A Plucky Girl

      A Plucky Girl
I was born a month after my father s death, and my mother called me after him His name was John Westenra Wickham, but I was Westenra Wickham alone It was a strange name for a girl, and as I grew up people used to comment on it Mother loved it very much, and always pronounced it slowly She was devoted to father, and never spoke of him as most people do of their dead, but as if he were still living, and close to her and to me When a very little child, my greatest treat was to sit on her knee and listen to wonderful stories of my brave and gallant father He was a handsome man and a good man, and he must have possessed, in a large degree, those qualities which endear people to their fellows, for surely it was no light cause which made my mother s beautiful brown eyes sparkle as they did when she spoke of him, and her whole face awake to the tenderest life and love and beauty when she mentioned his name I grew up, therefore, with a great passionate affection for my dead father, and a great pride in his memory He had been a Major General in a Lancer regiment, and had fought many battles for his country, and led his men through untold dangers, and performed himself gallant feats than I could count He received his fatal wound at last in rescuing a brother officer under fire in Zululand, and one of the last things he was told was that he had received his Victoria Cross. Free Read A Plucky Girl author L.T. Meade For Kindle ePUB or eBook – heartforum.co.uk

Mrs L.T Meade Elizabeth Thomasina Meade Toulmin Smith , was a prolific children s author of Anglo Irish extraction Born in 1844, Meade was the eldest daughter of a Protestant clergyman, whose church was in County Cork Moving from Ireland to London as a young woman, after the death of her mother, she studied in the Reading Room of the British Museum in preparation for her intended career as a writer, before marrying Alfred Toulmin Smith in September 1879.The author of close to 300 books, Meade wrote in many genres, but is best known for her girls school stories She was one of the editors of the girls magazine, Atalanta from 1887 93, and was active in women s issues She died in 1914.

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      A Plucky Girl
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  • A Plucky Girl
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10 thoughts on “ A Plucky Girl

  1. Orinoco Womble (tidy bag and all) says:

    At first I was reminded of Polly Oliver s Problem A Story for Girls, what with the delicate mother and the young woman who decides to set up a boarding house to keep Mum in luxury However, in this case I m afraid I didn t find the heroine to be particularly plucky, or at all masculine minded , no matter what others in the book seemed to think She blunders from one situation to another without taking time to think, sets up a boarding house without the least idea of how to run a home for two, At first I was reminded of Po...

  2. Rochelle says:

    Despite the childish title, this is actually a moving and well crafted tale of introspection and change amid the rigours of the British class system at the turn of the century.

  3. Chanawp says:

    A cozy read that paints a picture of what it s like for women during that time and the class system.

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