Beneath the Bamboo: A Vietnam War Story

Beneath the Bamboo: A Vietnam War Story❮Download❯ ➻ Beneath the Bamboo: A Vietnam War Story Author Stan Taylor – Excerpt:

“I watched two point men take a caliber machine gun bullet to the head, and watched the third being grabbed and taken behind enemy lines Two of the enemy soldiers, which we often Excerpt: “I watched two point men Bamboo: A PDF ´ take a caliber machine gun bullet to the head, and watched the third being grabbed and taken behind enemy lines Two of the enemy soldiers, which we often referred to as gooks, quickly came after me As I quickly mowed them down with my automatic rifle, I crawled backwards away from the enemy gunfire, using my helmet to push sand in Beneath the eBook ↠ front of me as I went, which made it possible to look behind me But as I looked back, I realized that my safety net was no longer safe I saw my entire company falling like dominoes Medics were running left and right, risking their lives to help others with bravery that even the most amazing soldier couldn’t hope to match Some of the events I witnessed during the Bamboo: A Kindle Ð that moment were beyond comprehension I watched a young, courageous black medic take an millimeter round to his head, and his whole body instantly turned to smoke Young nineteen and twenty year old kids were crying like children, but fighting like someone had raped their sisters So many things were going through my head at that moment, and in one single heartbeat I was overwhelmed with a flashback of my entire life This is my story, from point A to B, of my life and times in the midst of hell on Earth”.

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Beneath the Bamboo: A Vietnam War Story Epub ☆
    Beneath the Bamboo: A Vietnam War Story Epub ☆ of my entire life This is my story, from point A to B, of my life and times in the midst of hell on Earth”."/>
  • Kindle Edition
  • 180 pages
  • Beneath the Bamboo: A Vietnam War Story
  • Stan Taylor
  • English
  • 28 August 2018

10 thoughts on “Beneath the Bamboo: A Vietnam War Story

  1. kathleen frick says:

    An informative book.

    it is hard to believe that during the Viet Nam war I was a teenager but I do not remember it. this is the second book I have read about the war. it is a wonderful book I enjoyed reading about his bravery.

  2. John Podlaski says:

    A first-person account of one soldier's journey through the Vietnam War. Stan Taylor's step-father is a career Army soldier who uses military style disciplines when raising him from a young age. He had always thought his step-father was overly abusive in his methods but discovered as a teenager that he was following a plan to mold this youngster into a man who could take care of himself.

    When he enters the Army and eventually sent to Vietnam, he volunteers for the jobs nobody else wanted: walking point and investigating enemy tunnels. And surprisingly, develops a skill and does a wonderful job at both; so much so that others serving with him are in awe of his talents. Eventually, most of his company members had either rotated home or died in battle, and he finds himself as one of the few old timers left. He is promoted to sergeant and finds himself responsible for the training and development of a platoon of new troops. In fact, during one of his jaunts into an enemy tunnel system, Stan has a come to Jesus moment that changes his life, and just like many other troops in the war with only a couple of weeks left in their tour, Stan finds is confidence withering and wondering if he will make it home alive.

    His nickname, Short-Round, was inherited after a mishap when firing mortar rounds during a training exercise. There is very little dialog in the story, but the author is able to recall many of the events and create a smooth story line. Some other reviewers criticize the author for making errors in weapon nomenclature and question whether he was actually in Vietnam. I, for one, don't care about the errors, and after reading his story know that he had been in-country. Thank you for your service and sacrifice, brother, and welcome home!

  3. Mmfniteowl says:

    I found it interesting and horrifying. What we ask of our soldiers in battle is too much. My brother loaned me this book to read. He went to high school with the author and also served, not with him, but at the same time in Vietnam. My brother was a point man in the army and was about nineteen at the time. He contracted malaria and was sent to Japan to recover. That probably saved his life.

  4. Anthony E. Rishkofski says:

    Book is a fairy tale

    ,,I'm a Vietnam veteran, this book is a fairy tale, every picture he's in is flat ground with no jungle most likely in the central highlands, his clothes are clean, he says he was in the a Shaw valley then phu cat air base. This book is meant for no one who was there, way to much bullshit, and the bronze star with V device with more awards. If he did one tenth of what he says he should have the silver star with clusters

  5. Jay Ranton says:

    I gave this 4 stars for the story, not the writing. Not an exceptional book but an exceptional story. Any autobiography by a vet deserves, no demands at least 4 stars in my opinion, and I guess a review is my Union.
    It was a captivating book, quick and easy to read. I'm going to let my 11 year old read it.

  6. Louis Reichenbach says:

    You don,t have to be big in stature to have a big heart!

    This was a good book written by one, good brave soldier . This guy grew up to be a truly good man in spite of having the odds stacked again him as a youth. I grew up with a kid in a similar situation who became a tunnel rat. It did not go well for him unfortunately.

  7. Diana Hall says:

    Good fast paced story of one soldier's time in Vietnam.

    I really enjoyed d this book over many along the same lines that I have read mainly be wise there was no foul language. He shared his story with humor and clarity but without all the cussing so many others have included. It was a real joy to read it.

  8. Kenneth Picklesimer says:

    Very good read.

    I really enjoy books like this that are written by the person who was there. It must be difficult at times to share these memories and I for one really appreciate it.

  9. Ken Baxter says:

    Rings honest and true

    I was there at the same time and Stan gives us a story that could have been any of us but is his own journey through a dark time. Duty. Honor. Bravery. All there with the humanity and insanity that is war.

  10. enrico storino says:

    A bit of truism

    Being a combat veteran who was there and done some stupid stunts just to prove himself to really no one in particular was perhaps the most foolish time of my young life. After all these years VietNam never left me, my memories are and always will be part of me.

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