Zardoz❴Download❵ ✤ Zardoz Author John Boorman – Novelization of John Boorman's 1974 film of the same name a post apocalyptic science fiction piece set in the 24th century According to the director's film commentary the 'Zardoz world' was on a colli Novelization of John Boorman's film of the same name a post apocalyptic science fiction piece set in the th century According to the director's film commentary the 'Zardoz world' was on a collision course with an effete eternal society which it accomplished and in the story must reconcile with a natural human nature Boorman collaborated with Bill Stair on the novelization.

John Boorman is an English filmmaker who is a long time resident of Ireland and is best known for his feature films such as Point Blank Deliverance Excalibur The Emerald Forest Hope and Glory The General and The Tailor of Panama.

Zardoz eBook Ä Paperback
  • Paperback
  • 144 pages
  • Zardoz
  • John Boorman
  • 03 January 2016
  • 9780330240567

10 thoughts on “Zardoz

  1. Love of Hopeless Causes says:

    The gun is good The penis is evil This book has a tremendous lot to say about almost everything A kaleidoscope of book comparisons reeled through my head in compelling wonder of this multifaceted touchstoneI enjoyed the rare pleasure of listening to the guerilla audiobook before seeing the movie Needless to say a mustachioed Connery was not the hero I imaginedIt uses one of my favorite tropes a two tiered post apocalyptic future comparison where those who are doing badly maybe aren't and those well off might be worse off This book will produce adverse effects in many readers because it points out that life is problematic whether you have eternal life or not Most people want to live at any cost so they will reject the books conclusion but on a deeper level it implies that primitive life is as good as it gets if you can accept it A deep and varied book for intellectuals If you haven't digested the great uestions of mortality civilization overpopulation elitism life the universe and everything you might find this book a worthy challenge

  2. Austin says:

    I actually enjoyed the movie; it's a crazy weird movie with some good visuals and a dodgy philosophical message that make it a staple of a bad movie night I was hoping that the book would be something that would fill in the gaps and be a good stand alone science fiction story Nope It's badIn the author's preface John Boorman explains that Zardoz was originally a novel that became a screenplay and then spun off a novelization This book is that novelization I was hoping that it would be the first early cut of the story but instead you get something that's pretty much just a description of the things happening on screenIt's also a fairly poor description; while the movie had some fun visuals the book fails to actually paint any word pictures The giant flying stone head is reduced to a few sentences The action seuences are stripped of all emotion and suspense At only around 120 pages you can probably read this faster than watching the movie because the scenes are cut down to their bare minimum descriptionsBoorman's writing style is an atrocity His sentence structure has no variety and the entire thing feels juvenile The majority of the book follows the style of He runs He jumps over the rock He looks around He runs faster It's awful I could possibly be convinced that Boorman was trying to emphasize the simple intellect of the Brutals when writing in this style but honestly I think the book was just being rushed out before the movie's releaseOn the plus side the reader does get a little background on Zed and the Tabernacle The general plot is also presented a little plainly than the film adaptationSo basically if you like bad movies watch Zardoz It's fun You'll enjoy it The book isn't fun and there's nothing here that makes it a good standalone science fiction novel

  3. Ted Read says:

    An enlightening companion to the film To be honest I've had this paperback for at least six years having never gotten around to read it In that time it apparently has uadrupled in value according to At least from what I paid for it at the time which I considered a princely sum for a relatively worn paperback It was certain better than L Ron Hubbard's Battlefield EarthWhat I'd always though of as an ultra violent probably misogynistic and completely fucking absurd science fiction fantasy story was really in fact an ultra violent misogynistic and completely fucking absurd science fiction fantasy story And I still love it The book actually makes a lot of the plot much clear than the film was capable of with the clumsy psychedelic self indulgent early 70's art film style could ever possibly have been able to communicate I suppose the Kent cigarette company's money was well spent on those ads for the crisp clean taste of menthols that appear about halfway through this budget edition paperback

  4. Deke says:

    If you haven't seen the hilariously inscrutably confusedly so awful that it's wonderful I highly recommend it a high budget 70's Plan 9 from outer space fronted by Sean Connery As for the book I expected to guffaw my way through its wooden prose and impossibly grandiose ideas but I actually liked it It's poorly written on one hand yet certainly helps the movie make sense on the other Most of all it deals with one of the most difficult topics of all how death gives life meaning and it does it in a way that steers completely clear of the Terms or should I say Tears Of Endearment ethos

  5. Jim says:

    This is a book based on a movie I think If the book came first I've never seen it The movie starred Sean Connery was good but it's dated I give it 4 stars because it came up with some original stuff for the time including uantum computing cloning

  6. Dudley says:

    This is without a doubt the WORST book I have ever read It makes Battlefield Earth look like Shakespeare and it's only redeeming uality is its brevity Well and the fact I bought it for 60 cents

  7. Charles says:

    I just remember this as a really fun book to read and I had liked the movie of it uite a bit I saw the movie first It's a short easy read but enjoyable

  8. William J. Meyer says:

    Zardoz is full of ideas as Boorman says on the film version's audio commentary It's crazy and I love it

  9. Totoro25 says:

    If you are going to watch the movie then I suggest reading the novel as well It will give you a better context in which to view it

  10. Lisa Keipp says:

    Actually explains parts in the movie

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