The Fire Rose Elemental Masters #0

The Fire Rose Elemental Masters #0[Download] ➾ The Fire Rose Elemental Masters #0 Author Mercedes Lackey – Beauty Meets Beast in San FranciscoAccepting employment as a governess after hard times hit her family medieval scholar Rosalind Hawkins is surprised when she learns that her mysterious employer has n Beauty Meets Beast Rose Elemental PDF/EPUB ¿ in San FranciscoAccepting employment as a governess after hard times hit her family medieval scholar Rosalind Hawkins is surprised when she learns that her mysterious employer has no children no wife and she is not to meet with him face to face Instead her duties are to read to him through a speaking tube from ancient manuscripts in obscure nearly forgotten dialectsA reuirement The Fire eBook î for the job was skill in translating medieval French and she now understands the reason for that reuirement and assumes her unseen employer’s interest in the descriptions of medieval spells and sorcery is that of an eccentric antiuary What she does not realize is that his interest is anything but academic He has a terrible secret and is desperately searching for something that can reverse the effects Fire Rose Elemental eBook ´ of the misfired spell which created his predicament.

Misty Lackey.

The Fire Rose Elemental Masters #0 PDF ↠ Rose
  • Paperback
  • 433 pages
  • The Fire Rose Elemental Masters #0
  • Mercedes Lackey
  • English
  • 15 September 2016
  • 9780671877507

10 thoughts on “The Fire Rose Elemental Masters #0

  1. Mir says:

    This adaptation of Beauty and the Beast cuts out the merchant father and sisters mourning their sudden impoverishment Instead of a formerly wealthy beauty our heroine is the recently orphaned daughter of a professor Highly educated herself but lacking family or funds she perforce accepts a position as a governess in far away California But it turns out there are no children only a Beast who needs someone to translate some dead languagesThis was a fun book It would be better if Lackey weren't so infernally heavy handed Her villain especially is painted so uniformly black that there is no nuance He is greedy and shallow and full of treachery He likes to beat and rape virgins He hates foreign food cuz he's a racist; good guys in this universe always love the curry One begins to uestion how the supposedly smart master wizard was taken in by this piece of offal for so long Of course this is a wizard so skilled he accidentally turned himself into an alsatianA flawed book but one that may be entertaining to readers with a penchant for fairy tales retellings the theory of the elements or turn of the century settings

  2. Kathleen says:

    Hadn't read Lackey before but she's prolific and some reviews are very positive so I was looking forward to her take on Beauty and the Beast in historic San Francisco What a disappointment For those who want romance there is not so much as a kiss despite the HEA wedding no great loss since I dislike the hero Jason Cameron I had respect for the heroine Rosalind Rose Hawkins But not much Blame it on Lackey's introduction of this young bespectacled historian Some spoilers ahead but twists are hiddenIn the autumn of 1905 Rose finds herself suddenly homeless in Chicago because her father died in debt So what does our brave girl do? After not even one night on the streets no not one Rose considers suicide by laudanum telling herself it's perfectly acceptable to do so True Christian doctrine told her that suicide was a sin but the ancients had held it no a sin than healing a wound wasCome again? Is this really how Lackey characterizes her scholarly heroine? Misinformed and cowardly? In fact in Graeco Roman society suicide was only condoned when honor was lost as a substitute for life imprisonment or capital punishment or when resisting political edicts As an answer to petty misfortunes suicide was frowned upon as a cowardly and disgraceful act sourceThus Lackey started to lose points early on but I continuedRose decides to live accepting a job in San Francisco working for the wealthy rail baron Jason Cameron aka the Fire Mage aka the Firemaster His spell went awry making a beast of the man Jason needs Rose to read ancient texts to him so he can find the counter spell In his hybrid state half man half wolf his eyes cannot focus to read his paws cannot turn pagesSo Rose reads old grimoires to Jason becoming interested in magic herself And becoming interested in the man on the other end of the speaking tubeIn too much detail Lackey describes the assorted grim activities of Paul du Mond Jason's apprenticed young sorcerer a one dimensional antagonist with no variation Paul is known in the bowels of San Francisco as the Breaker because he torments the hell out of young girls until they apathetically accept prostitution Lackey describes this torture in several ugly scenarios But here's the kicker The Fire Master our supposed hero has long known about his apprentice's sadistic pastime choosing to overlook it until now I should have had him horsewhipped out of here when I first found out about his hobby I thought it didn't matter; after all many Masters had little peccadilloes when they were Apprentices Peccadilloes? The reason our hero feels contempt is NOT because his apprentice Paul destroys young girls but because he is too lazy to study his magic books Paul believes that he will become a Master because he deserves to be one not because he is willing to study work and sacrifice Paul is a fool But wait He's not so bad That same lazy ass apprentice who wouldn't study his assigned texts voluntarily studied Spanish so that he could break the Mexican girls in their own language Inconsistent characterizationThe story ends strangely Rose spends her days visiting Sunset the horse and reading ancient occult documents to Jason seeking a way to reverse the spell In addition view spoiler they seek out unicorns foreshadowing a third eye for Rose that actually never eventuates Then suddenly Lackey concludes with the San Francisco Earthuake of 1906 followed by marriage between Rose and her Beast who cannot reverse the spell because the manuscript burned to ashes and thus cannot reclaim his human form Not a problem though Rose apparently wouldn't have her Beast any other way human from nipples to knees except for that pesky tailCameron looked no worse than any of the animal headed gods of ancient Egypt and she had always thought them to be oddly attractive Yes I will think of him as a lesser AnubisOddly enough our lovers never exchange a kiss Too much even for Lackey? hide spoiler

