The Last Man in the World

The Last Man in the World[Epub] ➞ The Last Man in the World Author Abigail Reynolds – What ifThe last man in the world she could be prevailed upon to marryis her husbandIn Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice Elizabeth Bennet tells the proud Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy that she wouldn't marry hi Man in ePUB ↠ What ifThe Last Man in the World she could be prevailed upon to marryis her husbandIn Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice Elizabeth Bennet tells the proud Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy that she wouldn't marry him if he were the last man in the worldBut what if she never said the words What if circumstances conspired to make her accept Darcy the first time he proposesIn this installment of Abigail Reynolds's acclaimed Pride and Prejudice Variations Elizabeth agrees to marry Darcy against her better judgment setting off a chain of events that nearly brings disaster to them both.

Man in ePUB ↠ Abigail Reynolds may be a nationally bestselling author and a physician but she can’t follow a straight line with a ruler Originally from upstate New York she studied Russian and theater at Bryn Mawr College and marine biology at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole After a stint in performing arts administration she decided to attend medical school and took up writing as a way to.

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10 thoughts on “The Last Man in the World

  1. Laurel says:

    This Pride and Prejudice variation asks readers “What if Elizabeth Bennet had accepted Mr Darcy’s first proposal?” After reading this uestion in the book’s description my first reaction was ACK why would she?Like the two other novels by this author that I have read the story begins on familiar ground at a certain point in Austen’s novel and then uickly takes a left turn—changing the course of the plot and the characters’ lives In this case it starts at a very critical moment the first proposal scene when Mr Darcy so arrogantly assumes that the less socially endowed Elizabeth Bennet would jump at the chance to accept his generous offer of marriage Reynolds’ Lizzy is still repulsed by the thought of this man as her husband and frozen with disgust Since Austen’s last sentence in Elizabeth’s refusal contains the title of this novel I was all anticipation of reliving Elizabeth’s famous put down“From the very beginning — from the first moment I may almost say — of my acuaintance with you your manners impressing me with the fullest belief of your arrogance your conceit and your selfish disdain of the feelings of others were such as to form that groundwork of disapprobation on which succeeding events have built so immoveable a dislike; and I had not known you a month before I felt that you were the last man in the world whom I could ever be prevailed on to marry”But no—this is where the road veers and Reynolds’ twist begins Darcy misinterprets Elizabeth’s hesitation as acceptance and kisses her witnessed by his cousin Col Fitzwilliam and a gamekeeper Unaware of her true feelings Col Fitzwilliam congratulates Darcy while a panicked Elizabeth spins the reasons in her mind why she cannot deny it her reputation has been compromised and if she does not marry him the future happiness of her family and her sisters prospects will be dashed Trapped she cannot decline and agrees to marry himTheir one sided marriage begins on rocky ground Wrought with misunderstandings his cold indignation and her fear and depression Elizabeth is hindered in her attempts to fit in and learn her new duties as mistress of Pemberley She is not allowed to be very useful—in fact anything she does seems to anger and annoy her new husband After Mr Darcy is involved in a life threatening riding accident she dutifully cares for him day and night until she is past exhaustion During his illness she comes to realize that she really does love him and tells him so when he is finally conscious They are reconciled until the laudanum wears off and he returns to his sour and confusing self When she learns from a servant that he is leaving for London even though he has not fully recovered and fit for travel she is crushed blaming his dislike of her While he is away she learns of her younger sister Lydia’s elopement with George Wickham and their subseuent marriage facilitated by her husband She is thankful to him for helping her family out of this devastating scandal but he again misinterprets her gratitude for wifely obligation and not love Her unhappiness continues until she reaches the point where she feels the only solution to their dilemma would be her death—relieving him of the disgrace of her inferior connections and releasing him to marry anotherOne thing that readers new to variations must embrace immediately is change The point in re inventing the plot in a “what if” is the experience of revisiting beloved characters in new scenarios You are not reading a seuel or a continuation of Austen’s story but a re imagining of what her characters might do if the action changed Logically those characters would exhibit the same personality traits that Austen awarded them but that can be changed too Just think of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz You are not in Kansas any If you are open to change and can accept tinkering with Austen’s creations and complete changes in her plot then variations are for youIn this sub genre of Austen paraliterure Reynolds reigns supreme in her level of creativity and fluent prose She is very skilled at crafting tension between lovers and can think up innumerable ways to keep them apart to prolong our anticipation Her ardent love scenes were passionately rendered reaching the blushing point for me every time One of the major challenges I found with the premise of this story is that I did not like Reynolds’ Mr Darcy He was not the honorable man that Austen had crafted nor a man that I was attracted to He had duped Elizabeth into marrying him albeit ignorantly and he is pretty oblivious to his wife’s feelings misreading her kind intentions continually Or so it would appear on first impressions The couple are at continual crossed purposes going in circles of misunderstanding and rejection to a glimmer of brief reconciliation then back to total despair and unhappiness After about the third time I was as depressed as the heroine Once I got over my fixed notions of how Austen’s characters should deport themselves and accepted Reynolds’ alternate universe for Elizabeth and Darcy I began to enjoy their twisted tormented souls It was like Jane Austen morphing into Charlotte Bronte even though neither author would approve of each other’s styleThis audio edition of Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy The Last Man in the World was aptly read by Rachel E Hurley with entertaining variations in voice to character and scene Reynolds has crafted a clever love story and applied familiar characters to suit That dear reader is what variations are all about If you are prepared to be taken down the yellow brick road this is a great introduction to the genreLaurel Ann Austenprose

