The Black Swan

The Black Swan➛ The Black Swan free download ➠ Author Mercedes Lackey – As the only child of a powerful sorcerer Odile Von Rothbart has studied the magical arts under her father’s stern tutelage all her life Yet she feels only fear toward him For considering his wife’ As the only child of a powerful sorcerer Odile Von Rothbart has studied the magical arts under her father’s stern tutelage all her life Yet she feels only fear toward him For considering his wife’s untimely death the ultimate betrayal Baron Von Rothbart scours the land in the shape of a great bird of prey His personal mission is to capture woman who arouse his wrath and inspire his rage for vengeance against all womankind These poor The Black PDF/EPUB ² souls he turns into swans—forcing them to spend their lives as beautiful but powerless animals who only regain their human forms briefly each night by the transitory light of the moonYet though Odile is terrified of him she has learned far than her father the baron intended to teach her—both of the magical arts and of Von Rothbart’s idiosyncratic nature And both as a woman and the guardian of his swan flock her heart goes out to each and every young maiden ensorcelled by her vindictive fatherAnd then the noblest of Von Rothbart’s enchanted flock the Princess Odette finds the courage to confront her captor wresting from him a pact which could lead to freedom for herself and all the swan maidens Knowing Von Rothbart will use all of his magical cunning to avoid honoring this pact will Odile have the strength to face him in a final magical confrontation which if she fails will lead to her death and the murder of all in her flock.

Misty Lackey.

The Black Swan Epub æ The Black  PDF/EPUB ²
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  • 416 pages
  • The Black Swan
  • Mercedes Lackey
  • English
  • 03 May 2016
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10 thoughts on “The Black Swan

  1. Gail Carriger says:

    Excellent retelling of a fairy tale Highly recommended

  2. Lauren Marrero says:

    Can I have a little less rape in my novels? The so called hero rapes a bathing gypsy girl and then tries to justify it with the rationale that she ran away rather than hide her nudity He thought she was being coy REALLY??? Ok he had bad dreams after He tried to be a nicer guy but I will never endorse a book where the hero is a rapistThe book was well written and would have been a much better novel without that scene It made the hero lose credibility regardless of his later attempt at reform He paid off a couple of prostitutes and was patient with people he used to think beneath him Oh boyNear the end of the novel the hero falls in love with the heroine after a 5 minute conversation but by that point I was no longer engaged I am a huge fan of Mercedes Lackey so this was very disappointing I expected powerful female characters I expected a hero that I could actually like The only bright star was the daughter of the sorcerer Odile but it is very clear that she would have continued to be a willing participant in her father's schemes if he wasn't such a psychopath

  3. Anne says:

    Ahhh Swan Lake From what I've heard it's a beautiful ballet And maybe someday when I don't hate watching ballets so much I'll go see itSo from reading the blurb on this thing you'd think this is a story about Odette the head swan from aforementioned ballet Well it's not Yeah she's in the story but it's mainly told from the point of view of Odile Odile? Yes Odile And frankly she seemed much interesting than the swan chick so I'm thinking Lackey made the right choice She does a good job making her into a sympathetic character that you can root for without letting her become too boringSpeaking of sympathetic characters let's talk about Siegfried Once again Lackey makes the hero of the story a tad repulsive view spoiler See he's a bit of a rapist Only he doesn't realize that he raped the girl Well until she kills herself and her ghost starts haunting him at least To be fair in his mind he really didn't think she had been unwilling And yet I still thought he was icky hide spoiler

  4. kiwi kili says:

