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Impulse and Initiative[PDF / Epub] ☂ Impulse and Initiative Author Abigail Reynolds – In Jane Austen's Pride Prejudice Mr Darcy gives up on winning the woman he loves after she refuses his proposal of marriage What if instead of disappearing from her life he took the initiative and tri In Jane Austen's Pride Prejudice Mr Darcy gives up on winning the woman he loves after she refuses his proposal of marriage What if instead of disappearing from her life he took the initiative and tried to change her mind In Impulse Impulse and PDF \ Initiative Mr Darcy follows Elizabeth Bennet to her home in Hertfordshire planning to prove to her he is a changed man and worthy of her love THE PEMBERLEY VARIATIONS by Abigail Reynolds is a series of novels exploring the roads not taken in Pride Prejudice.

Abigail Reynolds may be a nationally bestselling author and a physician but she can’t follow a straight line with a ruler Originally from upstate New York she studied Russian and theater at Bryn Mawr College and marine biology at the Marine Biological Impulse and PDF \ Laboratory in Woods Hole After a stint in performing arts administration she decided to attend medical school and took up writing as a way to.

Impulse and Initiative PDF/EPUB Æ Impulse and  PDF \
  • Paperback
  • 304 pages
  • Impulse and Initiative
  • Abigail Reynolds
  • English
  • 10 November 2016
  • 9780615147499

10 thoughts on “Impulse and Initiative

  1. Auggy says:

    I debated just putting this book down and not finishing it many times while reading this Why didn't I? Probably because nothing truly eye rolling popped up to make me say effe it But it was close And it all started around page 28 when I encountered this She fiercely renewed her attention to her needlework with the unsurprising result that her needle promptly found its way into her finger With a muffled exclamation of pain and embarrassment she raised the injured finger to her lips completely unaware of the effect that this simple gesture would have on Darcy My eyes roll each time I read this Anyway I chose to ignore the idiocy and continue reading though perhaps I should not have because this eventually devolved into a bodice ripper Seriously he rips her dress of at one point No joke Honestly I like the idea of the book and the writing style was nice and decently Austen y But I would have greatly preferred that this keep with the tone of the original PP and everything stay G rated Not because I am a prude but in my world I read Jane Austen when I am in the mood for sweet and innocent love stories Because not everything needs lots of sex to be enjoyable I have other books when I'm in the mood for that

  2. Sheila Majczan says:

    I read this book first as Impulse and Initiative and did post a review of 5 stars I have now re read it under this titleI went back and posted under the original title an addition to note that I found there to be scenes involving Caroline Bingley and her design to spread rumors concerning Elizabeth's behavior with Darcy are omitted in this edition Then of course the matter of Darcy's discovery that it was Caroline who set in motion the rumors and his consultation with her brother Charles have to also be omitted The lack of that particular scenario does not change my opinion nor my enjoyment of this book which I downloaded under kindle Unlimited on a whim to re read on that rather device rather than take up my paperback first edition I am glad I re read it as I truly enjoyed the way in which Darcy is persuaded to return to Hertfordshire and attempt to woo Elizabeth and win her heart One of my favorite lines is when she asks him how long he and his sister plan to remain at Netherfield and he answers As long as it takes And then I loved how he decides that the best way to win her is to let her set the pace as he finds little by little she is persuaded to accept a touch to her hand then a kiss on the hand as slowly she realizes that against all her determination she likes it and looks forward to such small gestures of admirationAbigail Reynolds is one of my favorite authors and this book is only one reason why Yes there are scenes of a mature nature but they are built up to so naturally so in character for two passionate lovers that I found myself wanting to read it all and very happy with this manifestation of their love The book does go on to address the Wickham situation but this time Elizabeth is in on the details and it was part of reading of them working in support of each other part truly satisfying that I liked in this variation Indeed part of Elizabeth's forming a relationship with Darcy is in her demand that he consult with her on decisions even if the action is not to be changed she wants to be part of knowing what is going on in every aspect of their lives together And she expects to have him seek her affirmation of what will be then done or to listen if she has another opinionWell worth reading again

  3. Rachel Friend says:

    Gah I realize that I shouldn't like this book as much as I do but really it's pretty awesome And it's almost possible to believe that it's not entirely out of character for Darcy and Elizabeth to behave the way they do in the book right? Ok maybe not but it's a fun read anyway and who doesn't want to read about Darcy passionately wooing Elizabeth even if Jane Austen might not approve?

