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Fire Prophet[Read] ➱ Fire Prophet Author Jerel Law – What if you could actually see angels and fallen angels engaging in battle—and you were expected to join the fightIt's been one year since Jonah Stone and his sister Eliza discovered that their moth What if you could actually see angels and fallen angels engaging in battle—and you were expected to join the fightIt's been one year since Jonah Stone and his sister Eliza discovered that their mother is a nephilim the product of a union between a human and a fallen angel which makes them and their little brother Jeremiah uarterlings or one uarter angel After embarking on an epic journey to rescue their mother and the other nephilim who were kidnapped by fallen angels the Stone kids have enjoyed a little peace and uietBut when Jonah and Eliza are attacked by fallen angels at school they learn that uarterlings all over the world are being targeted and separating them from their parents is the only way to keep them safe The kids undergo special training to help them discover their own uniue angelic gifts which come in handy when they embark on a mission to find a mysterious prophet who they believe holds the key to Abaddon's defeat in a massive battle between good and evil.

Jerel Law is a gifted communicator and pastor with than twenty years of full time ministry experience He holds his undergraduate degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill go Tarheels and a master of divinity degree from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary Jerel began writing fiction as a way to encourage his children’s faith to come alive He lives in North Carolina wi.

Fire Prophet eBook Ä Paperback
  • Paperback
  • 272 pages
  • Fire Prophet
  • Jerel Law
  • English
  • 22 May 2015
  • 9781400318452

10 thoughts on “Fire Prophet

  1. Dianne says:

    Jerel Law has written a series on the level of Percy Jackson and Harry Potter for originality action and the ability to draw the reader into this Christian based tale of good vs evilBook 2 of this series begins about a year after Jonah and Eliza Stone discovered they were part angel and had to rescue their mom from fallen angels In this book their younger brother Jeremiah must also take up the fight The kids discover that all of the uarterlings around the world are being targeted by fallen angels after they were attacked at school Jonah keeps hearing a voice in his head and seeing visions someone is calling for his helpAll of the uarterling children are being called upon to train to fight the fallen angels and Abaddon in order to save the world Separated from their parents the children must learn to work together and have faith that God will protect them in the upcoming battle Jonah in particular feels the need to protect all around him as well as find the person who keeps calling to him What a wonderful way to introduce or reinforce Christianity and faith for younger readers The battles were deadly but not overpowering with gore The gravity of the situations were apparent without being too intense like being seen through the eyes of young Jonah Although infused with strong Christian fibers and messages the overall action will enthrall middle grade readers who will identify readily with these kids Well done from start to finishThis copy was provided by NetGalley and Thomas Nelson in exchange for an honest reviewFor reviews please visit and let us know what you think

  2. Kristin says:

    I received a copy of this book through BookSneeze in exchange for an honest review I really enjoyed reading this book It was a uick easy read that was filled with action and adventure It had a decidedly religious theme that I didn't find too overwhelming If anything I found the way the religious theme was presented as very accepting I liked how some of the other of the uarterlings were shown as not having a very strong religious background Even though I haven't read the first book of the series and I really want to now the background information wasn't too confusing It was a book that you could almost read alone but I really don't want to I've fallen in love with Jonah Eliza and their little brother Jeremiah It was actually a book that made me see the Bible in an interesting manner I may just want to take the Bible in our home down off the shelf its been in and open it for the first time in 20 years or so because of this book

  3. Glenajo says:

    Great Addition to a Rapid Paced SeriesI totally enjoyed the first book in the series and jumped into this one immediately from the first Now I can’t wait to pick up the third In this book the characters grow in strength and character They learn how to work with the other uarterlings This is the perfect series to hook your children on with the battle of good and evil and the references to the Bible It might just make them want to study the Bible a little to learn about those references I would recommend this book to any child though you might have to read it to one under nine I also recommend it to anyone else who loves a supernatural fight of good vs evil

  4. Alberto says:

    In the Fire Prophet I like that Jerel Law included things of Elohim nickname for God and his Guardians and Angels The best part was when Elohim sent The Flaming Army upon Abaddon’s fallen angels What I also liked was that Johan was tested with other Angels I also liked that Johan got ANOTHER chance to fight along with other angels nephilims uaterlings

  5. Patsy says:

    This is the 2nd book of the Son of Angels series Although it is designed for younger readers I enjoyed the story as much as the first book

