The Money That Never Was

The Money That Never Was[Epub] ❤ The Money That Never Was By David Luddington – Charles Tremayne is a spy out of his time After a long career spent rescuing prisoners from the KGB or helping defectors across the Berlin Wall the world has changed The Wall has gone and no longer is That Never eBook ´ Charles Tremayne is a spy out of his time After a long career spent rescuing prisoners The Money PDF or from the KGB or helping defectors across the Berlin Wall the world has changed The Wall has Money That Never Kindle Ð gone and no longer is there a need for a Russian speaking ice cold killer The bad guys now all speak Arabic and state secrets are transmitted via satellite using blowfish algorithms impenetrable to anybody over the age of twelve Counting down the days to his retirement by babysitting drunken visiting politicos he is seconded by MI for one last case £ of government money destined as a payoff for the dictator of a strategic African nation goes missing on its way to a remote Cornish airfield Tremayne is dispatched to retrieve the money and nothing is going to stand in his way Armed with an I of and a bewildering array of weaponry and gadgets he is not about to be outmanoeuvred by the inhabitants of a small Cornish fishing village Or is he The Money That Never Was is a hilarious new novel by the author of the best selling Return of The Hippy Combining the innocent humour of the old Ealing Comedies with themes of alienation and belonging David Luddington manages to weave an engaging tale of one man's personal struggle with a world gone mad It just happens that the man who is struggling is a trained MI agent ruthless and efficient and the world with which is is struggling consists of fish chips cider and fudge Not to mention the bungling Barry Penwrith desperate to hang on to his windfall.

That Never eBook ´ .

The Money That Never Was eBook ´ The Money  PDF or
  • Kindle Edition
  • 250 pages
  • The Money That Never Was
  • David Luddington
  • English
  • 05 June 2016

10 thoughts on “The Money That Never Was

  1. Tony says:

    Another fantastic little tale It does have a rather uneven start and to be honest I did consider abandoning it However it sorts itself out rather nicely once the characters have been fleshed out and makes for a very entertaining g and lighthearted read Nice work Mr Luddington

  2. David Luddington says:

    As the author of this book I feel it beholden upon me to award it five stars and to say how much I enjoyed it I love the old Ealing Comedies of the fifties and the sixties and miss the warm gentle humour of that period so I set out to recreate that in my writing I only hope that I have the skills necessary to do justice to those wonderful writers who made me laugh for all those years David

  3. Phil Altimas says:

    not my cup of tea

  4. Hennie la Grange says:

    This was my fourth read from this author And I am hooked I am reminded of the early John Irving's uirky characters and outrageous situations though without the self indulgence of the American dream It is off the wall satirical critical tongue in cheek sometimes downright annoying but always bang on point with its logic in justifying greed and the redundancy of Cold War spies The present plot was close to that of the The Bank of Goodliness however the reinvented main character and the violence he brings to the story had it come into its own

  5. Steve W says:

    I read this after reading The Bank of Goodliness by the same author which I really enjoyed This is in a similar vein in some ways people out of place in a cornish village subterfuge but this one didn't seem to fit together uite as well and it didn't hold my attention as well either Nevertheless I found it entertaining and funny conjuring up some hilarious images Im glad I found this author and will shortly be working through of his books

  6. John Morris says:

    A gentle funny taleThis story reminded me of a modern version of the old Ealing Comedy films It moved along at a fast pace and there was even one or two laugh out loud moments If you like your comedy gentle and non threatening then this is the book for you

  7. Sally Bishop says:

    Another winnerThis is my second book written by its Author I was not disappointed The basic plot is familiar but the characters aren't They are crafty Their solutions are uniue

  8. C I KESZEI says:

    Mr Luddington strikes againAnother excellent book albeit with a totally different type of lead character A good old fashioned bit of greed thrown in with a village lost in time makes for a worthwhile read

  9. Jacky Mercury says:

    Good British comedyA spy's final mission missing millions and some very determined and resourceful villagers in Cornwall make for a comedy that's begging to be a film I keep picturing Daniel Craig as the spy Another fab book from David Luddington

  10. April Taylor says:

    Really enjoyed itCan't seem to go wrong with this author

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