  4. Barb says:

    An enjoyable story of Darcy returning to Hertfordshire to woo Elizabeth after Colonel Fitzwilliam gives him a swift kick in the pants figuratively Although I love this Darcy and Elizabeth couple I did find Darcy's passionate nature to be a little over the top Otherwise I very much enjoyed this story and intend to read it over and over

  5. Sheila Majczan says:

    I bought this book as Impulse Initiative on September 15 2007 and over the years have read it many times I own all of Abigail Reynolds' books and have not had a problem with discerning when it is being published under a new title So I have not read To Conuer Mr Darcy seems to be the same according to reviewsI absolutely love how Abigail takes us for a journey inside the minds of ODC Darcy is persuaded to go to Hertfordshire to attempt to win Elizabeth's heart How long do you plan to stay at Netherfield? As long as necessary The little hints that he is making progress are so tantalizingthe look in her eyes or on her face make him realize that she is not indifferent And she tells him right out she will only work towards friendship Then he comes to realize that he does best by not forcing the issue as she does respond to a touch a kiss even if reluctantly Caroline Bingley forces the issue to a head which actually explodes in her face by trying to taint Elizabeth's reputation when she spies on Darcy and sees him kiss Lizzy But here too we see growth in the relationship as Elizabeth confronts Darcy with the fact that he asked her father for Lizzy's hand without discussing the situation with her firstI so enjoy all the angst and sexual tension Ms Reynolds brings to her writings The scene which leads to the anticipation of the marriage vows is so well handled Elizabeth goes to look for a book late at night after a long talk with Georgiana thinking all in the house are asleep and then meets Darcy in the library She is in her night gown she says Good night William when he sends her off to bed and sparks fly AND contrary to how Lydia and Wickham act during their elopement Darcy and Elizabeth feel guilt Darcy faces his responsibility and goes to Mr Gardiner to ask to set the wedding up asachokengtitiktitikchokeng and admits why he is asking to do soThere are other issues which are handled but the ending is very sweet Upon learning Elizabeth is pregnant and fearing what he witnessed his own mother go through with her pregnancies Darcy again has to open up and talk to Elizabeth about his experienceDon't know which of Abigail's variations is my favorite but highly recommend them alleven the modern take offsFebruary 2016 In now re reading this book under the title To Conuer Mr Darcy and technically for the second time in entirety I want to note that there are certain scenesepisodes left out In particular that whole matter of just who set in motion the rumors about Darcy's and Elizabeth's compromising behavior and then just how that person was addressed by Bingley Although the omission does not change my rating of the novel I want to make a note of it for anyone who may read either or both editions

  6. Eliza Baum says:

    One thing I'll say for Abigail Reynolds is that she excels at producing strong emotional reactions Even when I was unsure how to feel about this story the uality of the prose and how it made me feel was never in uestionI was hesitant to even attempt this story because I knew that there was premarital sex I'm not opposed to that in general nor am I offended by sex in JAFF stories but I do have a difficult time seeing Elizabeth and Darcy acting in that manner There's a lot at stake for them and their characters as established by the source material don't really allow for that sort of behavior In this story Elizabeth and Darcy are very liberal with their physical affection even before they finally do the deed I did appreciate that there was significant buildup to that moment and it did feel like a natural progression However I basically had to force myself to consider their physicality a specific point of the variation ie that it was intentionally not supposed to be the Elizabeth and Darcy that I know Once I did that I was able to enjoy the story for what it was rather than what my preconceived notions expected it to beThis is a very sexy story I listened to the audio book and that tends to make any emotional highs and lows that much extreme and this was no exception I think it's partially because it keeps me from reading through it as fast and partially because a good narrator is worth her weight in gold I do have to admit that while the sensuality of the private moments was appealing there were times when I wanted it to ease up so Elizabeth and Darcy could just TALK Their misunderstandings and disagreements didn't drag on forever as is sometimes a problem in really angsty books but I would have liked for them to have at least a couple of conversations where they kept their hands and other parts to themselves but weren't arguingThere were times during their courtship that Elizabeth grated on my nerves and I felt really bad for Darcy I know she was supposed to be conflicted about her feelings for him but she held the real power in the relationship I honestly think one word from her could have stopped his attentions at any time and poor Darcy just got strung along I spent a good part of the first half wishing that I wasn't losing respect for her It did get better though By the time they ended up at Pemberley I no longer had issues with the story and uite happily finished listeningThe plot of this story was nothing revolutionary but it did serve as a suitable backdrop for the real tale which was the emotional journey they faced I can't say this is my favorite PP variation nor even my favorite Abigail Reynolds but it was enjoyable even with its faults and my dislike of the circumstances and I will probably read it again sometime

