Darcy Elizabeth Nights and Days at Pemberley

Darcy Elizabeth Nights and Days at Pemberley❮Ebook❯ ➥ Darcy Elizabeth Nights and Days at Pemberley ➦ Author Linda Berdoll – Heartforum.co.uk Mr and Mrs Darcy have an exceedingly passionate marriage in this continuing saga of one of the most exciting intriguing couples in the Jane Austen LiteratureAs the Darcy's raise their babies enjoy the Mr and Mrs Nights and MOBI ☆ Darcy have an exceedingly passionate marriage in this continuing saga of one of the most exciting intriguing couples in the Jane Austen LiteratureAs the Darcy's raise their babies enjoy their conjugal felicity and manage the great estate of Pemberley the beloved characters Darcy Elizabeth PDF/EPUB ² from Jane Austen's original are joined by Linda Berdoll's imaginative new creations for a compelling sexy and epic story guaranteed to keep you turning the pages and gasping with delight What people are saying about Mr Darcy Takes A Wife the bestselling Pride and Prejudice seuelA Elizabeth Nights and Epub Û breezy satisfying romance Chicago TribuneWhile there have been other Pride and Prejudice seuels this one with its rich character development has been the most enjoyable Library JournalWild bawdy and utterly enjoyable seuel Booklist.

wwwlindaberdollus in digital Nights and MOBI ☆ and paperback on and BNcom Her books are on the shelves of Barnes Noble and available to order through bookstores large and smallReview for The Ruling Passion From AustenprosecomBest selling author Linda Berdoll's Mr Darcy Takes A Wife and Darcy Elizabeth have Darcy Elizabeth PDF/EPUB ² been hailed as sexy hilarious poignant and wild bawdy and utterly enjoyable Booklist The Ruling Passion her highly anticipated seuel to the seuels has finally come to fruition If your sensibilities are offended by explicit passionate love scenes with Jane Austen's original namesakes this is presumably Elizabeth Nights and Epub Û NOT the book for you However those who delight in reading about the Darcys beyond Pride and Prejudice including all their complexities and intimacies in and around the bedroom and most particularly if you are a fan of Berdoll's previous works The Ruling Passion is not Elizabeth Nights and Days at Kindle - to be missed Yes hold on to your bonnets Elizabeth Nights and Days at Kindle - as Linda Berdoll has uite done it again Christina Boyd of starsIn a change of pace from her Jane Austen seuels Linda released Fandango in This tale takes place in th C San Francisco In this entirely original work our heroine young Annabella Chase comes to learn that it's one thing to go asking for trouble uite another to offer it a chairWhile researching her Pride Prejudice seuels she collected a vast store of euphemistic grandilouence and wove it into a small gift book titled Very Nice Ways to Say Very Bad Things.

Darcy Elizabeth Nights and Days at Pemberley PDF/EPUB
  • Paperback
  • 448 pages
  • Darcy Elizabeth Nights and Days at Pemberley
  • Linda Berdoll
  • English
  • 03 April 2014
  • 9781402205637

10 thoughts on “Darcy Elizabeth Nights and Days at Pemberley

  1. Susan says:

    Berdoll continues her VERY passionate take on the married life of Darcy and Elizabeth which is entertaining itself Better than that she goes on to speculate on dear Georgiana's coming of age Thankfully Berdoll infuses her with some much needed backbone and her story becomes as interesting as the main one All I can say is that she BETTER write another one

  2. Joy says:

    Another let's call it Jane Austen fanfic Picking up or rather dragging where Mr Darcy Takes a Wife let off it follows the further fortunes and misfortunes of the Darcy Bingley Fitzwilliam Wickham and ChristieArbuthnot Berdoll's characters families after Waterloo This book is afflicted by Berdoll's coyness as she jumps ahead in each character's story falls back to fill in the past details and drives the reader crazy with the flow and pacing this flaw was present in the previous book too but it's worse here Also the attempt at period language is inconsistent at best Just spelling the words compleat and eagre don't make you Austen or even Susanna Clark Anyway The best parts had to do with Wickham's life misadventures after his Waterloo desertion and presumed death I know this is a semi spoiler but given the character can you doubt it would have happened? and interaction with Lydia's scandalous fate Also Georgiana Darcy emerges from a chrysalis as a fairly ruthless character comparable indeed to Wickham except for the you know lack of being a sociopath Anyway this was worse than the previous book worse than Austen I doubt I'll buy any even if she publishes them

