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Songs of the wind✩ Songs of the wind pdf ❤ Author Diana Nixon – Losing Christian hasn’t been easy for Eileen But she’s not going to give up Now she has to find a way to bring him back from the magical dream where he was taken by Eric Lanster Together with her Losing Christian hasn’t been easy for Eileen But she’s not going to give up Now she has to find a way to bring him back from the magical dream where he was taken by Eric Lanster Together with her friend Evan Eileen goes to France – Meridin’s motherland where she hopes to find out the mysteries of the dream’s magic In a small town named Fontainbleau they meet a wizard who turns out to know a lot of Songs of PDF \ their secrets Determined to help Eileen Evan agrees to complete some special dream piercing training But he can’t even imagine what he has put himself into The magic of dreams keeps a lot of secrets The spells are dangerous and their conseuences no one is able to predict Friends can become enemiesThe ones they used to call their family can become traitorsBut the ones they love will always be there to help.

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Songs of the wind Epub Ë Songs of  PDF \
  • Kindle Edition
  • 279 pages
  • Songs of the wind
  • Diana Nixon
  • English
  • 07 November 2016

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  1. Michikit says:

    Read the first chapterSongs of the Wind Chapter 1My ReviewHow can a book be that perfect I don’t want to exaggerate but this is the kind of reading I enjoy and there are several reasons why smart characters that don’t jump right into danger without thinking friends that are important loving family and no love triangleI really missed Christian but even though he was not present he was definitely the center of Songs of the Wind I enjoyed the team effort and the way everyone has been organized unlike some YA novels in which the characters run around in complete chaos May that was because in the case of the Love Lines series everyone is over 18 years and guided by some mature adults This brings it a little closer to what reality meansLike I said I missed Christian but we still get to see glimpses of him in Eileen’s memories and we get to know his feelings because of the songs the wind brought I will be back at him in just a couple of minutesEileenI liked the way Eileen evolved she became independent and she is most definitely much powerful If in Love Lines she was always protected by her friends and father now she is the one to protect them And maybe it was because of Christian’s disappearance but there were moments in which Eileen seemed tougher and at one point she noted that she is sick of all the lies her friends used so often in order to protect herEvanI liked him a lot in Love Lines but things have changed in Songs of the wind I don’t know if I can like him than a lot but I do He is my favorite character and it’s no doubt about that He is smart funny and as powerful as Eileen Maybe part of the reason I liked this book so much was because half of it was written from his point of view We get to know him better and the you know him the you like him you can’t escape it I am glad that we also got the chance to find about his family and his past and the most original way not going to tell you you’ll just have to read itEileen and EvanNo there is no love triangle at least not from where I stand I LOVE their relationship and I don’t think that they should be together There was a small part in which I was confused about the relationship part but it all figured out The chemistry between them is perfect They are friends and they take care of each other and when they don’t do that they exchange the most sarcastic and funny dialogue in the entire book I love the way Evan is protective of her and how it all turns around when is Eileen’s turn to save him There is this part in which their friendship really begins which I am dying to tell everyone but I can’t That is a called a spoiler and I try not to throw them in my reviews The VillainsI get them And I’m not an evil genius but I must admit that they were motivated They were desperate to get power but they were still small puppets in a bigger game and what comes next looks bigger and dangerous and I can’t get to see what comes nextChristian SPOILER AHEADYeah I tried but I choose to let this at the end because there is no other way Christian’s personality has changed a little because he doesn’t remember Eileen so he learns how to know her all over again I know that this was not a fun part of Christian’s return for Eileen but he seemed to have fun and I don’t know why but I liked his attitude sorry Eileen It was nice and romantic to see him fall in love with her again and to see her confused she didn’t know how to act around himThe EndYeah there is a small cliffhanger at the end and yes you will want to read the next book as soon as possible ^^

  2. Inna says:

    Review also appears on my blog First I would like to say thanks to the awesome Diana Nixon who provided me with an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review Thanks so much This books picks up right where Love Lines left off Christian is missing and Eileen and friends are thinking of ways they can save him Eileen and Evan travel to France but will what they do be enough to save Christian and importantly will they be able to survive the choices they had to make to get Christian back I'm not sure how I feel about Eileen in this book For about half the book she really didn't play a role as the leading character I understand why that happened she was lost confused in despair and terribly missing Christian but I wish she would play a bigger role in the beginning of the book Now don't get me wrong she did play a role in some events and there were times when she went against what people told her to do However there were times in the book when everybody was making decisions except for Eileen Now that aside for the second half of the book she was amazing Her interaction with Christian once they found him was so sweet and I just wanted to go give her a hug She was hurting so bad She is loyal to her friends and I loved how much she was willing to risk to give even someone as annoying as Evan alive Speaking of Evan he was probably my most favorite character The chapters alternated between Eileen and Evan so I loved getting into Evans head We learn about his history and my opinion really changed about him since the last book We see past the silly boy with almost no worries Evan as a character is deep and he is very protective of Eileen and he would literally give up anything for her I loved his perspective even if he knows how to get on everyone's nerves Even though Christian is missing for a good half of this book he still deserves his own paragraph I mean it's Christian he has me swooning with his smile alone He suffered a lot but I'm happy that in the end him and Eileen are happy They are a great couple and their love is pure and just amazing I just wish there was of it While in the first book there was an overload of romance and just those moments that put a giant smile on your face this book had a lot action and reveals It focused on the back story to the bond and the history of the main characters It also revealed who wants to kill Eileen and just how long they have been plotting There are a lot of surprises in this book My only complaint was that sometimes I got lost with all the reveals There was a lot going on so sometimes I just got lost in all the information being thrown at me This isn't a major issue in the book though and I mean it's pretty common sometimes the author knows where they're going and it just takes longer for the reader to catch on Overall this was a good seuel that revealed a lot of much needed and important information and let us understand the characters better

