Three Strikes

Three Strikes❮Download❯ ➻ Three Strikes ➿ Author Scott Soloff – Antiue dealer extraordinaire Picker receives a phone call from an old friend Amy Henderson's husband Hari 'Bigfoot' Henderson has been murdered Hari has unearthed a collection of vintage baseball card Antiue dealer extraordinaire Picker receives a phone call from an old friend Amy Henderson's husband Hari 'Bigfoot' Henderson has been murdered Hari has unearthed a collection of vintage baseball cards but apparently not valuable enough to be a motive for murder In between buying and selling high priced antiues and collectibles Picker hunts for the guilty culprit and investigates the motivation behind the crime Picker is relentless as he tries to stay alive while being bushwhacked by bad guys sharing an espresso with a Mafia Don and uncomfortable close encounters with law enforcement Colorful characters assist Picker in his adventure including the beautiful Kelly Lane; his Irish Uncle Moe; previously unknown half brother and master con man Connor Jones and his German Shepherd Kato This Picker Mystery is fast moving great fun and filled with antiue lore Join Picker and his criminal mastermind brother Connor by reading Three Strikes today.

Mr Soloff is an antiue dealer accomplished story teller and is married to a beautiful woman He claims to never use foul language smoke drink or stretch the truth Charming to a fault he is moderately well liked by small children and dogs.

Three Strikes MOBI Ä Paperback
  • Paperback
  • 68 pages
  • Three Strikes
  • Scott Soloff
  • English
  • 04 March 2015
  • 9781478209553

10 thoughts on “Three Strikes

  1. Brenda says:

    Setting up at the flea markets as he did each week antiues dealer Picker “just Picker” was accompanied by his faithful and uncannily instinctive german shepherd Kato Checking everyone out seeing what was on offer was just a part of it but it was a routine they all performed But when he received a phone call later in the week from the wife of a friend he was shocked to hear that her husband the big and seemingly invincible Hari Bigfoot Henderson had been murderedAs Picker began his investigation into the murder he discovered the root of it all seemed to be baseball cards But surely that wasn’t a motive for murder There had to be to it much ; Picker would find out one way or another When Kato saved him from a violent attack by two criminals Picker decided to talk to Uncle Carmine the local Mafia Don Would that help He had to stay on the right side of Uncle CarmineBut the most assistance he received came from his half brother Connor; a master conman as well as being a gentleman Connor came out in front of everyone even the local police He was a handy man to have on his side With long time girlfriend Kelly his Uncle Moe and TJ Picker and Connor were determined to find the killer – but with another body turning up they realized the clock was tickingThis is a great short story which is light and entertaining My favourite character was Kato Picker’s german shepherd – his devotion and amazing ability was great and I’m sure they are mostly that intelligent The humour is mild and dotted throughout with the mystery keeping the pages turning An easy to read cosy mystery

  2. Rose Cimarron says:

    Three Strikes is an entertaining short story The cast of characters appear in a series of Scott Soloff's books I found the voice of the narrator the eponymous Picker a little off putting at first but I got used to it and soon found that it conveyed much about his characterThe story is self contained and you do not I have not need to read any of the full length books in the series to appreciate and enjoy Three Strikes Scott manages to explain all the essentials without slowing down the plot progression or bogging the reader down in long descriptive passages Full marks for styleThere were uite a few spelling mistakestyposat first I wondered if some of them were there to help portray Picker's voice some unconventional spellings definitely were there to convey accent however the two misplaced apostrophes both on the same page were not Two Rotweiller's and a Shepherd It is not uncommon for ones' defenses I have my grammar police hat on todayThere was one howling great factual error A six week old GSD does not weigh 40 lbs It won't reach that until around four months 16 weeks Nor would a six week old GSD be tall enough to put paws on one's chest GSDs are a similar sized dog to Golden Retrievers; when I was 9 yo we had a litter of GRs and when they left at 8 weeks old I could still carry them one at a time The rest of the descriptions of Kato aka the monster seem plausible and yes I'd love a dog like thatAll in all Three Strikes is a great short read and I'll be looking out for of Scott Soloff's workThanks Scott for highlighting on Goodreads your 24 hour giveaway of this great introduction to your work

  3. Ted Guglielmo says:

    Wow this is a fast paced 41 pages with a to of stuff Picker and his super dog Kato is an antiue dealer He has a Robin Hood wanna be brother who picks locks and sweet talks cops A girlfriend named Penny Lane but dont call her Penny and friend named Chucky Cheese Googie and Crystal Ball His buddy Hari henderson is Murdered and a 1909 Honus Wagner card worth 1 million plus is missing Picker his brother and Kato look to solve the crime Fun read

  4. Lindsey says:

    I love dogs mysteries Irish culture and mafia stories so Three Strikes was a no brainer for me when I saw it on First Reads Fingers crossed Update The first chapter promises the book will be a uick fun read Check it out for free on the author's website You can also enter to win a free mug

  5. Chandni says:

    I love the Picker books The blend of mystery and antiuing is fantastic especially with such a colourful cast of characters This short story takes place after #37 though it's not necessary to have read the previous book to understand this oneA short read but still a wonderful mystery I recommend this novella

  6. Gail says:

    A very interesting and fast pace readPicker seems like uite the fellow Enjoyed his adventure with the valuable baseball card I also loved how the chapters were labeled by baseball terms Kato is an amazing dog Looking forward to the next adventure

  7. Iris Smale says:

    Short but really enjoyed this book I rarely give 5 stars but this one deserves them Will look for by this author

  8. Virginia Winfield says:

    Great short story Leading up to the next book I learned about this author when I won the first picker novel through first reads giveaway

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