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Top Mark❰Download❯ ➽ Top Mark Author Graeme Aitken – Meet 'the Marks'It was strange at first for Mark dating a guy with the same first name as him But 'the Marks' developed nicknames for each other Mark became ‘Top Mark’ a sly nod to his role in the Meet 'the Marks'It was strange at first for Mark dating a guy with the same first name as him But 'the Marks' developed nicknames for each other Mark became ‘Top Mark’ a sly nod to his role in the bedroomBut after seven years together Mark hasn’t had much opportunity to be on top lately There have been a lot of conversations avoided unexplained absences and some very unsettling phone callsFrom the author of the very popular Sydney based novels Vanity Fierce and The Indignities comes this new e book short In his trademark sexy style Graeme Aitken explores the intricacies of a modern gay relationship with wit insight and empathy.


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  • 25 pages
  • Top Mark
  • Graeme Aitken
  • English
  • 20 December 2015

10 thoughts on “Top Mark

  1. Nikyta says:

    This review can be found at The Armchair Reader Spoilers ahead35 starsThis was an intriguing short story It contains all those elements that I refuse to read Open relationship cheating bittersweet ending Check check check Honestly I was shocked I liked this one and in a way I still don’t but I think that’s just my natural rejection of those plot elements I can’t deny however that once I started I had to figure out how it all happenedThis book holds a lot of punch for a short story It starts off by introducing the couple Mark and Mark They differentiate the guys by giving nicknames Marx is the younger initially less experienced Mark While Top Mark is the older experienced Mark Over time Marx gets frustrated with his lack of experience and explores on his own at the blessing of Top Mark The story however is told from Top Mark’s just Mark for this review POV It tells of his reaction to the way their seven year relationship has progressed and ultimately declined It tells of his realization that something isn’t right how he figures out some startling revelations of Marx and finally gets to the point where Mark has irreparably damaged the relationship to the point of no returnThis isn’t a hearts and roses type of story It’s raw and powerful and captivating in a way that you’re hoping it gets better but also dreading the moment you realize it won’t In a way you sympathize with Mark because the man gets dumped by a cowardly douche bag But then while you’re reading you realize that while Marx grew distant it’s very likely he did so because he didn’t want a relationship with himself That’s exactly what happened in my opinion Marx changed in attitude and appearance and as he changed Mark changed to match except Mark was no longer the sexy confident man He became a domesticated almost needy man So while I felt bad for Mark and hated Marx I slightly understood why Marx wanted to leave But I still hated Marx No one deserves to get strung along and then dumped with not even a ‘See ya later’Either way this story was amazing in the self reflection it told about Mark had his life changed and now he’s back to ground zero after giving his heart to a man that he thought would be his forever It’s real and raw and touching It’s something I don’t read often but I’m glad I picked this up because it shows that things aren’t always perfect and that sometimes you do have to start from scratch after getting all your preconceptions about a content life shattered into piecesMy only reservation about the story was the ending While I can handle the bittersweet ending because of its realism it just ended The last scene after Mark figures out Marx has taken all his things someone is banging on the door But who you ask I don’t know because it ends right before he opens the door Can I get a nooooooooooooooooooo here I was devastated to say the leastI would desperately love a seuel Knowing who’s on the other side of the door would be lovely but also Mark getting a little bit of happiness would be even better Maybe a little cheering up from his best friend Sydney is in order here ;Definitely recommended to those brave enough to read

  2. Brandon Witt says:

    I've giving Top Mark five stars for how well written the story was It made you feel made you uestion made your heart pound in what it knew was inevitable dread The entire thing is told from the perspective of the inner workingsthoughts of the protagonist I have to say this I'm so sick of readers on Goodreads and other sites giving low rating to novelsshort stories because they were sad or the reader didn't like how the story ended or because it made them hurt or god forbid it's not your cliche romance novel like every other thing you've read recently That's good writing folks If a short can accomplish that much emotion especially in something as short as this you've got something special in your hands This is not a happy fun read However it is an excellent written story in some ways a study of realization as a man comes to terms with the truth of his relationship and his own instability Gonna take a bit to shrug off the melancholy this story brought forth Maybe not a funny easy feeling but thank you for the gift of artful wordplay and story telling Graeme Aitken

  3. Susan65 says:

    Thats just too sad I wish i never read it

  4. Tad says:

    It was free so I read I wanted to give 25 stars and it was an interesting topic which about a gay couple their first names were Mark and Mark at least I don't know any of gay couples have the same first name like that I liked it from the beginning but getting weird and weird into the story how a mother wouldn't even recognize his own son it just didn't make any sense to me and I felt like I was watching off off Broadway monologues show especially the ending

  5. Sean Herlihy says:

    It was OK Was not very impressed by the writing or storylineWill I read other books by this author Probably

  6. Cryselle says:

    Mark and Mark are an established couple with habits uirks and ways well known to each other and that may be half the problem They’ve been together seven years and in spite of being able to give each other some space they may still have togetherness than one of them wantsTop Mark our narrator calls his lover Marx partly as a joke partly to differentiate them something that doesn’t always work The name conjured up a uote which grew and ironic as the story progressed “From each according to his ability to each according to his need”Unfortunately Marx has little ability and great need—the depth of his reliance on others is crystal clear to everyone including his lover though everyone seems to accommodate him Marx has no trouble raiding his lover’s wardrobe permanently and accepting lavish gifts from mommy no trouble at all prolonging his college experience far beyond the bounds of reason no trouble taking without givingThe our narrator tells us of the evolution of their relationship from the days of their starting out to the recent events of the last six months the the two men diverge The Marx clings to the perks of adolescence the older Mark seems by comparison until the six year gap looks like a chasm but it’s one of responsibility than age And yet the tighter Mark clingsThe troubles between them unfold in small steps each little detail piling on as Mark describes with a certain naiveté the recent goings on Unsettling phone calls are almost the least of it though providing a certain note of both humor and WTFBoth Mark and Marx will provoke a lot of strong feelings though Aww won’t be among them The ending will make you think and ache; there is no happily ever anything here but it’s beautifully drawn misery

  7. Camilla says:

    The first thing we read in the blurb for this book is ” Meet ‘the Marks’”Which is kinda a lie because we only really meet one of the Marks The one called “Top Mark” or as I would call him “ kind of freaky wannabe stalker twin Mark” This short story is basically a monologue from a guy who’s in a relationship with a younger guy where he’s thinking through some scenes from their time together I guess Or Well He’s thinking about times where he’s done all he can to freak out his boyfriend by trying to become his boyfriend view spoilerBye bye Bottom Mark hide spoiler

  8. Elisa Rolle says:

    Without doubt Top Mark is a story with a twist so unexpected that it turned almost in a thriller from the sweet romance the author was lulling us at firstThe story of stylish Mark who meets new hippy Mark 6 years of difference and a whole world of experience between them they become the Marks Top Mark and Marx; but Marx is like a bloodsucker eating Top Mark’s life Does he realize it I don’t think so the old Marx seems really smitten by Top Mark I liked him Not so much now reliving their story from Top Mark’s perspective reading how he is basically mistreating a man in love not giving him neither the decency of a farewellThis is not a happily ever after romance but it’s for sure good literaturehttpwwwdpB0085BEJZS

  9. Portia says:

    I can't say why I like this It really isn't a story More of a running monologue inside this guy's head But something about his journey spoke to me If our country ever progresses to the place where GLBT lit is included in Freshman CompI expect to see Top Mark included It has a lot of layers and if I were so inclined I could probably write an essay about it with a longer word count For me it was a brilliant piece of writing that made me feel

  10. Rissa (an M/M kinda Girl!!) says:


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