Cady and Sam don t like excitement Consequently, they have good reason to love their lifestyle in the small town of Matthews, North Carolina They ve got a cute kid, good jobs, great neighbors, and as Cady says, their home of five years beats the wheels off their last address Unfortunately, interruption rears its ugly head when it s least expected, leading to that unwanted unrest they ve been avoiding What s a couple of homebody werewolves to do Download Interruptions –

Bea lives in Charlotte, NC.In addition to writing science fiction and fantasy and a smidgen of horror she enjoys a good read, working crossword puzzles, walking, drawing, and painting.She is a retired electronics technician and admits to having worked at a variety of other jobs during her life, including being a dishwasher, a busgirl, a house maid, a motel hotel maid, working in a fast food joint, a telephone operator, and a store clerk There have been other, not so glamorous jobs, including picking cotton.She also daydreams a lot.

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  • Interruptions
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  • 08 December 2019

10 thoughts on “ Interruptions

  1. Marcia Carrington says:

    INTERRUPTIONS is an enjoyable paranormal short story that builds well, the shifters element handled in a descriptive, but controlled manner It also has a nice sense of comedy which blends in suitably with the action, never becoming parodic.

  2. Christina McMullen says:

    I m a big fan of Cannon s sci fi stories, but this is the first strictly fantasy story I ve read of hers It s an interesting take on werewolves just trying to live an ordinary life I ll definitely be checking out the rest of the Cady and Sam books.

  3. P.S. Winn says:

    This is an intriguing short story that has a unique story line I wasn t expecting No spoilers, so you have to pick this one up You will be glad you did when you follow Cady, Sam and their daughter AnnaMae into a tale of adventure, fun and twisted circumstances.

  4. M.P.C. Reach says:

    I was intrigued by the fact that this doesn t appear to be the usual kind of werewolf story with packs and alphas and such Just a couple Cady and Sam trying to live a normal life and raise their kid.As noted by previous reviewers, it s a short story that starts slow, but I was ok with it because I kind of like a build up and it suited the quiet lifestyle this couple is trying to lead.Trouble starts when the neighborhood flirt shows up on their doorsteps with a broken down car seeking help to ...

  5. Andy Smith says:

    I do agree in part with the previous reviewer, that this shortie takes time to build, but I read Living in the moment right after this and it becomes clear that Interruptions islike a chapter taken from a book than a stand alone story.I will say it s different from the usual vampire werewolf stories I v...

  6. Christine DeLange says:

    Title InterruptionsAuthor Bea CannonPublished by Bea Cannon on SmashwordsGenre Paranormal horror short storyThe story starts off with an over reactive mother, breaking her toe in aid of rescuing her child The writing is effortless, but the built up tointeresting scenes is slow At times it feels like youre listening into some housewives Although Cannon gives the reader a deep inside inside Cadance s character, this doesnt suite the length of the story Things get somewhat better when Title InterruptionsAuthor Bea CannonPublished by Bea Cannon on SmashwordsGenre Paranormal horror short storyThe story starts off ...

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