  2. Abbi says:

    A friend lent me two of these books the other was From Lambton to Longbourn gushing about how incredible they were and how she couldn't put them down I admit I was very excited about them I love what if premises and thought that the ideas had really great promise at least from what was written on the back of the book I was very stunned as I read to discover how out of character Elizabeth and Darcy were Elizabeth was no longer the witty intelligent young woman she was in Austen's novel instead she was weak and spineless Darcy was either frigid and almost cruel or like a puppy dog no wonder this Elizabeth was confused I found the storyline nearly unbelievable as well and would have preferred anything but a forced marriage I was disappointed in the book and the only reason I forced myself to finish it was so I could tell my friend that I had I only hope she doesn't want me to read the rest of them as well

  3. Leslie says:

    It took me two pages to realize that this is not for me It seems every p p seuel I have piled up to give myself for Christmas is garbage I must be the only person on the planet who is not at all interested in Darcy and Lizzie's sex lives You see all those classics on my booklist? There's a reason for that Modern writing is 99% garbage I think I 'll go pile up some Dumas and Trollope and dive in till I'm up to my neck in comfort It's a good thing I don't drink 'cos this crappy book would drive me to it

  4. Misty says:

    Edit Read this for the first time in Juneand then again after I wrote my review in AugustEdit #2 Just read this again It's the beginning of November Appears every 2 months reread Every time I see these HUGE flaws and every time I just don't give a teeny tiny fuck This review turned out super short There are things I thought I wanted to say warnings I wanted to give but nope This is it If you like Jane Austen romance or butterflies in stomach pick this upI think it should be standard practice that when one finishes reading all of Jane Austen's works someone presses a copy of an Abigail Reynolds book into their hands Or at least when one finishes PP She does one of my favorite things which is to take a what if moment and expand it to follow the ripple and see what would happen what would change and what stay the same This is something I do as a reader and as an insomniac telling myself stories in my head at night and I think it's probably what a lot of writers of fanfiction do but Reynolds does it so wellMostly I think this is because Reynolds understands the characters so well Even the changes even when I'm uestioning a character and whether they actually would say or do a certain thing I still find myself thinking Well maybe given this particular 'what if' I almost always buy it But even when I don't even when I think they've stepped a little too far out of character I still eat it up Abigail Reynolds gives me FEELS Last year I read and reviewed What Would Darcy Do? which made me really very eager to read the other Reynolds book I had sitting on my shelves ie this one; this one made me really very eager to get my hands on everything Reynolds has written once might be a fluke but twice is a patternNow lest I seem fangirly this is not an unreserved thumbs up I did feel like Darcy and Lizzie stepped further and further out of character as the book went on But the thing was I didn't give a damn There were some things that in another book in another author's hands would have really bothered me Maybe even made me put it down But I couldn't I could not stop reading this much to the detriment of everyone who had to work withspeak tolook at me the next day Customer service what?  This was so much angsty and tortured and maudlin than anything I would have expected or wanted for my DL and I loved every minute of it It had its fair share of faults and I ignored every one of them I felt foolish and giddy and utterly like a silly girl but man my butterflies had butterfliesAbigail Reynolds is a witchA wizardA sorceress SomethingI can't even take it Gah I kinda wanna read this book againOh and further proof of what Abigail Reynolds will do to you? THIS is what I posted on Goodreads the morning early early morning I finished this Fucking hell Why would I start a book I know I'm going to like at 2am? It's now 7 Why do I do this to myself As many issues as I had with this book and they were big ones I loved every minute of itSee? Wizard

  5. Krista says:

    I enjoyed this book as a fun what if take on Pride and Prejudice An easy uick read

  6. Sheila Majczan says:

    I read The Last Man in the World so am assuming it has been re released I can't imagine with the titles so close in words that the story is very different