    Sothis book surprised me A little bitYeahUm Erm So let's just say you read the rather innocent sounding synopsis If you're like me you already know the basic story of Swan Lake so you FO SHO know what you're getting yourself in to And if you're ESPECIALLY like me you also remember from your previous other encounters with remakes that the only remake you've ever liked in a million years was The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale so you have some hopes for this though not particularly high ones Then you reach oh chapter two or so And you realize that this is not what you thought it was Oh no Not at all How do I um put thisin a good wayhmmmWell how 'bout we NOT put it in a good way I'm just gonna be blunt about it SEXYeah I know I was a little startled by it albeit this IS supposed to be in a mid term ish society Just because the series is called Fairy Tales and though I am not naive enough to be one of those people who believe fairy tales are for children honestly people I wasn't expecting the book to have so mucherm Ya knowSEX in it I know I know there will be some of you who go and read the book out of blatant curiosity probably some of you very dirty minded people with extremely high hopes only to go hey wait a second there's not THAT much SEX in here Keels you overreact to EVERYTHING jeez Yes dear reader but keep in mind this is the very innocent sweet Swan Lake we're talking about I'm not comparing it to the recent film Black Swan in which case The Black Swan WOULD seem fairly mild I'm comparing it to the very lovely picturesue ballet with the sweet sad ending and the very haunting music you know which song I'm talking about Op 20 Act II Scene 10 ModeratoSo yeah I was surprised that there was uite a bit of focus on SEX and that there was also a rape scene and a prince that slept with anything that had a pair of breasts and also was a pretty despicable human being until he met Odette and even then he left much to be desired Honestly a lot to ask of a man WHERE DO MEN GET OFF SO EASILY WITH THIS???Not that they're the only ones to blame if we're considering how women tend to put out nowadays but lets just say that Siegfried was no hero in this case In fact he did very little Also keep in mind that I AM in that generation that watched The Swan Princess when I was little if you haven't seen this movie you need to seen it NOW so I was a little um taken aback Startled Surprised Basically there were some things I didn't need to read I get artistic license but unlike most of society nowadays I prefer CLOSED DOOR SEX scenes thank you very much Or at least just implied IMPLIED okay? Even in the Thomas Covenant books which is for ADULTS while I had actually thought this wasn't exactly adult attracting material it's not as erm uncomfortable to read And I got uncomfortable OKAY?? OKAY??? IS THIS OKAY WITH EVERYONE???It had better be And that's all I'm going to say on the matter Probably

  5. Irene says:

    I am a Swan Lake purist I have been listening to the music since i was a wee one I know what the story is who the clear hero and heroine are the villains too This book although ballsy to reinterpret the love story of Odette and Siegfried makes me want to gauge out my eyes with grapefruit spoons How can Tchaikovsky's masterpiece be turned into this drek? If you want to see a beautiful interpretation of the story check out instead the wnderful Japanese anime film from the early 80's called ahem Swan Lake or in Japanese Hakucho No Mizumi This is the only non ballet interpretation I accept with relish I have 120 pages left but I thought I'd review it now while my disgust with it is still fresh I'll throw the star rating once I'm done If my narrative opinion changes I will edit this here reviewFinished it My review stands Not notable in any sense Off to paperbackswap it goes

  6. Melissa says:

    Well that was vile I refuse to read a book where the main male protagonist is a rapist So much for reputation he thought with disgust Stupid b If she didn't want me why did she play with me? Why didn't she fight me?Please keep in mind that by playing he meant running away I'm not even kidding He comes upon a gypsy girl bathing in an isolated stream Gets horny Shows himself And when she runs he thinks it's a fun game When he scoops her up onto his horse and she goes completely limp he thinks it's part of the game And when he puts her on the ground and enters her while she doesn't move at allhe is angry because gypsy girls are supposed to be passionate He finishes Throws a few coins at her and leaves to have sex with someone else So so disgusting I don't care if he decides later that he must have been doing something wrong He has nightmares about it and he decides to make amends by being nice to two of the women his is currently beddingattempting to bed It's too late The girl he RAPED committed suicide I don't care if he was a player I don't care if he has consensual sex with every single female andor male character he bumps into every single day But I am NOT okay with reading a book about a sick twisted rapist who is so warped that he is MAD AT THE VICTIM for her lack of enthusiasm I'm assuming he goes on to get a happily ever after Probably falls in love with Odette Becomes king Bet everyone likes him and everything is just peachy Because you know we all want the sick twisted rapists of the world to get their happy endings As long as they are CHANGED Right? Too bad I was somewhat interested in Odile's story But there is just no way I'm reading the rest of this book And this is probably the last Mercedes Lackey book I will be picking up

  7. Crystal says:

    I really enjoyed this version of Swan Lake Odile is one of my favorite characters and Odette and her relationship with Prince Siegfried was interesting rather than cliche and annoying Baron Eric von Rothbart was a great villain with the most character I have seen from him in other versions There was a adult scene with the Prince but I believe this actually furthers his character in a monumental way I loved the character development in this book

