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The Creation Answer Book[Read] ➮ The Creation Answer Book By Hank Hanegraaff – Answers to the most common—and most controversial—uestions about creation evidencesIn The Creation Answer Book renowned Bible scholar Hank Hanegraaff brings to life the answers God has revealed ab Answers to the most common—and most controversial—uestions about creation evidencesIn The Creation Answer Book renowned Bible scholar Hank Hanegraaff brings to life the answers God has revealed about His magnificent creation—our universe light and time the earth and all who inhabit it The popular A format provides a clear and concise biblical view of the ordering of events through divine authority since the beginning of time A must have for Christians who face the argument of evolution and for non Christians who are searching for truth about our origins This book will help Christians understand about creation and The Creation eBook ↠ God’s plan for our worldIncludes answers to freuently asked uestions such asCan the big bang theory be harmonized with GenesisIs there evidence that humans and dinosaurs walked on the earth togetherHow serious are the conseuences of believing in naturalistic evolutionCan we be certain that evolution is a myth.

Widely considered to be one of the world's leading Christian apologists Hanegraaff is deeply committed to euipping Christians to be so familiar with truth that when counterfeits loom on the horizon they recognize them instantaneously Through his live call in radio broadcast Hanegraaff euips Christians to read the Bible for all it's worth and answers uestions on the basis of careful research and sound reasoning Additionally Hanegraaff regularly interviews today's most significant leaders apologists and thinkers Hanegraaff is the author of award winning best sellers including The Prayer of Jesus Christianity in Crisis and Resurrection the latter providing The Creation eBook ↠ a stirring and persuasive defense of the central event in Christianity Resurrection and Christianity in Crisis both won the Gold Medallion for excellence in Christian literature awarded by the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association Hanegraaff's books Counterfeit Revival and The FACE that Demonstrates the Farce of Evolution each won the Silver Medallion The Prayer of Jesus was honored as a top best selling nonfiction book in both and by the Christian Booksellers Association while the small group video presentation The Prayer of Jesus EZ Lesson Plan taught by Hanegraaff won a Telly Award in Recent releases include The Apocalypse Code Find Out What the Bible REALLY Says about the End Times And Why It Matters Today; The Legacy Study Bible; The Bible Answer Book Volume which answers common uestions regarding Christianity culture and cults; and The Bible Answer Book Volume in which he tackles tough uestions including How can Christians legitimize a God who orders the genocide of entire nations and How could the Bible command a rape victim to marry her rapist He is also coauthor of the novel Fuse of Armageddon; The Last Disciple fiction trilogy The Last Disciple The Last Sacrifice and forthcoming The Last Temple; The Da Vinci Code Fact or Fiction; and Seven uestions of a Promise Keeper Other works include The Covering God's Plan to Protect You from Evil; The Third Day; Fatal Flaws What Evolutionists Don't Want You to Know; and The Millennium Bug Debugged Hanegraaff is a regular contributor to Christian Research Journal and The Plain Truth magazine A popular conference speaker he addresses churches schools and businesses worldwide He is freuently invited to appear on national media programs to discuss a wide range of issues Hanegraaff and his wife Kathy live in North Carolina and are the parents of nine children—Michelle; Katie; David; John Mark; Hank Jr; Christina; Paul; Faith; and baby Grace—and the grandparents of five.

The Creation Answer Book PDF/EPUB ☆ The Creation
  • Hardcover
  • 240 pages
  • The Creation Answer Book
  • Hank Hanegraaff
  • English
  • 10 February 2015
  • 9781400319268

10 thoughts on “The Creation Answer Book

  1. Russell Hayes says:

    Provided a good concise overview of creationismevolution issues and resources for going deeper However the nature of the subject isn't one that lends itself to uick and easy answers And even within the limited space of the answers I felt that could be said

  2. Amy says:

    Simplistic Or maybe just simple I wanted a decent book on apologetics for my 11 year old This is not it This book has the type of answers that can make Christians into a laughing stock

  3. Laura Sagor says:

    Author believes in a local flood only and an old earth

  4. Matt says:

    I just read another of Hanegraaff's answer books recently and by the time I finished this book I felt like he was really coming off as pompous The way he answers uestions that he is asking on behalf of the reader comes off as extremely smug and I really couldn't take it any as I was in the final part of the book Also I could be wrong about this but I felt like some of the exact uestionanswer combos given in this book can be found in his Complete Bible Answer Book I felt like many parts of this book were word for word lifted from that bookI don't have the same complaint that some people have concerning the brevity of his answers I think this is actually a positive trait of this book because it allows readers to get a taste of an answer and could drive them to do research on their own This book could easily be read as a devotional because of the short responses that Hanegraaff gives

  5. Tracey Axnick says:

    Good but far from great His answers were far to brief to satisfy even basic intellectual challenges Personally I enjoyed The Bible Answer Book much I also really enjoy his radio show as well as apologetics resources on his site wwweuiporg All believers need to be able to explain as well as defend their faith

  6. Ricardo says:

    Each uestion has a short 1 page answer I don't think Hank delves deep enough into the science of the uestions that are posed I was surprised how short the book is Not really enough information is given for the topics addressed in the book

  7. Brian says:

    A wonderful project from Hank on creation Giving people answers to common uestions they might have concerning creation evolution origins etc A uick read that every christian needs in their apologetics library

  8. Michael says:

    Some good information and some very misleading information Do not rely on this book as your only reference on the topic

  9. Douglas Reedy says:

    A good book to get a fair asement of the different types of views on creation

  10. Lauren says:

    Extremely helpful for any believer looking for thoughtful scientific answers to difficult uestions

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