  7. J. W. Garrett says:

    SPOILER view spoiler'The whole story is Darcy and Elizabeth working toward anticipating their vows All roads lead to the bedroom I did not appreciate our Hh being reduced to the level of Lydia and Wickham' hide spoiler

  8. Meredith (Austenesque Reviews) says:

    To Conuer Mr Darcy originally published as Impulse and Initiative in 2008 is another brilliant and impassioned novel in Abigail Reynold's stellar Pemberley Variations series The Pemberley Variations series is a collection of Pride and Prejudice re tellings that asks the uestion “what if?” In these variations we see how one small change in the plot can alter the course of Pride and Prejudice To Conuer Mr Darcy opens with Colonel Fitzwilliam visiting his cousin Mr Darcy who has been in a withdrawn and in a black mood ever since he left Rosings To continue reading review visit

  9. James S says:

    Wonderful storySeems odd to be writing a review in 2018 for an old and relatively famous book in the PP variation genreIt’s pretty racy but in a way that seems natural The LydiaWickham scenario has the original’s outcome but with a much interesting road to the outcome Lizzie’s help is used and takes part in a wonderful interaction with Wickham She is uite the actressHad to feel sorry for Mr Bennet when he has multiple daughters taking part in pre marital relations Bad week for him 😂 I recommend this book highly I can’t imagine many people not loving it

  10. Debbie says:

    This is my 5th read through of this wonderful book It just hits all the right notes for me The internal psychologicalemotional demons that Darcy and Elizabeth fight are as compelling as the external events in the story From the time Darcy became the Master of Pemberley he has always taken charge been in control and made things happen in whatever way he deems best for those he cares about He does the same when he finally determines to properly court Elizabeth shortly after the events in Hunsford He confesses to Bingley about Jane's affection for him and accompanies him back to Netherfield and Longbourn When Elizabeth asks Darcy how long he will be staying in the area his answer is As long as necessaryAs for Elizabeth her Aunt Gardiner describes her best Lizzy you have grown up to be self reliant which is hardly surprising since both of your parents in their very different ways cannot always be relied upon It can be difficult to give up such self reliance even when it is no longer necessary Conseuently the conflict in this particular book between these two strong characters isn't pride or prejudice Instead it's Darcy's habit of making unilateral decisions and handling everything himself and Elizabeth's fear of dependence upon anyone but herself Once Bingley and Jane are reunited Elizabeth and Darcy are already past the misunderstandings that kept her from recognizing his true worth However Elizabeth resists because she doesn't like feeling pushed and Darcy is definitely pushing her to accept him They have a strong physical attraction to each other and Darcy is not a very patient suitor This leads to their engagement sooner rather than later in this story Gradually Elizabeth's sense of humor allows her to recognize the inevitability of their partnership and how much she truly cares for Darcy though she still holds out on telling him that she loves him for uite a long time However she is NOT shy about letting Darcy know that she expects him to include her in the decisions affecting their relationship The banter between the two of them in my opinion is among the best in the JAFF world They exchange famous uotes in their verbal skirmishes demonstrating how perfectly matched they are in intellect The Lydia and Wickham storyline emerges after Darcy and Elizabeth are married Colonel Fitzwilliam ends up meeting with Wickham instead of Darcy and Elizabeth is also an active participant much to Darcy's displeasure He allows himself to be persuaded though proving how much Elizabeth's influence is changing himThe book also continues to include Elizabeth's pregnancy and the birth of their first child Darcy's panic is understandable with the history provided of his mother's illness and death Obviously childbirth is an area where Darcy will have no control at all Elizabeth is able to confront the issue with him in a believable sympathetic way and helps him work through those fearsOverall what appeals to me so much in this book is the balanced healthy relationship portrayed between these two and how they positively influence each otherWARNING There are scenes of graphic intimacy both pre and post marriage They're beautifully written and fit within the context of the story but some may find them offensive

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