Strontium Dog: Search/Destroy Agency Files, Vol. 3

Strontium Dog: Search/Destroy Agency Files, Vol. 3[Read] ➵ Strontium Dog: Search/Destroy Agency Files, Vol. 3 By Alan Grant – Following the Atom Wars in the nd century, many of the survivors were mutated by the Strontium fallout Unable to get regular jobs, forced into ghettoes and considered an underclass by the norms , the Following the Atom Wars Search/Destroy Agency eBook ✓ in the nd century, many of the survivors were mutated by the Strontiumfallout Unable to get regular jobs, forced into ghettoes and considered an underclass by the Strontium Dog: Epub / norms , the only work open to them was bounty hunting These Search Destroy Agentshunt the criminals too dangerous for the Galactic Crime CommissionCollects Big Bust ofProgs Slavers of Drule Progs Max Dog: Search/Destroy Agency PDF Î Bubba Progs Smiley s World Progs Rage Progs Incident on Mayger Minor Progs Warzone Progs Incident at the Back o Beyond AD AnnualIn the Doghouse AD AnnualThe Beast of Milton Keynes AD Annual.

Alan Grant is a Search/Destroy Agency eBook ✓ Scottish comic book writer known for writing Judge Dredd in AD as well as various Batman titles during the late s and early s He is Strontium Dog: Epub / also the creator of the character AnarkyAlan Grant first entered the comics industry in when he became an editor for DC Thomson before moving to London from Dundee in to Dog: Search/Destroy Agency PDF Î work for IPC on various romance magazines After going back to college and having a series of jobs, Grant found himself back in Dundee and living on Social Security He then met John Wagner, another former DC Thompson editor, who was helping put together a new science fiction comic for IPC, AD and was unable to complete his other work Wagner asked Grant if he could help him write the Tarzan comic he was working on so began the Wagner Grant writing partnershipThe pair eventually co wrote Judge Dredd They would work on other popular strips for the comic, including Robo Hunter and Strontium Dog using the pseudonym TB Grover Grant also worked on other people s stories, changing and adding dialogue, most notably Harry Twenty on the High Rock, written by Gerry Finley Day Judge Dredd would be Grant s main concern for much of the s Grant and Wagner had developed the strip into the most popular in AD as well as creating lengthy epic storylines such as The Apocalypse War Grant also wrote for other IPC comics such as the revamped EagleBy the late s, Grant and Wagner were about to move into the American comic market Their first title was a issue miniseries called Outcasts for DC Comics Although it wasn t a success, it paved the way for the pair to write Batman stories in Detective Comics from issue , largely with Norm Breyfogle on art duties across the various Batman titles Grant moved to After a dozen issues, Wagner left Grant as sole writer Grant was one of the main Batman writers until the late s The pair also created a four issue series for Epic Comics called The Last American This series, as well as the Chopper storyline in Judge Dredd, is blamed for the breakup of the Wagner Grant partnership The pair split strips, with Wagner keeping Judge Dredd and Grant keeping Strontium Dog and Judge Anderson Grant and Wagner continue to work together on special projects such as the Batman Judge Dredd crossover Judgement on Gotham During the late s, Grant experienced a philosophical transformation and declared himself an anarchist The creation of the supervillain Anarky was initially intended as a vehicle for exploring his political opinions through the comic medium In the following years, he would continue to utilize the character in a similar fashion as his philosophy evolvedGrant s projects at the start of the s included writing Detective Comics and Strontium Dog, but two projects in particular are especially notable The first is The Bogie Man, a series co written by Wagner which was the pair s first venture into independent publishing The second is Lobo, a character created by Keith Giffen as a supporting character in The Omega Men Lobo gained his own four issue mini series in which was drawn by Simon Bisley This was a parody of the dark, gritty comics of the time and proved hugely popular After several other miniseries all written by Grant, sometimes with Giffen as co writer , Lobo received his own ongoing series Grant was also writing LEGION a Legion of Super Heroes spin off and The Demon a revival of Jack Kirby s charac.

Strontium Dog: Search/Destroy Agency Files, Vol. 3 PDF
    Strontium Dog: Search/Destroy Agency Files, Vol. 3 PDF Annual."/>
  • Paperback
  • 384 pages
  • Strontium Dog: Search/Destroy Agency Files, Vol. 3
  • Alan Grant
  • English
  • 14 November 2019
  • 1905437382

10 thoughts on “Strontium Dog: Search/Destroy Agency Files, Vol. 3

  1. Timo says:

    So good Stronty fun this was Also, so sad Stronty fun this was Wolf died But then again, the incredibly follow up revenge story to that such fun Also, as always Esquerra He is the master artist.Not even those stories from Annuals did not dim the brilliance of this collection.

  2. Dave Tindall says:

    More good Johnny Alpha stories.

  3. John Somers says:

    16 20.

  4. Sean Keefe says:

    Worth the price for Outlaw alone, my favourite character and artist in a stone cold classic.

  5. Cameron says:

    This is really a 4.5 it was SD at its best with Max Bubba and Rage , but is also shows a stark drop off with Wulf s departure Also the Gronk has dissappeared, it would have been good to write him out formally yes I know he comes back later.I didn t read this in a day, it is just that three of the long story arcs were so memborable that I skipped through them for my favourite parts rather than read them in depth The filler stories in between were okay, but not great.

  6. David Pain says:

    Consistent stuff here Probably the best I ve read of Strontium Dog My progress on the Dredd Case Files has led me to a point where the quality had dropped off enormously This is still in its prime era Jolly good.

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