  3. Mariel says:

    You know the old cliche of something being so bad it is good? Some cliches and stereotypes got started in the first place for a good reason They say that to indicate the bad stuff you enjoy that gives you indigestion afterwards Well The Fire Rose is almost so bad it's good and then so bad it's back to being plain old bad again Throwing up your hands in frustrated disgust bad I feel like those chicks from the yoghurt ads Good Unbutton your pants and cut up your credit cards GOOD It's disgusting I'm disgusted You don't look disgusted Mariel You look like you like it I've complained about this book to my twin to the point it has taken on epic proportions between us She hasn't even read it and can uote entire passages which never fails to crack me up The baddie who breaks in trafficked hookers as a hobby he learns Spanish and Chinese just to torment the religious girls about their impurities Couldn't he just heckle bad comedians? I personally like to heckle athletes at the park I even did it in Spanish once ¡Malo the lover who stays the beast in the end she prefers him that way Those Egyptian sphinx heads were oddly attractive There is much bad goodness here It's an embarrassment of riches that's what it is Yet it is still so so bad It is a wonder I didn't throw it at the wall or in the trash my twin has thrown books of mine in the trash out of fits of dramatic disgust before I've had the chance to read them That was mine I'm doing you a favor I prefer to switch out what she is reading and replace it with The Fire Rose What was with the constant use of italics? Living in a college town I've had the misfortune to buy many used books that are highlighted out the ass The italics here are about as intrusive as that It can be fun to read the notes written in the margins Kinda like reading a book with someone else even if sometimes you'll start writing a school paper on it too I wanna read for fun damnit In that case it was Lackey's own fault that I criticized her book harshly She put me in mind of school papers And her use of italics was like those kids who highlighted the unimportant stuff and wrote margins that massively missed the pointThe magical theory was pretty good I liked the competitive masterstudent relationships and the mad science gone horribly wrong uality The student who conned her into doing his homework was probably too realistic though he should've written in his own margins Coughs not that I've ever let anyone copy off me I hate heroines who speak infinity languages when my Spanish is pathetic Then again I never had a good enough reason like torturing prostitutes I've broken in to motivate me What is Spanish for you suck in bed?Lackey shouldn't have tried for a Beauty and the Beast tale The point was that the Beast gets a better personality He's still beastly AND still an animal And I did so want to enjoy a bestility romance I've not read anything else by Ms Lackey Every bookshop in town has at least two shelves dedicated to her none other than RA Salvatore receive that royal treatment Where to start? Perhaps the gay robot book and I could make it a theme weekend and pair it up with Tanith Lee's Silver Metal Lover Anyone wanna do it with me? I'd doodle gay robots in the margins of my books don't wanna miss the point after all

  4. Jane says:

    I was wonderfully surprised by this book I thought it might a retailing of the Beauty and the Beast story but I was very surprised by the ending It is the story of Rose Hawkins and Jason Cameron Jason had invoked through pride a powerful spell that transformed him into part wolf Rose is hired to help him translate ancient text for he is looking to reverse his mistake I loved the fire salamanders character's Also the Chinese mages Rose character is a strong intelligent woman in a time women were expected to be only wives to their husbands Again I loved the ending I am looking forward to the next book in this elemental series

  5. Leeanna says:

    The Fire Rose by Mercedes LackeyDo NOT judge this book by its cover The Fire Rose is a gem a masterful retelling of the Beauty and the Beast storyThe Beauty is Rose Hawkins a booksmart Chicago native working toward a doctorate at university The Beast is Jason Cameron a San Francisco rail baron and a man trapped by hubris in the body of a wolf Left penniless when her father dies Rose has few options for survival She could work as a governess or a teacher but pursuing her cherished degree is certainly out of the way Disheartened by her situation Rose accepts an employment offer from Jason Cameron she will travel to San Francisco to be a governess to his children Only when she arrives Rose finds that Jason was lying to her there are no children and instead she is to translate ancient alchemical books for him Far from being upset at the unusual situation Rose is happy with her new life She lives in luxury and considers herself a research colleague rather than an employee She is also unaware that the works she is reading to Jason are actually Magickal in content and that Jason Cameron is a Firemaster And Roseshe herself may have potential to do Magick The Fire Rose is to me an almost flawless book I've read my copy so many times the binding is worn out and it would be a book I'd take to a desert island Rose and Jason are two of my favorite characters of all time I feel like they are old friends and I dearly wish that Lackey had continued their story The Fire Rose is a one book story and has a good ending; it's just my personal and greedy wish for of them Lackey creates a plausible magic system and explains it over the course of the book Because Rose reads Jason many texts it gives the author a great way to explain how the system works The author also pays plenty of attention to detail The Fire Rose fits in perfectly with the time it is set as all comparisons are made to period events or people The descriptions of clothing and furnishings are sumptuous and helped me immerse myself in the book There's a little of something for everybody in The Fire Rose and I'm always sad when I read the last page 55

