Cyberpunk Tao

      Cyberpunk Tao
Shift into high gear, with my stylish black mirror shades, the light absorbing into my clothing making me Void black Asunder the void of those blacks negating existence, drawing in the light.Hell, if I am within 15 feet of a normal incandescent light pop the light flickers into nothingness This is the price I pay for being a runner in the night, a midnight runner pushing the tech to rez Kids, the ones that never leave their house but are just begging for coin to pass the river The coin is information and the value is high Information defines us in the shadows No one can see our faces, we illuminate ourselves in Data Keyframes define the animation of our lives Livelihoods created on illusion. Free Read Books Cyberpunk Tao By Matthew Kowalski –

I write a waking dream, that will be and is yet to come, though we live in it this day.

      Cyberpunk Tao
 Author Matthew Kowalski –
  • Cyberpunk Tao
  • Matthew Kowalski
  • 09 June 2019

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  1. Lcdk says:

    To say this book is unique and creative would be an understatement I ve definitely never came across anything like it and I think it s mainly because the author incorporates elements and themes that would...

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