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Jesus Today➷ [Reading] ➹ Jesus Today By Sarah Young ➬ – Experience Jesus TodayTM recently named the ECPA 2013 Christian Book Of The Year Jesus TodayTM was written during a very difficult time in Sarah Young's life Yet the words of Scripture and Jesus' own Experience Jesus TodayTM recently named the ECPA Christian Book Of The Year Jesus TodayTM was written during a very difficult time in Sarah Young's life Yet the words of Scripture and Jesus' own Presence were ever near bringing her hope and comfort for each new day Whether you need a lifeline in your discouragement and hurts or are longing for a close intimate relationship with the Lord you will delight in this new devotional booka seuel to bestselling Jesus Calling It is written as if Jesus Himself is assuring you that He is in control that He is good and that a glorious future awaits all who anchor their hope in Him Reaching out with peace filled reminders of Jesus' Presence from the Word of God these devotions will intimately uietly connect you with Jesus the One who meets you right where you are.

Librarian Note There is than one author in the Goodreads database with this name Sarah Young’s devotional writings are personal reflections from her daily uiet time of Bible reading praying and writing in prayer journals With sales of than million books worldwide Jesus Calling® has appeared on all major bestseller lists Sarah’s writings include Jesus Calling® Jesus Today™ Je.

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  • Hardcover
  • 384 pages
  • Jesus Today
  • Sarah Young
  • English
  • 08 June 2014
  • 9781400320097

10 thoughts on “Jesus Today

  1. Jencey/ says:

    For many of you who do not know I fought cancer last year My friend bestowed a gift of this devotional book by Sarah Young Jesus Today is an inspirational guide to the daily living of those suffering with an illnessThe introduction of this book begins with the background of Sarah Young She has also fought chronic illness and is open and honest about her journey Sarah uses her experience with her illness to inspire others This journey is full of compassion and warmth for her audienceEach page shares a saying or an inspired message The book is intended to be a devotional book There is a message to uses parts of the bible Each entry includes many bible verses on the opposite page There is a section that separates the weekly entries It can include uotes or bible verses That includes some uote that may or may not use a bible verse My Thoughts I loved this book I read it daily for about three to four months I am not a typical devotional reader for those who know me well Should you choose to give this book as a gift to someone who is ill it will be the perfect aide for their journey She is a truly godly inspired writer This book is worth your time I think that I would read her again in a heartbeat

  2. Ian says:

    I loved Jesus Calling and was so glad to be able to grab another 150 days of new devotionals in Jesus TodayThis prayerful instruction captures Scripture and brings it alive in the way Sarah Young writes it in the 1st person as if it is Jesus speaking It is written from her heart as she's experienced a long season of ill health due to Lymes Disease As a result they are words full of encouragement for those going through particularly difficult seasons However we all have tough days and so I found all the devotionals very relevant and applicable to my present situationsBoth books are such wonderful examples of praying Scripture which I've found tremendously beneficialThese devotionals fill you with hope and confidence that Jesus is walking alongside us each day caring for us deeply He so desires that we love Him passionately in returnHighly recommended

  3. Gail Welborn says:

    Sarah's devotions bring readers to the feet of JesusSarah Young uses a religious practice known as listening prayer to pen the devotions found in Jesus Today a method that reuires time uiet and an undistracted mind that gives the impression Jesus speaks directly to the reader For example devotion 22 begins I guide you in the way of wisdom and lead you along straight paths This is the way of wisdom trusting Me no matter what happens in your life inspired by Proverbs 4 11 Romans 829 and Proverbs 20 24 The readings have proven to be a lifeline of encouragement for all those who suffer since the book first published in 2012 Due to its literary merit and high consumer demand the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association awarded it the ECPA Christian Book of the Year in 2013 Sarah admits the book was written during three of the most challenging years of her life after as early diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome in 2001 when what she really suffered from was Lyme disease Australian doctors unfamiliar with treatment protocols in 2009 prompted Sarah's return to the US for treatmentFull Review articles

  4. Inda says:

    It's like having Jesus as your own personal cheerleader every morning telling you that you're going to make through today You can do this thing called life and know that at the end of it is eternal glory where all pain and suffering from this life will no longer be in the next Life changing truly

  5. Marissa says:

    So if you are picking this book up as a devotional to help you dig deeper into your own prayer life this is an excellent tool If you are looking at this devotional as a way of replacing your prayer time or bible time think again Yes each person will have a personal relationship with God where He speaks to them and guides them but do not allow someone else's connection to God be your ticket to understanding God Just as when we have friends each of us has a different relationship with that friend so will God be different with each of us He meets us where we are and then journeys with us which makes His conversations with us different and uniue I was reminded while preparing this review and discussion of when the disciples asked Jesus how to pray And Jesus was very specific in how to pray Yet we know that is the starting point for prayer It's our guideline to build from so that we can truly connect with God We do not stay in the first step as believers we grow and expand If we can allow these books this style of devotional prayer to just be one example of how we can listen for God's voice through His Word then this is a wonderful tool The other thing I know for sure is that when God's word is pushed into this broken and hurting world it heals Even if false prophets and the like are speaking it it is still God's word and God's Word will never not produce fruit Use this example to remember only God is God and God is still speaking and He wants to speak to you I received this book from the publisher and in exchange I am giving my honest review I was not reuired to

  6. Michelle& says:

    Ms Young also wrote Jesus Calling Enjoying Peace in His Presence a book that I enjoyed and read last year Jesus Today is written in a different formant than Ms Young’s previous book This format disappointed me a little at first because I really liked that format and looked forward to reading it in the same manner However as I read further into the book I began to see the other reason that the book did not appeal to me is that I am going through the grieving process of my cancer treatment and Ms Young’s book was just to hopeful However it shook me out of my lethargy so I prayed and the book began to speak to me I feel bad that I am not giving this book a positive review because I know other people who liked this book It is just that at times this book seemed like it was dictating to me while including verses from the Bible I would recommend this book to other people

  7. Ron says:

    Maybe 35 starsOne hundred fifty devotionals in the style of Young's Jesus Calling Enjoying Peace in His Presence Well developed and presented Thought provoking and challengingI have an aversion to author's who write first person on behalf of God That said Sarah Young does it well with ample scriptural references to support her worksA very good read

  8. Danielle Wells says:

    Absolutely wonderfulAbsolutely wonderfulWhen I read each daily passage I feel the Lord speaking directly to me thru the amazing writer Powerful daily words give you that dose of wisdom to drink up everyday I highly recommend this I was so bummed out when I reached the end I will be getting books from the author Bravo

  9. Joy Carter says:

    I always enjoy reading Sarah's perspective of what Jesus would say to us each day She supports her writing with several Bible verses each day which is one of the reasons I really like the devotions They also make you really think and sometimes give you a talking to I think that is okay Everyone approaches life differently and I like that these devotions really say it like it is

  10. SoC7 says:

    This book is all about hope and I find myself using it for a mid day tryst with the Creator of the Universe The book is written in a devotional format but it's not dated for specific days just front to back hope I usually read straight through it but sometimes I just open to a random page and find Hope for my day

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