THIS IS NOT A FAIRY TALEIt s prom night Samantha Kearns has been eagerly awaiting her date s arrival Except now her date is running late and Samantha begins to fear he may not show.Convinced there must be a perfectly good explanation, Samantha s mother Tammy sends her husband John out to search for their Princess s prince.John obeysfor he knows the horror that lies ahead if he fails to find the boy.A twisted tale that combines the elements of such classics as Psycho and Carrie, Princess is a 47 page short story that will drag you into a world of madness, depravity, and murder. Read Princess Author Jeff Menapace –

A native of the Philadelphia area, Jeff has published multiple works in both fiction and non fiction In 2011 he was the recipient of the Red Adept Reviews Indie Award for Horror.In March of 2014, his novel BAD GAMES was a 1 Kindle bestseller and is now being optioned as a feature film Free time for Jeff is spent watching horror movies, The Three Stooges, and mixed martial arts He loves steak andsteak, thinks the original 1974 Texas Chainsaw Massacre is the greatest movie ever, wants to pet a lion some day, and hates spiders.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 47 pages
  • Princess
  • Jeff Menapace
  • English
  • 08 March 2018

10 thoughts on “ Princess

  1. Jamie ♡♡ submits to books ♡♡ says:

    4 Mommy and Daddy All Sorts of CRAZY Stars This book is short, to the point, not so sweet and way, way, WAY beyond fawked up ness We got ourselves a story of an overbearing pageant mommy gone wrong, oh so very wrong and a weak excuse of a husband and daddy Tammy and John Kearns are not the parents you think This book begins off leading you down the path of great parents, getting their daughter ready for prom THIS BOOK IS NOT WHAT YOU MIGHT THINK I will say I was a bit 4 Mommy and Daddy All Sorts of CRAZY Stars This book is short, to the point, not so sweet and way, way, WAY beyond fawked up ness We got ourselves a story of an overbea...

  2. вяαт says:

    I really don t know how to even review this besides saying what the fuck Oooo but that ending tho This was a super, super quick read I would rec if you re looking for a quick, psych thriller.

  3. Mia Dziendziel says:

    At 47pages, this is a quick read It is somewhat easy to guess where the story is going but it was a good little story for the 0.99 cents I spent on it.

  4. Karyn says:

    Great Bedtime Story Nice break from the 300 pagers I usually read, but it WILL leave you wanting

  5. Martin says:

    Deeply disturbing psychological horror story.

  6. Heimen says:

    It was pretty confusing at the beginning, although the way it was written you just keep reading despite the confusion The confusion never really stops, although piece by piece most of the story gets clearer Esp when the prom starts there s just no way you can put down the book You know you just have to finish it Y...

  7. Auggie says:

    Incredibly creepy and a little nauseating Actually, it was pretty much horrifying considering that everything discussed in this short fiction could be featured on a true crime television show.In truth I m not even sure how to wrap my mind around this story What happens when someone you care about just snaps Not to mention this person you care about is already kind of scary, and you re too deep in the mess to get yourself out anyway So you keep on keeping on, doing insane things for the Incredibly creepy and a little nauseating Actually, ...

  8. Diane says:

    I never used to read these shorter vignettes, but have found lately I sometimes enjoy something I can just read and be done with I liked this one It is rather dark and many do not like that

  9. Alexa "Naps" Snow says:

    Really disturbing I need a shower.

  10. Kaylie Sudlow says:

    A really good short story that was gripping.

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