  7. J. W. Garrett says:

    Agony despair despondent beloved characters drudge toward their HEAThis is a “What If” by Abigail Reynolds where Darcy ardently kisses Elizabeth during his disastrous proposal Before she could respondrefuse they were seen thus compromising her into a hasty marriage This story was painful to read as misunderstanding after misunderstanding kept our characters from discovering the love we knew was somewhere locked inside them trying to fight its way to the surface only to be smashed down by anger frustration and pride time after time The atmosphere was dark as we journeyed with our beloved characters to the very edge of despair At one point each was so despondent they contemplated suicide That was hard to readI wanted to slit my own throat before I finished the book Their distrust angst and jealously was so complete no one wanted to be around them Their unbelief and despair that true love was lost to them forever was frustrating The conclusion the HEA we were so desperate for did not happen until the very endI mean the last paragraphs It was almost not worth it By the time you got therenobody cared anyThe Wickham problem was sprinkled throughout and mostly handled off sight The parting shot with him and Lydia was ridiculous funny but not realistic He was too much of a cad to have allowed things to end so abruptly I wanted Elizabeth to say to Lydia Editing was a real problem Whole paragraphs were left justified right justified or centered In dozens of locations throughout text didn’t wrap properly thus leaving a space in the middlemid dleof the word It was disconcerting to say the least Not sure if that was limited to the ebook I checked out from my library or not

  8. Sandra says:

    Whoa So not like the characters at the beginning of the book If you can imagine things happening the way they did though their lives filled with much misundersranding I actually wept several times during reading this When there was about to be a moment of tenderness then it the misunderstandings happened over and over again Will my lovers ever connect and realize the love for each other? YES

  9. Elizabeth Bennet says:

    I love reading Abigail Reynold variations for the most part This book was no exception My only complaint was when she opened up to Fitzwilliam in a cruel manner and the two go through this long drug fight Darcy won't except that Lizzy has fallen in love with him and is convinced she only tells him that because she thinks that's want he wants her to say She kept things from him early on and than blurts it out very harshly and he feels as though every time he made love to her early on that he had been forcing his attentions on her That she truly hadn't wanted him at all Let me start another wayLizzy believed that a woman who showed any kind of passion in bed was a wanton and so she fought between wanting to show it and being a proper wife to him When light is shed that she truly didn't want to marry him he reflects back on those moments and tears himself up about it Elizabeth feels awful and begins to realize that she's truly in love with him but it's too late and there are all these misunderstandings Elizabeth contemplates suicide until she realizes she can not So she writes a letter to Darcy and explains a lot to him and at first he's calling her Madam and such icy behavior that you can't stand it but then things start to change between them and then well AR waves her magic wand and there's passion and love restored and it is because she showed the calm after the storm that I loved this book as much as I did She writes so much angst sometimes that you forget why you picked up the book in the first place but this book makes up for its sins against Darcy and Elizabeth Well worth your time

  10. Meredith (Austenesque Reviews) says:

    “Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy” originally published as “The Last Man in the World” in 2007 is an engaging and clever variation of “Pride and Prejudice” If you have not yet had the pleasure of encountering this series “The Pemberley Variations” by Abigail Reynolds it is collection of “Pride and Prejudice” re tellings that asks the uestion “what if?” In these variations we see how one small change in the plot can alter the course of “Pride and Prejudice” This is one of my favorite variations by Abigail Reynolds I love how heartbreaking and emotional the story is The slight change that sends “Pride and Prejudice” on its ear in this variation is Mr Darcy kissing Elizabeth before she can refuse his offer of marriage and that kiss being observed by Colonel Fitzwilliam and Rosing Park gamekeepers Now Elizabeth finds herself in a difficult situation as Darcy and Colonel Fitzwilliam are under the impression that she has accepted Darcy's addresses and if she were to correct their assumption it would jeopardize not only her reputation but also the reputations of her sisters Even though Elizabeth never gets to proclaim to Darcy that he is “the last man in the world whom she could ever be prevailed on to marry she strongly despises him for what he's done and her outlook for her a happy future is very bleakIn “Pride and Prejudice” the flaws of “pride” and “prejudice” are played upon In “Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy” these flaws are still represented but added to them are “selfishness” and “deception” Mr Darcy selfishly believes that Elizabeth's answer to his proposal could only be yes and Elizabeth decides it best to deceive her husband into believing her happily married instead of being truthful about her feelings for him One of the reasons I love Elizabeth and Darcy is because they are flawed and they make mistakes No one is perfect and in the literary world sometimes we tend to idolize our heroes and heroines It is a nice change to see them feel insecure embarrassed or misunderstood I believe even Elizabeth Bennet has times when she lacks confidence or jumps to the wrong conclusionAbigail Reynolds is a very talented and gifted author that clearly loves Jane Austen and “Pride and Prejudice” with a passion I am delighted to own both this book and her self published version of it “The Last Man in the World” After reading “Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy” and scanning through my copy of “The Last Man in the World” I did not find many changes in the plot and I would venture to say that the only changes were grammatical So if you already own “The Last Man in the World” you might not want to buy this book however if you are like me you wouldn't mind having this lovely book grace your shelves twice In addition I would like to warn readers who don't enjoy intimate and romantic scenes between these characters that there are a few included in this book However the romantic scenes are very infreuent and are not overly explicit I highly recommend this novel for people who are interested in seeing “Pride and Prejudice” travel a different courseAustenesue Reviews

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