  3. Bianca says:

    I received a free copy of this book in exchange of an honest reviewThank you SO muchDianaI am seriously knocked off by this book It was even better than the first one “Love Lines” Though I didn’t believe that this series can get any better I was proven wrong “Love Lines” is one of these series that keeps getting better and better with every book“Songs of the Wind” is just perfect It has everything I ever wanted from a book Action love emotions funny moments magic I couldn’t ask for anything better I am very excited about “Songs of the Wind” anduntil now this is the best book in the series I can’t even imagine how much I’ll love the 3rd volumeThe best part Half of the chapters were told from Evan’s point of view Yesyesyes Evan’s my favorite character from all the series and I couldn’t be happy when I found out about this fact It was amazing to be in his head and t find out about him and his storyThough he’s still a mystery “Songs of the Wind” revealed a lot of secrets from his past JDianaplease don’t make a love triangle Let Evan and Eileen be just friends They are perfect like best friends and nothing Evan is perfect with Tara not with EileenI can’t and I don’t wanna see Eileen with EvanI just can’t imagine them as a coupleThere were so many cute scenes between them like friends Like the one with the sweaterMy head was full of ‘Awww’’s reading itThey just can’t be a coupleSo please no love triangleIn “Songs of the Wind” secrets are revealed There is action mysteries and secrets that need to be revealed I loved the suspense that this book gave me I was reading like the world would end because I wanted to find out about Eileenabout Evan’s family and their secrets and I was very sad when I finished the book It has a little cliffhanger to be honestNot a huge onebut I still wanna cry when I think how much I have to wait until the 3rd volumeI really missed Christian and even Amanda in this book They were a little absent from the action the action focusing on EileenEvan and Christian Because Christian is missingthe book was a little full of emotionsnot very happy I felt sorry for Eileen and I missed her being with ChristianReading “Songs of the Wind” I came to be attached with the charactersI got to know them better and I got to love them even I can’t wait to see what others secrets will be revealed in the 3rd volumeMaybe I should stop thinking about it I might cryWhat I found very romantic were those songs Read the book if you wanna know what I am talking about Though very sad because of the circumstances I loved those parts with those songsAgainloved it I truly recommend it too everyone A must readRate85

  4. Brenda Franklin says:

    Diana has done it again She has created a wonderful mash up of mystery romance humor and magic in her second installment in the Love Lines series known as Songs of the Wind Picking up right where she left off in Love Lines with Eileen's love Chrstian kidnapped Eileen and Evan along with the help from their friends search and fight for not only to save Christian but to figure out the answers to several uestionsThings start to get complicated Don't worry though Diana has you covered as she has written you just enough to keep you in toe with her characters but not enough to give away every secret You will learn about character backstory's the bonds of love and friendship who wants to kill Eileen and much As I was reading I realized I wasn't simply reading a good book I WAS Eileen Evan and Christian at one point thanks to Diana having pulled off their POVs better than I could have imagined This isn't a one person show this is the telling of several people creating for a fun filled read so don't be too upset when you're Eileen one moment and Evan the next Hearing it from both sides add to the meat of this story and helps you to gain a better feel of everyone Even the villains Everyone is well rounded and her use of dialogue is as though you're friends are in the room having the conversations other than the magical speak its realThe world of Dever and magic had suddenly become my reality yet again after having fallen in love with the first book and if it weren't for my schedule and need for sleep I don't know how else I would have torn myself away from her book If you haven't read her series I suggest you give it a shot Pick up Love Lines and take a bite; you won't be able to get enough The only sad thing is that I have to wait for the next one especially after teasing me in the end with one of her amazing twists Oh how I yearn to read what's next in the series and to follow her wonderfully complicated and extraordinary growing cast of charactersI must also take a moment to thank Diana Nixon for allowing me an advance copy It was mouth watering my good and I only wish I had the next book to satisfy my craving I look forward to reading the next installment in the Love Lines series and without a doubt I would recommend this to anyone You can't go wrong with a great read like thisBy Brenda Franklin paranormal romance author of the Pulse Trilogy Book 1 A Steady Pulse and Book 2 Barely Beating Book 3 Flat Line coming soon

