of character and knowledge that he lovingly devotes to this Irish Catholic neighborhood nothing like the compassion he has for each and every one of these people I might talk in a lightly spoiler ish way about some of the early parts of the book—not the ending promise—because I figure thousands of you have read this or seen it by now The novel revolves around three boys who grow up as friends Dave Boyle Sean Devine and Jimmy Marcus When the story opens we see Dave abducted by two child molesters posing as cops while he Sean and Jimmy are horsing around on a neighborhood street Fast forward 25 years and Sean is a depressed cop with marital issues Jimmy is a an ex con on a second marriage and Dave is pretty much an empty shell of a guy trying to keep his marriage together and the demons at bay When Jimmy's daughter is murdered Sean is assigned to the case His investigation has him confront Jimmy who wants to take the law into his own hands Hey it’s my daughter And then there is Dave who came home the night Jimmy's daughter died covered in someone else's blood We think we know a lot at this point but we are going to have unravel a lot of history before we are through than 400 pages but it actually reads uickly as it is so well written and what happens is engaging some of the stories entertwined“I'm just saying there are threads okay? Threads in our lives You pull one and everything else gets affected”This is largely a man’s story with loyalty and friendship central “At that moment Dave would have lifted a house for Jimmy held it up to his chest until Jimmy told him where to put it down” but women—strong tough loyal—also play very central roles who say things such “Life isn't happily ever after It's work” “She was his wife mother best friend sister lover and priest”Decisions women make are central to what happens The healing love of family—the love of children—is an important part of this community and this novel But is it enough to make up for the past?Mystic River is a majestic but also intensely character driven thriller that explores how a group of friends in a community can survive who are fiercely loyal yet hampered by ignorance lies self deception betrayal and loss “What did we line up for? Where did we expect to go? And why were we never as happy as we thought we'd be once we got there?”There’s an image near the end of a parade in the midst of much anguish and turmoil and a funeral“It was a beautiful day A great day for a parade” The parade functions just as a block party at the beginning of the book had served as a similar ritual moment of healing when Dave Boyle had come home from his nightmare abduction Or is it a ritual that masks the truth that hides real feelings? The parade follows a funeral another moment of a communal moment of healing we can only hope Hours in a bar with family and friends that’s another kind of healing ritual here But as with the love of family and friends is any social ritual enough to make up for the weight of the past?I loved this book and immediately re ordered the film to see again

  9. Kelly (and the Book Boar) says:

    Find all of my reviews at “We bury our sins here We wash them clean” Mystic River was another selection of mine for the already completed Read to Reel challenge at my local library Although I’ve owned this book for years for whatever reason it remained on the “hysterectomy shelves” untouched until the librarian forced my hand Amazingly I have also been able to avoid ever seeing the movie that was released 10 years ago due to my dislike for Clint Eastwood’s directing Ahhhhh save it ClintThe story here is about Sean Jimmy and Dave Twenty five years ago they were rough housing in the street when two men claiming to be cops pulled up in an unmarked police cruiser Sean and Jimmy went home Dave got in the car with the men and managed to find his way back four days later Fast forward to the present where Sean is a detective with a wife and possible daughter who have split on him Jimmy is an ex con turned family man who owns and operates the corner store and Dave is someone who presents a good front but whose past torments him than anyone could ever imagine When Jimmy’s daughter is brutally murdered in a local park the three former friends find their lives intertwined once again and all the demons buried so long ago come boiling to the surface Like all of the other Dennis Lehane’s I’ve read this one was a real wicked pissa If you ever need an excuse for putting your head in the oven Lehane is an author who will deliver them in spades Mystic River is categorized as a “MysteryThriller” like all of the author’s other works but that sells this novel so short While there is most assuredly a mystery to solve I believe most readers will find that aspect of the book takes second fiddle to the character study of these three families It’s uite easy to see the red herring and for people who gravitate toward the thriller or crime genres it’s pretty simple to see the end well before you ever reach it And if your brain works like mine and 100% refuses to acknowledge the casting decisions made by the pros but instead replaces them with A story like Mystic River can only end one wayIf you like ‘em dark look no further Lehane is a master of this art and proves once again that “I think anyone’s capable of anything” All the starsAnd if you want to continue on a downward spiral of superbads happening that eff up kids’ lives forever look no further than sleepers Book # I lost count in the Library Winter Reading Challenge

  10. Margitte says:

    Three young boys Three young lives A car with two scoundrels in the road SilenceMany years later a murder of someone's daughter Life had a story to tell Friendship broke out in different voices I'm not going to say much about this book An excellent gritty somber literary psycho thriller The murder mystery denied me sleep I wanted to cry for all of them Still do To Sean Devine Jimmy Marcus and Dave Boyle I can never forget or give up on you Friendship does not work that way Sad that the ending of the book interrupted our storyThis should have been a buddie read Oy I need someone to discuss the ending with Unusual uniue thought provoking You do not read this book to escape reality In fact you're thrown right into it with no way out or Plan B in sight A slice of life dished out in no uncertain terms He couldn't remember much of the specifics— just a few details unconnected—and he had a sense that there hadn't been much of a narrative flow in the first place Still the raw texture of it had sunk like razor points into the back of his skull left him feeling skittish all morning Mark my words this uote is prophetic

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