Hot Nights In Rangoon (Eros Graphic Albums, No 27)

Hot Nights In Rangoon (Eros Graphic Albums, No 27)[Download] ➸ Hot Nights In Rangoon (Eros Graphic Albums, No 27) ➽ J.H. Haupeur – It's an all you can eat erotic buffet in this spicy story of intrigue set amidst Asian brothels filled with sirens and gangsters
It's an all you can eat erotic buffet in this spicy story of intrigue set amidst Asian brothels filled with sirens and gangsters.

Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Hot Nights In Rangoon Eros Graphic Albums, No book, this is one of the most wanted JH Haupeur author readers around the world.

Hot Nights In Rangoon ePUB ï Hot Nights  MOBI :Ä
  • Paperback
  • Hot Nights In Rangoon (Eros Graphic Albums, No 27)
  • J.H. Haupeur
  • English
  • 19 April 2019
  • 9781560972327

10 thoughts on “Hot Nights In Rangoon (Eros Graphic Albums, No 27)

  1. StrictlySequential says:

    *First edition January 1997*

    The art is precise and each panel contains significantly more background, in excellent detail, than any erotica I can think of. I haven't been to Burma but I'd wager that he represents it ideally with many unique landmarks which is always a tremendous credit to an artist's rendition of place. He even employs gives a character a cunning visage by putting a cleft in his palate!

    The set-up description on the back of the book is the type that makes you groan and lowers your expectations but once you're a few pages in you'll realize it's not as bad as it sounds on paper.

    The story is solid- not high concept or literary by ANY means but it's well suited for it's certain type of actors that swiftly sweep through their scenes in such a surreal atmosphere. There are wonderfully eerie overtones and a perfectly ominous feeling throughout its (relatively) cinematic pace that I find reminiscent of the great 40s-50s film noirs that are set in the Orient- especially that one with Will Bendix and Rob Meachum called ______.

    ==WHAT A NAME==

    Haute nietss in Ran-gooun

    ...said very lazily with as much of an open mouth as possible to languidly extend syllables while puncturing the ts and mollifying the ns.

    I keep relishing it's unctuousness out-loud with a seductively vivant yet stately flair but I'm unsure of how to follow it by articulating the pleasure noise that's used in every sex scene: My guess is that Han...Han... must be like Hmmm IF your mouth is open and then probably ending with your tongue pressed up right behind your top front teeth?

  2. Steve Vander says:

    An Adult black & white graphic novel in the spy/action-adventure genre.

    Story: CIA agent Douglas Pott is captured by Burmese agents in Rangoon, and held in a camp by a communist warlord, Colonel Wei. A named Don King is sent over to retrieve Pott.

    Pott enjoys an evening in a bar in Rangoon, a bar with many barely clothed women. While Pott waits to catch a glimpse of the new Chinese girl, he fondles two barely clothed women. Immediately upon laying eyes on her, Pott disengages himself, and hurries over to the new girl, who states that her name is Lulu. They hook up, leave the bar and enter a taxi. Lulu is quickly nude, and plays with Pott while the taxi takes them to their destination. The destination? A communist camp, where Pott is captured, and Lulu reveals that she lured him there. At the camp, Lulu teases Pott with a striptease show and an orgy, and told that he will never again enjoy such activities.

    The scene next shifts to Don King, on the run from mafia hit men in London. While running along, presumably away from some hit men, Don runs across a woman being raped, and saves her. While the woman tries to show her gratitude to Don, a bunch of gunmen run up and grab Don. From the men that capture Don, we learn that the hit men are after Don, because the mafia is worried that he will decline to take over after his grandfather dies. The mysterious gunmen hire Don King to retrieve Pott for a fee of $50,000. Don King flies to Rangoon, and meets up with a woman from the American Embassy, a certain Fay Harding. And the end of chapter 1.

    After Don and Fay separate, Don hooks up with a professional hooker, and Fay is arrested by the police. Fay is attacked, raped, generally abused, and eventually threatened by unwanted touching from two lepers. Fearing for her future life after such an encounter, Fay leaps out of a window, and that's the end of her. The boss ... told us just to scare her!

    Meanwhile, Don has fun with one prostitute and then meets up with Lulu. While they have some fun, Lulu tries to figure out why the American is in Rangoon (antiques?). After almost being killed after he leaves Lulu's building, Don returns and beats the next contact out of her. The contact leads Don to Madame Mumu, who will help him . . . (and the story continues, don't want to give everything away).

    Overall, the book was more violent than I expected, though it was an interesting story. The artwork was good, nothing appeared to be censored, and was only somewhat hindered from being a black & white book. While the book was enjoyable enough, after reading this book, I wasn't inspired to seek out more books by this author. Book includes: action/adventure, public nudity, bondage, sex, and death.

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