  3. Emilie says:

    Blah I have to say that I really enjoyed Mr Darcy Takes a Wife even in spite of myself But this one does nothing for me The author spends so much time rehashing everything that happened in her first seuel to Pride and Prejudice that I got 100 pages into it and nothing much had happened The author doesn't seem to understand her audience No one who hasn't read Pride and Prejudice is going to bother with this book and I think the same is true to a lesser extent of Mr Darcy Takes a Wife There would be little point in reading this book if you are not familiar with the first two Therefore there is NO NEED to tell us what happened in PP; we already knowMy second complaint is that while Mr Darcy Takes a Wife was certainly filled with some crazy sex scenes when the author starts using phrases in this book like his engorged member the whole thing starts feeling like a trashy romance novelMy advice don't bother

  4. Heather Young says:

    This is a fabulous find I stumbled across Linda Berdoll on one of my random BN runs ironically she lives right up the road from Austin and found that I fell in love with her interpretation of the happenings AFTER Pride Prejudiceso much so that I cannot bring myself to read anyone else's versions That's how much I loved the characters she created that were so Austen that I truly believe that Jane herself would've been proud

  5. Blodeuedd Finland says:

    I tried this one years ago and gave up I give it another go and gave up It kept jumping in time I want a story not a blah blah blah

  6. Holly says:

    2009 #4 I totally love Jane Austin So I was interested but skeptical when I heard about modern authors who had written seuels to Pride Prejudice This was the second seuel and it definitely wasn't as good as the first one by Linda Berdoll Mr Darcy Takes a Wife It has been a while since I read that one so it is a little hard for me to compare But as far as this book goes it felt a bit pretentious I also didn't like how it brought in all these additional characters most of them didn't seem to add much value to the story and were of distractions than anything Also wasn't a big fan of how the chapters jumped around in time it just didn't give a smooth flow to the story Like the first seuel it was a bit like a trashy romance so for some that might take away from the story but I thought the juxtaposition between that and all of the ways that people had to act proper made it interesting But all in all it was just nice to live a little in Mr Mrs Darcy's world

  7. Ashley says:

    This is it the last straw Never again will I read a Pride and Prejudice seuel Thirty pages into it and I couldn't bear to read any of this awful book Thank goodness I didn't waste money on this book and I could just take it right back to the library Not even the slightest regret that I hardly gave it a chance Pride and Prejudice told from different perspective books are all right mainly because they have to stay fairly close to the clean plotline Austen set out Seuels on the other hand just seem to be fantasy sexual outlets for dirty women

  8. Althea says:

    Being a HUGE fan of Jane Austen and being absolutely in love with Pride Prejudice I had high hopes for this book Just reading the first chapter though was very unsettling for me I felt like it was a travesty I couldn't go through reading the whole thing so it might actually be very good Speaking for myself part of the charm of Austen's works are the wit restraint with which she writes Her books always have an undercurrent of emotion passion despite the rigid settings I am no prude but I couldn't accept this take on what happened after the end of PP

  9. Gracielou says:

    A real disappointment Mediocre writers should never try to write a seuel to one of the greats Also the insertion of copious sex does not mask the lack of an interesting or even plausible plot nor the author's silly pretensions to the spoken language of the early 19th century Her dialogs come off as banalThis author has neither the wit nor the literary skill of Ms Austen and should have used her writing abilities for dime romance novels not a seuel to an Austen masterpiece

  10. Leslie Grady says:

    WARNING This is not a very clean bookthere are many love scenes throughout the bookthis is the seuel to Mr Darcy Takes a Wife It is such a guilty pleasure While this book is not as good as its predecessor it is still a good read for the girl who can't get enough of Elizabeth and Darcy If you don't mind a lot of love scenes between the happily married couple read it If you are an Austen purist don't

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