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Versi aurei[Download] ➸ Versi aurei ➽ Pythagoras – La parola di Pitagora di Samo il suo insegnamento iniziatico e simbolico ci è giunto attraverso la spessa coltre dei secoli solo per scarni frammenti L'eco di esso tuttavia raccolto dalle scuole pita La parola di Pitagora di Samo il suo insegnamento iniziatico e simbolico ci è giunto attraverso la spessa coltre dei secoli solo per scarni frammenti L'eco di esso tuttavia raccolto dalle scuole pitagoriche della Magna Grecia assunse anche suggestive forme letterarie come nel caso dei Versi aurei attribuiti al leggendario maestro.

Pythagoras one of the most famous and controversial ancient Greek philosophers lived from ca to ca BCE He spent his early years on the island of Samos off the coast of modern Turkey At the age of forty however he emigrated to the city of Croton in southern Italy and most of his philosophical activity occurred there Pythagoras wrote nothing nor were there any detailed accounts of.

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10 thoughts on “Versi aurei

  1. Owlseyes says:

    I am very much interested in this book and character One of the reasons why was he declared a NON PERSON by Napoleon? what’s a non person? Why was he condemned by the Pope? HermesFabre before approaching the verses attributed to Pythagoras wrote some reflections on world poetrythe essence thereof He himself invented a new melodious form of poetry He got familiar with several Semitic languages I’ve read some of his reflections and don’t agree with his assertion that Camões failed He wrote about the Christian Cabala about music as a science and the language of the Hebrews 'restored'and provided a new interpretation of the book of Genesis I need to find On his biography I was surprised to find he had been initiated in Germanyand had had a 10 years sort of seclusion “disconcerting by some He believed in reincarnation metempsychosis; and had a strange death “at the foot of his altar” I’ll be back on him Well I'm backSomeone said jokingly; but very appropriately that Fabre was looking for the lost word “la parole perdu”Very true From my French readings he lived the last years of his life as a protestant It all seems he’s been persecuted; at 58 he left 3 children All those malevolent ? words such as “mediocre literate” “littérateur mediocre” or “so strange “ and “crazy apocalyptic visionary” are not just He had a great linguistic talent whether approaching Latin based languages namely the Occitan and its poetry or the Semitic languages Even his most daring hypothesis like the Hebrew as the pure idiom of the ancient Egyptians should be closely examinedNayán Louise Redfield in 1815 called his work a “prodigious” one His “neoteric” translation of the first 10 chapters of the Sepher of Moses Genesis deserve proper attention Finally the Golden verses They are a set of principles some say “moral exhortations for a correcthealthy livelihood On the whole they consist of 37 recommendationsexhortations on how properly virtuously a Pythagorean Philosopher should behave and act These principles commented by Fabre cover several areas friendship sobriety autonomous thinkingself respect freedom of choice reflection before action; how to subdue the passions; and avoid wrathSome are like this in formulation “Revere the memory of the illustrious heroes”;”be a good son just father”; choose for thy friend the friend of virtue” etc I cannot avoid expressing some sympathy for the “tolerance” Polytheism imbued in this approach; versus the Christian severity A Christian philosopher could not without perjuring himself and committing a frightful impiety bend the knee in China before Kong Tse nor offer incense to Chang Ty nor to Tien; he could neither render in India homage to Krishna nor present himself at Benares as a worshipper of Vishnu; he could not even although recognizing the same God as the Jews and Mussulmans take part in their ceremonies or what is still worship this God with the Arians the Lutherans or Calvinists if he were a CatholicAnd This is what was done by the disciples of Pythagoras according to the commandment of their master; they saw in the gods of the nations the attributes of the Ineffable Being The 37th and last principle looks like a reward to those who follow such code on Pythagorean conduct 37 So that ascending into radiant Ether Midst the Immortals thou shalt be thyself a GodTo those who follow those wise and golden rules Golden because they conceal “the most pure doctrine”Fabre followed the Greek text Fabre the person

  2. g says:

    Wonderful book The search for knowledge and the search for virtue are the same in these verses Even the agnostic reader might find many reasonable suggestions I have no idea about the philology of this book but its core ideas are really interesting The split we take as natural came during the last centuries

  3. Vaishali says:

    Interesting collection of maxims some of which are divided mid sentence Perhaps this is proper grammar in ancient Greek? Anyways useful and beautiful A shame that humanity still has not mastered theseA few samples 7 Avoid as much as possible hating your friend for a slight fault12 But above all things respect yourself32 In no way neglect the health of your body39 Do only that which will not hurt you and think carefully about what you are going to do before you do it67 But abstain from meat which will prevent you from the purifying and the deliverance of your soul

  4. Maria says:

    Holy shit

  5. Christopher Murtagh says:

    I think it's a great work Some of the parts of the sections from other pythagoreans are uite patchy and a tad too religious The Golden verses are pretty great it's kind of a how to guide for living a good and wise life You'll find some are similar to common sayings or christian preachings they are probably things that people have been repeating to each other since language beganThe best part for me is the symbols of pythagoras which are cryptic sayings that are alternately baffling mad as a box of frogs truly thought provoking and maybe even genuinely useful For example cut not fire with a sword departing from your house turn not back for the furies will be your attendantswalk in unfreuented pathseat not beansSacrifice and adore unshodEach saying has an explanation after it which is usually uite wordy but tends to throw light onto even the most bizarre instruction these are by Iamblichus though this edition doesn't really make this clear The main failing of this book is that it seems like something that was just grabbed when it went public domain and printed off with little care to properly format or explain what it is A better book in this regard is the Pythagorean Sourcebook by Guthrie which I read after this even though it still has pretty much the same golden verses That one is expensive but well worth it symbols some biographies a nice essay some various pythagorean fragments This one is still worth reading if you just want the verses and the main symbols uick and easy but then so is just checking wikipedia

  6. Paolo Bagnato says:

    Probabilmente tutto uello che c’è da sapere per condurre una buona vita raccolto in poche pagine Da riprendere e rileggere ogni tanto per ricordarsi di mettere in pratica uello che c’è scritto

  7. Espejo Elgueta Francisco says:

    Gusto a poco bien pero con gusto A poco uizás se debe a la ausencia de material acerca de este gran filósofo ue pérdida más grande para la humanidad

  8. Stefano Amadei says:

    Ma che meraviglia

  9. Maan Kawas says:

    A masterpiece

  10. Nox Prognatus says:

    This is a very interesting book as Olivet uses the first part of the book to show his thoughts on poems and ancient writings and how they relate to Pythagorean thinking further to that how some poems have become much removed from the original intent of the Pythagorean verse He shows how Pythagoras in his opinion used the Golden Verses to convey much than was written Or should I say Lysis one of his students didThe remainder of the book takes you verse by verse into the interpretation and extrapolation of Olivets's interpretation of the Verses There is some interesting thought and other paths in his thinking too He is very conversant with ancient writings and is said to have infuenced the writings of E Levi Anyway a good read and worth reading if Pythagoras interests you

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