  6. G. says:

    She might be stepping off into the unknown but it was not with a sense of adventureNo shit And yes that's all I'm gonna say because The Fire Rose was so utterly meh that I have nothing to add

  7. Jojo says:

    HmmAn all right read but definitely not lacking in problems I can't even really say what I did like about it besides the fact that I was entertained The problems though1 The cover I know I know don't judge a book by its cover This one is seriously fug though2 Villains are never interesting when they are just pure evil The villainy in this book was of the ridiculously mwahahaaa so evil variety Ugh 3 Okay so this is a Beauty and the Beast retelling In which you would think that Beauty comes to love the Beast in spite of his appearance But in this book it totally comes off like Rose falls in love with Jason because of his appearance and it's kind of weird Seriously she's all like Ooh his wolf head is so attractive And I've always secretly thought the Egyptian gods were hot what with their animal heads on human bodies WHAT4 Jason isn't cured at the end Which I'm fine with and which Rose is probably happy about anyway since she's so attracted to half wolf men But it's a problem that's glossed over to make an unrealistically happy ending I mean Rose might think that the natives of wherever they were going to move wouldn't take notice of Jason than any other white man but I'm pretty sure they would if they have eyes since he's freaking half wolf WHAT5 The ending is anticlimactic Very very anticlimactic6 It's much of a romance novel than it is a fantasy Which isn't a problem if that's what you want to read but I found the fantasy bits much interesting than the rather stereotypical romance bitsI did enjoy it overall though But as far as Beauty and the Beast retellings go Robin McKinley does it so much better

  8. Jessica says:

    I love this book It's a retelling of Beauty and the Beast set in San Francisco just prior to the Great Earthuake of 1906 As always her characters are so real that I felt like they were friends immediately smiling with them nodding when they talked You just get drawn right into this time and these people

  9. ~M~ says:

    Should I even get into the one dimensional Paul du Mond? The entire book I was waiting for him to tie Rosalind to Cameron's railroad tracks and then twist his mustache while laughing mockingly MWAH ha ha ha haaaa It's the only cliche the author missed includingI loved Mercedes Lackey in college but sometime in my 30s I became tired of her simplistic characters and especially of the chip she has on her shoulder regarding organized religion If I had to read one time that non orthodox spirituality is good and orthodox religious structures to wit Christianity are bad I believed I would vomit It makes reading the rest of what she writes a trialEven in this book a novel not at all concerned with religion in any way or form Lackey just has to spend a page or two talking about how Christians are stupid It has nothing to do with the book or the plot or the main characters but let's throw it in there that Christians are stupid to use the lamb symbolism shall we? Lackey of course shows NO knowledge of the origins of that symbol or why it was chosen in early Christian texts You don't have to be a religious studies scholar but if you're going to criticize do some basic research or leave it outI also have a giant problem with books set in historical eras featuring modern characters who basically just wear old fashioned clothes I am a huge historical fiction fan and there was differing women in those eras from modern women than just wearing corsets People in earlier times had different thoughts different attitudes and different beliefs about lifeBut here is little Rose Hawkins who by virtue of her being smart and well read is apparently mostly outside the cultural structures of her society All of her attitudes and beliefs are those of modern women Except of course she does not care to wear bloomers and be a Suffragette Ok thenNot to mention she is a Medieval scholar oh but she is reading the classics in the original Greek and Latin and hey happens to know lots about Egyptology as well? I think notThe one good part about this book and the one strength Lackey has as a writer is the great descriptions of Magick and other fantasy related themes It was the only interesting part of the whole bookLackey needs to stick to creating fantasy worlds because her abilities in describing characters who live in THIS world are sadly lackingThe one good thing about this book is it didn't reuire me to think too hard When one is in finals for grad school and just wants some brainless entertainment Mercedes Lackey is where you head

  10. Sarah says:

    I was excited as hell when I saw that Lackey had done a fairy tale retelling as I tend to like her work and I love fairy tale retellings However I found this book rather a disappointment Robin McKinley is 100 times talented at the retelling and honestly I don't think Lackey put her best effort into thisA decent read but not really worth the effort

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