  8. Ana Mardoll says:

    Black Swan 978 0 88677 890 3Swan Lake is my favorite ballet period and I trust Mercedes Lackey as a superb author so I was very excited to open The Black Swan and delve deeply into the story To my delight Lackey has not only lived up to my expectations but far succeeded them I will gladly state that this is the best novel I have read this year easilyThe story of the Swan Lake ballet is simple and Lackey does not lose the reader who might not be familiar with the source material The evil wizard von Rothbart keeps captives maidens in his care and curses them to take the form of swans during the day when there is no moonlight The spell can be broken if a young man pledges his love and faithfulness to one of the ladies the Princess Odette and a Prince Siegfried steps forward to attempt this task but von Rothbart plays him false and tricks him into swearing his pledge to his disguised daughter one Odile the black swan of the ballet Siegfried and Odette cast themselves into the waters of the swan lake in despair In some versions of the ballet they are saved and von Rothbart is killed but the ending varies according to troupeLackey carefully remains true to her source material filling in only the details of background and motivations and her vibrant details are a delight The gripping story follows the viewpoint of the much neglected daughter Odile and asks the simple uestion How does she feel about all this? Von Rothbart is a cold and cruel villain and Lackey determines that he is naturally a cold and cruel father as well Odile is a strong sorceress but a gentle woman and strikes the perfect note as an unreliable narrator she senses that she is nothing than a tool and a vessel for her father's schemes but she desperately believes that he loves her and that everything he does for her is for her own good Through the course of the novel she overcomes her scorn for the captured prisoners and comes to understand that their curse or as von Rothbart claims their punishment is not just or fair When von Rothbart uses her against her will to trick Prince Siegfried into breaking his vow of loyalty Odile turns on her father in shock fear and hatred using her magic to kill him in order to save the prince and princess her unlikely friendsIf this is a coming of maturity tale for the sheltered Odile it is no less so for the regal Odette and the pampered Siegfried Odette must come to face her own actions and past and determine that while her punishment is arbitrary cruel and unjust neither were her actions completely blameless or without shame She accepts this with dignity and bears herself with courage and determination for the sake of her fellow captives Siegfried by contrast has lived a life of pleasure and ease encouraged by his mother who prefers that he stay infantile and she stay as Regent on the throne He seduces and rapes women barely seeing a difference between the two and lives the life of a spoiled nobleman who has never been told how to behave to his fellow humans When one of his conuests drowns herself and haunts his nightmares he seeks to reform himself When his efforts to reform himself by half are not enough to save the lovely Odette he agrees to reform himself wholly and becomes a better person and a fair ruler as a result I simply cannot recommend this book enough At 400 pages the reading is gripping and swift and I simply could not put the book down This is easily the best book I have read this year and I could not have enjoyed it this book is simply perfect Ana Mardoll

  9. Kaia says:

    Cw rape and racismI'm going to keep this short and simple In the forth chapter the disgusting chauvinist pig of a prince who is supposed to be the HERO here rapes a defenseless Romani girl and then complains because she doesn't live up to the racist stereotypes of Romani womenIf you still want to read it knowing that wtf is wrong with you?

  10. A. King says:

    This was obviously written before the Darren Aronofsky film of 2010 A lot of people will unsurprisingly mistake this for the story about the ballet soloist that lost her mind This is a fairy tale but a very dark one This story is told from the PoV of Lady Odile von Rothbart though it tends to go from Odile to Prince Siegfried While the ballet is not to be confused as being bright and happy there is nothing bright and happy about it the events in the book are an example of 'It Got Worse' This novel delves into the darkness of everyone It takes the personas established by the characters in the ballet and turns it on their heads Odile instead of the homewrecking temptress that everyone knows and loves becomes much sympathetic The ueen Mother Clothilde isn't a generous woman with her son's best interests in mind Baron von Rothbart is a negligent and emotionally abusive parent Siegfried has a LOT of demons of his own and even Odette the gentle weak submissive Swan ueen borders on the dishonest but is slightly less weak and beat down The characterization here is brilliant It's been uite a while since I've read this so I'm not as sure about the writing as I once was I'll just say that the story will manage to make your childhood crash and burn even than the ballet has already made you want to wake up with nightmares This book is absolutely worth your time if you want an adult slightly sexual fairytale

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