De Singes et de Mouches

De Singes et de Mouches[PDF / Epub] ☂ De Singes et de Mouches By Jacques Dupin – Poetry Translated from the French by John Taylor In the field of contemporary French poetry Jacues Dupin b 1927 is a leading figure in a remarkable generation that also includes Yves Bonnefoy b 1923 P Poetry Translated from et de PDF/EPUB Â the French by John Taylor In the field of contemporary French poetry Jacues Dupin b is a leading figure in a remarkable generation that also includes Yves Bonnefoy b Philippe Jaccottet b Pierre Albert Jourdan Andre du Bouchet and Pierre Chappuis b to mention only these five poets whose poetics and subject matter are remotely comparable However in contrast to Bonnefoy and Jaccottet especially Dupin's work has been little available in English A single substantial volume Selected Poems Wake Forest University Press De Singes PDF \ ; translated by Paul Auster Stephen Romer and David Shapiro collects early work but none of the poet's recent verse has appeared in English speaking countries Two pioneering anthologies dating back some forty years respectively to and the poems from Gravir To Climb in the seventh issue of Cronopios to which six translators contributed and the Fits and Starts Selected Poems of Jacues Dupin rendered by Auster for the second number in the Living Hand Editions series provide access to Dupin's challenging oeuvre yet several of those renderings were reprinted sometimes with Singes et de eBook ↠ revisions in the aforementioned Selected Poems All told these three initial gatherings have given a good look that can now be prolonged.

Le jeune Jacues et de PDF/EPUB Â passe son enfance en Ardèche dans un asile psychiatriue — dont son père est le directeur — élevé avec les pensionnaires dont l'un notamment donnera son nom à un poème Chapurlat À la mort de son père il est élevé par son grand père notaire à Lyon C'est pour embrasser cette carrière u'il monte à Paris faire des études de droit Étudiant à Paris il consacre une part import.

De Singes et de Mouches PDF Å et de  PDF/EPUB Â
  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • De Singes et de Mouches
  • Jacques Dupin
  • English
  • 02 March 2016
  • 9780978633547

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  1. Paul Stubbs says:

    In 1871 in Charleville when Rimbaud preparing to decimate two thousand years of poetical ‘tradition’ sat down to write his ‘letter of the seer’ to Paul Demeny he was about to include among other demands on the imagination that the poet of the future would use a language “of the soul for the soul encompassing everything scents sounds colours; thought latching onto thought and pulling The poet would define the amount of the unknown awakening in the universal soul in his own time he would offer — than the formulation of his thought”A call to poetical arms that in many ways has been sought out and consistently answered by the poetry of Jacues Dupin 1927 This book comprises three collections De singes et de mouches Of Flies and Monkeys 2001 Les Mères Mothers 2001 and Coudrier Hazel Tree 2006 all of which in truth are fused of the same semantic world surge image fusion language mesh The poetry of Dupin at its most intense and vaulted pressure of ink and blood continually uproots us gnawing at the heart until we experience them the sudden salmon upsurge of selves his teeming and punctuated mind flows the reversed resurrections his flesh zipped up and then unzipped to reveal exposed syntactical bone; amid a carnival concentration and concise pictograms of poetical sense we feel at once the jolt and the jarring of the pulley system of his sentences those which Rimbaud envisioned for us all when he wrote that poetry would one day be “thought latching onto thought and pulling”And then Ever We wage war with our tongues We act likemonsters where we are in love And it grinds to a stop and it getsgoing again Nothing is ever rewritten Nor is death Despite thecrucified bat On the wood separating usMothersthe full review

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