Not Times Fool

Not Times Fool❴Reading❵ ➼ Not Times Fool Author FayJay – Supernatural Fanfic SamDeanA story in 21 parts featuring an Ancient Greek curse an unexpected metamorphosis adventures in pool sharking numerous shots of teuila a nun outfit zombies angels demons kidn Supernatural Fanfic SamDeanA story in parts featuring an Ancient Greek curse an unexpected metamorphosis adventures in pool sharking numerous shots of teuila a nun outfit zombies angels demons kidnappings startling discoveries about old acuaintances massage a game of strip poker girl on girl action girl on boy action and boy on boy action Despite Not Times eBook ¹ my expectations or inclinations it swiftly became clear that this story was going to be SamDean And indeed it is Because my muse likes to fuck with meIt also features GirlDean but don't let that put you off It's still Dean bless him despite the sudden girlsuitWincest Words COMPLETECover by Dreamer with art by Itachei eskatoad.

Art by citrineviolin.

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  • ebook
  • 173 pages
  • Not Times Fool
  • FayJay
  • English
  • 13 March 2014

10 thoughts on “Not Times Fool

  1. Dreamer says:

    5 stars Perfectly written humourous spn fanfic with no typos well done FayJay Dean is hit by a witch's death curse and wakes up as a hot chick with attitude Sam gets all protective of his 'little sister' 'Then Sam does give in to his inner Oprah after all and pulls Dean onto his lap and into a hug It's a bit like being cuddled by a large warm determined tree and after a moment of prickly affronted dignity Dean just goes with it It's a little embarrassing how much he enjoys it actually'1st read 18 July 20142nd read 9 Aug 2016 still loving this book

  2. Yue says:

    After reading the amazing The Student Prince I had to read something else written by FayJay The Student Prince left me wanting and I may not be kidding myself when I say it was probably my favorite book of the year So I looked into her other works and I found out she had 3 other fanfics one about DracoHarry this one was a BIG NO How could I read a love fanfic about Harry freaking Potter and Draco freaking Malfoy? Ewwww It is totally wrong; other is about Gerard Way I was never really a fan of My Chemical Romance the only song I like is I´m not okay and the third one is a DeanSam fanfic Not many choices but I grabbed this oneOh boy How disappointed I am And it is not because the fanfic is boring or bad or anything Actually it was kind of similar to The Student Prince Sam reminded me of Arthur He was possessive with all the You are mine or the way he looked at Dean If I have to be honest I sighed a lot of times cuz it reminded me of Arthur and his devotion to Merlin sighs again Oh ArthurBut the thing is I felt awkward most of the times while I was reading it Reasons Dean was turned into a girl How awkward is that? I watched the 2 first seasons of Supernatural so in this case unlike Merlin show I have never watched until I read the fanfic I had Jared and Jensen´s faces in mind And although Dean was a girl I imagined Jensen only in a girl´s body WTF right? I tried several times to avoid that image but it was impossible And the writing was not helping either cuz even if it was Deanna the author still referred to him as hehis etc Dean was a sex maniac Ok I get that in the TV show he is kind of a flirt But in the fanfic he was screwing or trying to girls men boys WTF right? Dean in a girl´s body screwing around with any gender Dean and Sam´serrrr love story While MerlinArthur´s love story was just meant to be and funny and sweet and romantic this one was AWKWARD And I find funny that while I was reading it I remembered Flowers in the Attic and the author also mentioned it in the story Yikes incest Never have been a fan of that And worst of all I had Jared and Jensen´s faces in mind AWKWAAAARDOne thing is certain I really like FayJay´s writing Her POV are amusing and she knows how to make the main character look nice And how to create such a sexual tension between the two heroes I hope she writes fanfics but chosing better her main characters

  3. Jarta says:

    I feel like genderbent fanfics of a slash ship is the only way I'd be reading het nowadays Pfft Dean's reaction was pretty amusing and incharacter still promiscuous even as a woman Also Sammy and his newfound overprotectivenessThis fic feels like kink gratification with a plot so it wouldn't be for everyone But I love it because this just hit all of my kinks promiscuousDean protectivepossessivetoppySam among other things y'know P Did I mention that there is plot?

  4. Lana says:

    Underwhelming to say the leastCondemning ualities the writing style while appears enjoyable at first and remains bearable throughout the fic is irritatingly repetitive and lacks any distinguishing spark that sets it apart in the enormous pool of fanfictions the dialogues at times seem unnatural and forced sacrificing the atmosphere of the story turning almost childish and unbelievable in an attempt to emphasize a point the generic predictable unimaginative two dimensional archetype of a villain the brothers' blatant indifference and apathy at the prospect of killing innocent bystandersRedeeming ish traits the trainwreck that is Dean's adventure as a girl a possessive overbearing Sam that everyone adores I ended up enjoying the het aspect No Anything but heterosexuality The horror cunning angels that would have performed exponentially better as the main antagonist

  5. karlakolumna says:

    OMG Best Supernatural fanfic Ever as far as my experience in this fandom goes ^^Fair warning thoughThis involves a curse and Dean waking up as a girl and trying to deal with the unexpected appearance of girl parts and undo this utter freakshow asap and inappropriate lusting after one's brother and some mf sex due to Dean's ya know sudden lack of guy parts And yeah Dean would totally tap that if there wasn't the tiny teensy problem of him being herAnd it is positively hilarious and made me crack up A lot

  6. Fairy / Anna says:

    To be honest I was hesitant to read this story Seriously Dean trapped in a girl body Sounds a little bit weird I wasn't sure if I would be able to enjoy it And then there is also the incest part So yeah shaky ground Definitely not for everyone But I decided to try Well maybe I'm weird but I liked it Really liked it That was well written interesting engaging and hot Of course like I've already mentioned it's not for everyone Some people might find it controversial What am I thinking about it? That was different than usual but definitely worth my attention

  7. Erin says:

    Loved it with pretty pink hearts and all that crap Another perfect book by FayJay

  8. Kat says:

    Supernatural nitwit hoping for The Student Prince sort of writing

  9. Ashley♥Alexis says:

    You know I didnt think I was going to be okay with fem dean but the author was spot on I loved this story I loved these guys I wished it was longer Although it was perfect how it was Im just greedy

  10. Beth says:

    Got free at

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