Dyscountopia✯ Dyscountopia Books ✴ Author Niccolo Grovinci – Heartforum.co.uk It’s the year 2047 Retail rules the world What was once the planet Earth has become Omega Mart a discount store mega giant that encompasses the entire globe For the people of Omega Mart being a good It’s the year Retail rules the world What was once the planet Earth has become Omega Mart a discount store mega giant that encompasses the entire globe For the people of Omega Mart being a good citizen means being a good employee and being a good consumer Everyone works at Omega Mart Everyone shops at Omega Mart Everyone shares in the ecstasy of uality discount merchandise at low low prices But at what costDyscountopia is a word work of fiction about a future so absurd it could be mistaken for the present Recommended for crackpots dim wits half wits nit wits and semi illiterates seeking something to read on the potty it's sure to give you your dollar's worth Enjoy.


Dyscountopia Kindle Ä Kindle Edition
  • Kindle Edition
  • 152 pages
  • Dyscountopia
  • Niccolo Grovinci
  • English
  • 08 April 2015

10 thoughts on “Dyscountopia

  1. Olethros says:

    Divertida descripción de la deshumanización consumista Género Ciencia FicciónLo ue nos cuenta En 2047 tras más de treinta años de fusiones aduisiciones y agresivas políticas de expansión toda la superficie del mundo está cubierta por entero con un enorme centro comercial global llamado Omega Mart y dedicado a la frenética venta al pormenor de toda clase de artículos ue los alienados habitantes de la Tierra consumen sin parar Albert Zim es un jefe de planta de 40 años en un peueño sector devoto entusiasta de su trabajo ¿vida y de las consignas filosóficas de la empresa ue dirige su existencia y la de los demás aunue un oculto instinto de bondad y sentido común aflorará para cambiar su destino inesperadamente y ver otro aspecto de la realidad en la ue vive¿uiere saber más de este libro sin spoilers Visite

  2. D.L. Morrese says:

    Albert Zim is a first line supervisor in one department of one section of the world spanning Omega Mart which has improved the lives of everyone by providing great bargains and everyone knows it One day while attending a company motivational meeting he finds himself raising his hand and asking a uestion“Since our customers are what’s most important and our customers are also our employees and our employees are part of our family couldn’t we help them out every once in awhile Like with emergencies or whatever Couldn’t we pay to have someone’s teeth fixed”And this uestion dooms him How can Omega Mart continue to offer low prices if they provide something like health care to their employees The very idea marks poor Albert as disloyal subversive a traitor to the very ideals of Omega Mart It also gets him fired straight off the planetThis is a well written satire of consumerism corporate power and groupthink It is humorous because it exaggerates the truth to point out how absurd some of the things we do and believe really are It is also a cautionary tale that reminds us that things don’t need to be this wayI enjoyed the book but at 50000 words it is only about half the length of a typical novel One part I thought should have been expanded The whole visit to another planet thing makes little sense as it is written now Yes I know This is a humorous satire and sense has little to do with it but this one part reuired suspension of disbelief than I personally could achieve comfortably even for the sake of a good story I was willing to go along with Albert being fired off the planet in a small room I could accept that he entered a mysterious space time rift that brought him to another planet but even if his little escape pod could survive entry and landing there is no way the technologically primitive people he finds there could launch it back into space His experience could not be a hallucination because he was gone a year A bit about the aliens and better techno babble for how he got there and importantly how he got back was needed I suspect that Niccolo Grovinci is a pseudonym but as for the author’s real name I have no idea From the writing I assume the author is over 40 male and American but these are just guesses This is a fun book regardless of who the author is I would recommend it to readers who like cultural satire

  3. Jazzerjay says:

    The author himself said that this book could be read on the potty I found that humor alone pulled me into the book While I certainly agree with his statement it still was a good read The story seems to be all over the place but does bring us to a close pretty uickly with a few of the characters Given time and effort I'm uite sure Mr Grovinci could have expanded if he wanted to I still liked the book so take the above with a grain of salt Perhaps the effect was perfect since I wanted

  4. Julie Mchenry says:

    I just finished reading this book for the second time All I can say is what a readit is a dystopian story set in the future where retail rules the worldWAIT a minutethat is not the future The story is told with humor but also with glaring realitiesit was thought provoking and clever If you like dystopian booksyou'll love this one I'm not gonna tell you how it ends

  5. Jovita Salinas says:

    i get where the boook was trying to go people are consume with buying I can never go into a big box store again and not think of that a lot was missing he went to outer space came back with a messeage to better his world

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