  5. Janna Mashburn says:

    Book review for the Indie Bookshelf of the Wind picks up right where Love Lines left off Christian is missing and Eileen and Evan are on a mission to get him back The author brings you into her magical world once again revealing even about Dever and its Founding Magical Families There are so many elements that take place with each chapter This book showed alternate POV from Eileen to Evan Evan's POV being my favorite He was my favorite character from Love Lines and there is even of him in this book I loved living inside his head and getting a feel for all the history and events taking place from his perspective The author really explains of his character and you get to see a side of Evan you don't see in the first book My only complaint is some of the scenes felt rushed and were lacking in smooth transitions I had to re read certain parts to make sure I was following with the scene of the book and the conversation that was taking placeThe love between Christian and Eileen is so sweet and their dialogue were some of my favorite parts She was breaking me apart and loving me at the same time; shattering me into pieces and making me stronger; giving me herself and making me surrender with her every smile She was like an illusion I was afraid to ruin ChristianOnce I got to the very last sentence the author threw me the biggest curve ball and I am still left speechless wondering what is going to happen My expectation of this story being wrapped up in a neat little package with a nice bow was abruptly changed Now I have to wait for the next book If you enjoy reading about magical worlds and romance you will really enjoy this book The author has some of the best creativity and lovable characters I have read If you haven't read Love Lines the first in this series I highly suggest it This book was a great follow up seuel I give it 4 stars

  6. Mary says:

    I have been waiting for this book since the moment I was done with Book 1 Love LinesBest Part of the book How can I pick just one part or character Each is so uniue to the story and the chemistry between the characters is awesome I love the way Diana writes She is very detailed in her story You feel what the characters are feeling and you know their surroundings I also love that she switches from different POVs This way you are not just restricted to one character However about all I think Evan is still my favorite character I saw so much of him and his family in this story and it just made me love him I love the Eileen is growing stronger and is determined to find Christian I really love that Diana's creativity is beyond measure I say this because she takes something so simple like WIND and turns it into a major piece of the puzzle I love thatNot so great about book UGH Diana knows how to leave this Book Nerd wanting Just when I thought there was going to be a happy ending BAM she throws a twist into the story Just like the last book the beginning is full of twists puzzles and uestions than answers However she pulls it all together Now I just have to wait for the next book

  7. Stefan Eveline says:

    After Eileen loses Christian she only survives with the thought that she will save himShe is happy just when she can hear the songs of the wind because the songs are the only connection with ChristianThe songs are beautiful like the love between themEvan is her support when she is was in France and she feel safe and protected when he is around herI like the friendship between themA beautiful surprise in this book was EvanI feel in love with this character because he is strong brave and protectiveHe will do anything for his friends Eileen and ChristianEvan likes to joke with Eileen and to make her laughEven loves Tara but he knows that he can't be with her but he feel the need to protect herI love him for itEvan discovered the truth about about the death of his parentsI felt so happy when I read about the bond of frienship between Evan and EileenThey are now so protective with each other and they save each otherAfter Eileen and Evan saves Christian Eileen fell sad because Christian doesn't remember herChristian feel in love with Eileen again because she is his soul mateEileen knows that Christian will love her foreverI really loved this bookThank you DIana for this arc

  8. Gayatri says:

    I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewThere have been a lot of okayish books for me this year So I was dreading to read another book but after convincing myself I started reading this book In the beginning I was worried that I might not like the book at all but as I started turning page after page for I realized I did like the book after all There was lots of adventure and action in this one Many puzzles were solved a lot of mysteries revealed and some of the big uestions were answered The book kept me at the edge of my seat the whole night Whew Air in my lungs So now that I have said about the book I am happy to say I loved how the characters developed I got a lot of Evan Thank you Diana Which I had been dying to read about We got introduced to a new character who is by far the coolest mom in this series I am happy to say that Eileen also got some punches and kicks of her own in this book Thats the end of my ramblings folksCover LOVE

  9. Amber says:

    Songs of the Wind was so much better than the first book not that I didnt like the first one there was just so much emotions brought out in the characters we also got to see different sides of Evan which really broke my heart I loved every bit of Songs of the Wind Diana Nixon did an amazing job with this one and I cant wait to read the next book In Songs of the Wind Eileen and Evan are trying to bring Christian back home after he has been kidnapped by Eric However they have to figure out where he is first and how to get him As if that wasnt enough Alexis and the Dragons are after them as well Evan learns so much about his family that he didnt know before so much was kept from him With his friend Eileen by his side he knows he can get through anything Evans feelings grows stronger for Eileen everyday and this scares them both

  10. Tracy says:

    Wow hang on this second book takes you for a RIDEJust when you THINK you know what's going to happen next your wrongThis book is told from both Eileen's POV an Evan's POVThe story you need to pay attention to because there has been such detail an additional history we learn about Dever an it's Founding Magical FamiliesThe depth Diana Nixon has created in this world an the history she continues to expand upon with each book is phenomenal The mystery that has been added along with how we see the characters grow was amazingLoved it Can't wait for book three

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