  6. Sofia Wheeler says:

    This one is just as good as the first one I enjoyed it👼😋😝

  7. Ella says:

    This is such a great series I really like this book

  8. Kara says:

    Jerel Law wrote this in the acknowledgements and it applies both to the story and to real life “the One who has begun a good work in us will be faithful to carry it on to completion and that our trials while real today will one day be old stories to tell” My ReviewMinor SpoilersI consider this book worth than 5 stars and I hope they make these books into one or movies the story is just that good A year has passed since Jonah Stone rescued his mom and the others that were kidnapped by Marduk Him and his sister Eliza have had a chance to sharpen their skills and live in peace However Jonah can’t relax While his family is out enjoying themselves he’s on edge looking for anything demonic to appear School is about to start but Jonah is ready to fightWell as it turns out the action in this incredible seuel starts almost immediately The first day of school is when Jonah Eliza and Jeremiah get attacked Their new guardian angel Cassandra is nowhere around and then the warrior angels show up Jonah has now entered 8th grade Eliza is in 6th grade and Jeremiah is in 2nd grade Instead of enjoying traditional school with its lockers books and grades these three will have to go into protective custody with the supernatural and enter angel schoolOne sad thing about this story is that Jonah and his siblings must separate from their parents It’s part of Elohim’s plan to protect both the kids and the parents in separate locations but it’s not easy for the adults or the children Angel school is wonderfully described and each of the kids must hone in on their spiritual skills with surprising results It’s divided into 3 categories and is taught by angels only one human among them Angelic Combat Scriptural Studies and Spiritual Arts prayer fasting scripture meditationMy favorite part of this story is Jeremiah’s involvement He was unable to help in Spirit Fighter but now he’s in the story and it makes the book that much better We learn about his skill in this book and it’s SUCH a treatAs in the first book Jerel Law brings the Bible to life once again in modern day New York City There are references to the parting of the Red Sea a chariot ride from the Canaanite army in Judges Abaddon’s locusts from Revelation David and Goliath and two references from the story of Elijah I’m writing this out casually but in the story itself these occurrences are BRILLIANTLY illustrated and I could barely contain my excitement to seeing how the kids handled each scenario Let’s just say that the Bible is better understood and appreciated after reading this book Also if you’ve read Spirit Fighter all the angelic characters return in this seuel which gave it even appeal The power of prayer is also explained in the spirit world through Jonah’s eyes It’s value and holiness is experienced here in Fire Prophet in ways I hadn’t even considered Jonah himself is struggling with his temper and his faith but he is eager to learn and be used for Elohim He takes his Bible and his silver watch as important tools that are most relevant in the plot Trusting Elohim is the most important aspect of this book and that heartfelt belief is what gives Jonah his real strengthThere are several spiritual battles in this story and angels seemingly die but there is nothing graphic or inappropriate for kids to read This book is recommended for ages 9 and up Demons are bullies and several times I felt like yelling “Pick on someone your own size” However the fighting in warfare is never fair and despite the help of angels throughout the story trusting Elohim with your loved ones is reuired So even though I detest bullies in this story Jonah learns how to handle them and is stronger because of itWithout a doubt I highly recommend this book and I’m thrilled that I got the chance to review it I praise God for writers like Jerel Law I look forward to of his books with the Son of Angels series or anything else he writes Please visit his website to learn about him and to sign up for his newsletter want to thank Booksneeze and Thomas Nelson for the review copy they sent me I was not reuired to write a positive review The opinions expressed are my own RE READ Oct 2014 and LOOOOVED the story all over again Such an encouraging book that brings biblical stories to life with these amazing kids worth MORE than 5 stars

