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Carnival Freak❮PDF / Epub❯ ☁ Carnival Freak Author Billie Sue Mosiman – They came to see the freak show but afterwards were offered another special showing for the price of one admission They were promised they could look upon The Freak of all freaks rarely seen by manFiv They came to see the freak show but afterwards were offered another special showing for the price of one admission They were promised they could look upon The Freak of all freaks rarely seen by manFive of them dared to take the tour All of them were hiding dark secretsOne of them possessed the worst secret of all and wished she had left when she had the chance Cover art by Neil Jackson.

Edgar Award Nominee for Best NovelStoker Award Nominee for Superior NovelNovelist short story writer columnist writing instructor editorMy published novels are now available at Kindlecom along with new short story anthologies and novellas.

Carnival Freak PDF/EPUB Ä Kindle Edition
  • Kindle Edition
  • 16 pages
  • Carnival Freak
  • Billie Sue Mosiman
  • English
  • 04 November 2016

10 thoughts on “Carnival Freak

  1. JESSICA says:

    This short book was frickin' creepy dark and delightful What happens when curious folks pay extra to see a side show freak And realize they're actually the frickin' freaks? Well your just gonna have to read this to find out Highly recommended if you like carnival theme with a side of karma

  2. Jeffrey Kosh says:

    I was fortunate enough to read this delicious short story just after its release As you can see I'm becoming a fan of Mrs Mosiman's work having started with `Wireman' and then following her up to her latest short masterpiece `Frankenstein Return From the Wasteland'If you read my review about her take on Shelley's greatest you'll register my initial skepticism soon replaced by adoration for the pieceThis author has one of the rarest gifts in the writing world versatilityShe could write a novel about Godzilla traveling back in time to save Abraham Lincoln and make it believable and interesting She adapts her voice to the setting yet here and there you can hear her distinctive use of words and lines but she never intrudes allowing you to enjoy her descriptionsIn short you never hear her saying `Heck Look how much I'm good at it'And this short tale is a marvelous example of it Another author would have jumped at the opportunity to use his voice and style wearing the clothes of the Carnival Barker and guiding the reader into the dark side of the storyNope with diligent professionalism she stays out of the stage and tells this tale in the manner of a consummate storyteller as a master weaver of weird tales just like the ones we used to watch in TV shows like `Tales from the Crypt' Twilight Zone and many And it's one of those rare tales of mirrorsDo not look too close or you'll see the monster in you because the longer you stare the deeper you seeAnd we all harbor monsters don't we?Don't we all slow down to peek at the result of a car crash? Yes we all find excuses for that 'I'd like to be of help' 'Maybe someone got hurt'But the monster inside us craves for blood it really wants to see the mangled bodies the painThat's why deep inside we all like freakshows Today we made illuminated laws to protect those unfortunate from humiliating and undeserved exhibit of themselves for the monster's enjoyment But freakshows are still out there in different guises They hide on TV in the news in social networks and on youtubeWe keep feeding our monstersThe freak of the side show may not be the ugliest and scariest at first glance yet once truth comes out you'll find he has his place among the vilest of thingsBut is he really?Or are the watchers worse than the caged beast? He doesn't hide his nature like them He may be a monster and he shows it but are the avid and morbid onlookers candid?I don't think soAnd you'll discover why buying this excellent page turner

  3. John says:

    This was a creepy and uick read I enjoyed it

  4. Susan says:

    uick storyI liked this It moved along nicely while keeping me interested I did figure out the end though but that was ok I always liked the sideshow

  5. Patricia Kaniasty says:

    Another uick read This one was very freakyplease excuse the pun LOL Loved the surprise ending

  6. Theresa Braun says:

    I came across Billie Sue Mosiman when reading her anthology of female horror writers entitled Fright Mare After finding out she’s an Edgar and Stoker nominated author who has penned over 50 stories I knew I had to pick up some of her work and devour it Several of her tales are waiting on my Kindle but she recently made some titles free on I couldn’t click “buy” fast enoughHer story “Carnival Freak” was one of those free stories check to see if you still can get your own copy—it’s worth the money if it’s no longer free The premise is this at a carnival the crowd is asked if they want to pay an extra fee to see some freak that they will never be able to see anywhere else Five people eagerly give up their money to experience the side show but get than they bargain for The “freak” proceeds to tell all of them their dark secrets saying that they are really the freaks They run off feeling violated and angry At that point in the story I wasn’t expecting any twists and turns I thought I was in for a neat wrap up The end Well I was wrong Brace yourself for a shocking surprise as the pages come to a close It is amusing and terrifying at the same time And you will be left satisfied that you went to the “freak show” after allI recommend the story especially since it’s a short and enjoyable read Kindle estimates that the average person can finish it in about 30 minutes Mosiman’s descriptions are interesting and she adds just the right amount of detail She also has the ability to get to the crux of the tale without the extra fluff some other writers use So it’s back to the Kindle for some Mosiman

  7. Erik Gustafson says:

    This story shocked me and freaked me the hell out Wow Read it now No wait until it gets dark

  8. Reading Reindeer says:

    Review CARNIVAL FREAK by Billie Sue MosimanLife lessons I learned recently from my current perusal of horror the horror at home is something greater than the horror of war; freaks in a sideshow Diane Arbus notwithstanding may be milder and less horrifying than the concealed freaks pretending to lead normal human lives The first I learned from the SUBDUE Series by Thomas S Flowers the latter from Billie Sue Mosiman's CARNIVAL FREAKSThis story illuminates the lives of several characters some who are members of the carnival and several gleaned from the audience on a particular evening I can validly state that some of these normal freaks made my skin crawl And worse they look like us

  9. Debra Potts says:

    Predictable pedestrianI expected better after reading reviews This is a good idea for a story but lacks good development Having said that it was a short story so maybe I shouldn't have expected so much

  10. Thom (T.E.) says:

    Ms Mosiman passed on a few days ago and I wanted to read some of her in memoriam She and I shared some bits of personal chat over the last three years or so and I'd previously read some of her short work in anthologies But here is a short story that was distributed as a loss leader; a sampler of her work distributed so that one could see and appreciate her voice As a short story it might've merited expansion to novelette length but that goes to show that there was much to appreciate in what Billie Sue offered to readers This is a look at how the misbehavior of people is freakish and a curiosity that works most directly on those of the same personality We don't believe the worst of ourselves as is the case with the characters found in the innermost tent of this sideshow But the author finds that there are degrees of evil and in a twist that Dante would applaud human duality leads to an ironic but just punishment Do check out the wares and storytelling skill of this lady Rest in peace Billie Sue

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