  9. Brenten Gilbert says:

    RATING 25It felt like I read this book extremely uickly And in fact I did finishing in about 2 days or maybe 3 hours or so of reading time I’m not certain whether to attribute the action laced throughout the book my own interest level the fact that I read it to myself and not the Littles or simply because it’s written down to a lower reading level but I’ll try to cover all these possibilitiesThe truth is I enjoyed Spirit Fighter uite a bit when I read it to the Littles and I was anticipating this seuel The story continues as can be expected and even adds grants Jeremiah the youngest Stone sibling a larger stage This may explain the lower reading level as the series hopes to expand readership Anyway it seems Law tried to spread the action seuences throughout the entire book which actually created something of a bipolar reading experience with intense action and eually notable lulls I felt like I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough during both on the one hand to see what happened next though it’s largely predictable and on the other to get back to some actionAnd while I wasn’t sure how closely the series resembled the Percy Jackson books I’m now sure that it’s probably not going to be a series that attracts too many non churched fans of Riordan's tales The first book delivered distinct spiritual overtones but it wasn’t overly “preachy” avoiding too many “Christian codewords” and refusing to limit the storyline to a 3 bullet Sunday school sermonette I have since read a few customer reviews to the contrary so perhaps my tolerance for such overt messaging is high but that only bolsters my next argument FIRE PROPHET takes its position behind a pulpit and thumps the Bible proudly which doesn’t necessarily limit the story but definitely limits its audienceThe story itself is essentially the same as in the first installment the Nephilim are at risk and the dark forces want to destroy all of their families And for as powerful and threatening as these Nephilim are made out to be it’s kind of odd that defending their existence is a task that befalls their children who are half the half angels their parent is but that’s not exactly the point I guess In this episode all the Nephilim are whisked away to an undisclosed location for their own safety while all the uarterlings are held at a convent where they undergo training in the ways of spiritual warfare Jonah and Eliza have something of a celebrity status because of their earlier adventures which earns them respect admiration and disdain from their peersThe training is largely where Law takes license to preach at the reader I’m not going to nitpick at some of the theological points with which I disagree but there are certainly plenty The students learn about the power of prayer Bible study and worship from a broad ecumenical perspective They also engage the pieces of spiritual armor with which they’ve been euipped Apparently the “full armor of God” isn’t for everyone we each just get a piece or two but I will not nitpick a reminder to myself Not surprisingly the plot culminates in a huge battle and you can guess the outcome I’m sureBut all this is not to say that this isn’t a book worth reading for fans of the first book I know the Littles are going to enjoy this immensely but they fit the “church kid” demographic If you know what you’re getting into and are okay with a fair portion of theology this is another fine story Slightly predictable and contrived but that’s generally what we want anyway if we’re being honest And personally I’m still looking forward to March’s third installment SHADOW CHASER However if you’re looking for a sneaky way to witness to your unsaved bookworm friend you might do just as well throwing this book at their head from TRudATmusicdotcomslashraw 1213

  10. Sara Ella says:

    What if you could see into the spiritual realm and not only watch as angels and demons waged warfare but actually take part in that struggle yourselfFor thirteen year old Jonah Stone this is just part of the everyday reality he has come to know In Spirit Fighterwe learned about Jonah and his role as a uarterling one uarter angel and how he saved his nephilim mother from the Evil One with the help of his sister Eliza In Fire Prophet book two in Jerel Law's Son of Angels series Jonah will learn about his skills and responsibilities and even make some new friends along the waySynopsisIt is one year after Jonah's crazy trek across New York City where he battled fallen angels defeated a leviathan and even learned to summon up some Jericho like faith to make the walls come tumbling down Jonah has learned how to control his super angel strength and has had practice with some other spiritual weapons as well Things seem fine in the town Peacefield as Jonah and his siblings Jeremiah and Eliza begin a new school yearThat is until they find out that Abaddon and his army of Fallen want all of the uarterlings and nephilim wiped from the face of the earthThe safest thing for everyone is for the kids and their parents to separate Along with the help of their new teachers the uarterlings will learn all about the different spiritual weapons that are available to them and the strongest one is the most unlikely of all Will Jeremiah ever find his special gift Will Jonah figure out who has been calling out to him in his dreams Do the Stone kids have what it takes to trust in the power of Elohim and use that power to save the dayWhy I liked itI enjoyed this book just as much as its predecessor Just when you think you know what's going to happen Jerel Law takes you on the path you least suspect He has a way of taking scripture and sewing it in to his work so effortlessly; the story would fall apart without this particular element but at the same time does not come on too strong wordy or preachyI think its great when a work of fiction can really get kids asking uestions about the Bible I can just hear my daughter someday when she reads this saying to me Mom are there really angels with swords To which I can reply Yes honey there are Let me show you what the Bible saysThe Biblical basis for this story isn't merely an afterthought; the book stands on the foundation of God's Word drawing the story and plot from truth The author's imagination is a delight to explore with every page turn From the uniue way he has made the spiritual weapons of Ephesians 6 come to life to his description of the Hidden Realm Jerel Law's Fire Prophet is sure to keep readers of all ages asking for RecommendationI highly recommend this book to anyone middle grades and up who enjoys Christian fiction at its best If you like action and fantasy mixed with biblical truths and values this book is for you I am giving it five out of five stars It has as many fun plot twists as Harry Potter and Fablehaven the only difference is that I would actually allow my kids to read this book If you have been searching for a book the whole family will enjoy look no further Fire Prophet is for youDisclosure of Material Connection I received this book free from the publisher I received the ebook version through the BookSneeze®com book review bloggers program and the print version through Tommy Nelson Mommy I was not reuired to write a positive review The opinions I have expressed are wholly and completely my own I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising

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