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Dear Deb➬ [Ebook] ➧ Dear Deb By Margaret Terry ➸ – I want you to know that if my illness inspired you to write these stories the cancer was worth it—DebWhat stories could possibly make cancer worth itStories that represent a miracle—a lifetime of I want you to know that if my illness inspired you to write these stories the cancer was worth it—DebWhat stories could possibly make cancer worth itStories that represent a miracle—a lifetime of miracles Stories that changed the writer as she wrote them and stories that will touch the heart of the reader one by one by one Stories that are not just storiesThey started out as words of encouragement to a dying woman They turned into a collection of sparkling and intimate moments pulled from the past to finally be understood and shared with new meaningStory by story letter by letter Margaret Terry uncovered powerful pictures in her own life of the one truth that could help carry her friend Deb from this life to the next God is at workTogether Deb and Margaret found renewed hope in all the ways God shows up right to the very end Which is where they found the miracle they'd been praying for all along In each other.

Margaret Terry is a writer speaker and award winning author of Dear Deb A Woman with Cancer A Friend with Secrets and the letters that Became Their Miracle She is a contributor to mariashrivercom and has written for Today's Christian the Minneapolis Star Tribune The Hamilton Spectator She leads one of the largest book clubs in Canada with over a hundred members and loves how sharing sto.

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  • 25 April 2016
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10 thoughts on “Dear Deb

  1. Alanna Rusnak says:

    Just beautiful I'm pretty sure I cried no less than 10 times during the reading of this It's tender and honest The vivid descriptions and vulnerability left me craving of Margaret's stories This is not the type of book I'm normally drawn to I tend to lose myself in campy fiction rather than pick up something that might pull at my heart strings but it's a darling little blessing dressed in blue A beautiful reminder that there are miracles all around us all the time

  2. Jeanette Thomason says:

    A letter can be so powerful writes Alexandra Stoddard in one of the most lovely of books Gift of a Letter and she is right A letter can stir you and leave you with a piece of someone the mark of their hand the intentions of their heart And a letter can save your life Too often we miss this with crass texts and instant e notes and phone conversations But Margaret Terry knew the powerful truth of lasting letters the day she began writing them to her friend Deb dying of cancer Doctors gave Deb no hope for health or healing But Deb believed in a miracle and she asked her friends to do the same So Margaret proclaimed that belief in 102 letters containing stories of hope over six months Only the miracle and the hope were not Deb's They were Margaret's The incredible story of Margaret and Deb's miracle is so beautifully shared in the book Dear Deb A Woman with Cancer A Friend with Secrets and the Letters that Became Their Miracle The book is uplifting the letters stirring the story of Margaret and Deb's long journey together unforgettable While I love so many of the letters in this book perhaps my favorite is God Shows Up midway through because at a time when Margaret herself felt no hope a friend left her a Bible among the overdue bill notices in her mailbox The short note attached read Read me fifteen minutes a day and wished Margaret the gift of Luke 137 Margaret wondered what would happen if she did as the note directed Would she shrink like Alice who down the rabbit hole in Wonderland finds with the note Drink Me on a small bottle of liuid and finds it to be a reducing potion? Curious and fearless Margaret does read and discovers she does not shrink but the Bible grows enormous its stories of grace and God showing up just when things look bad very bad gripping her imagination and growing with possibilities for her own life Margaret finds the Bible is God's love letter to us She finds a miracle and another and another; and the story of this to Deb offers yet another but never like any of us expect because that is how God is mysterious as a potion in a bottle yet with properties just as powerful for seeping into us with his grace The story of Margaret and Deb will get you like that too You will read the letters and they will seep into you their message that there are miracles out there waiting How we need that As Deb tells Margaret the last time they eat lunch together If my illness inspired you to write these stories the cancer was worth it When I read this I wondered Really? Is cancer ever worth it? And then I remembered some of the many I've loved who have been taken by cancer but never lost to it for they lived beautiful lives and their stories are passed along like that potion as is written in that beautiful love letter from God in 2 Corinthians 32 You yourselves are our letter written on our hearts known and read by everybody You are the miracle I am the miracle Deb was a miracle Margaret is a miracle The miracles are all around us love letters each one If this beautiful book by Margaret Terry could talk I believe it would say READ ME and I believe it will enlarge the possibilities of your life

  3. Karen Deblieck says:

    Dear Deb isn't your typical book about cancer Instead of focusing on her ailment Deb focuses on the miracle that is sure to happen That miracle is this book Margaret Terry successfully captures the essence of life in her book while looking at the ups and downs of her own journey This book is about the tiny miracles along our paths About finding grace in the everydayAbout truly seeing what our time on earth isand what is beyondTerry's graciousness and uniue way of seeing the world shines through on every pageI highly recommend this bookIt will bless youAnd that is the miracle

  4. Suzanne Benner says:

    Long title aside this was a great read The title makes it sound like another sad cancer story when in reality it is comprised of stories from the author's life that she wrote to encourage her friend You will see how God is always at work if only we will noticeAt the 2013 Word Awards sponsored by the Word Guild of Canada this book won both the Book Life Stories and the Book General Market

  5. Julia says:

    I got this book thinking that it was from the person who had cancer but it turned out that the letters were written to a person who had it OopsCONS OF DEAR DEBPersonally speaking I just don't have the same faith as the person in this book so some of those letters about the way they had their services and worshipped God just didn't sit well with mePROS OF DEAR DEBAll I can really think of is the fact that it caused me to even read the whole thing Not uite sure how it did thatOVERALLI just was kind of waiting the whole book for the miracle that they talked about in the description but it never seemed to come?? Not uite sure what to make of that

  6. Teri says:

    The first lines that went straight to my heart in Margaret Terry’s book Dear Deb a collection of 55 letters written to a friend dying of cancer came two pages into the book In the introduction called The Inspiration Terry relates that she was surprised to have been asked to pray for Deb and “believe in my miracle” Terry admits that she was a church friend to Deb but they weren’t close She knew that Deb was a capable and energetic woman she loved Motown and hockey but outside church she and Deb didn’t socialize Terry goes on to say “I’m not sure why this happens in churches We hug the same people every Sunday for years we watch their children grow and we share their trials and joys yet for some reason we limit our friendship to church” “True so very very true” I marveled “And if Margaret Terry is able to nail down that situation in two sentences what other treasures are in this book?” Well there are dozens of treasures in Dear Deb I have several favorite stories in the book but I love the story of Crowning Mary probably because I can recall similar May celebrations from my own days at St John’s Catholic Elementary School in Seattle Washington Crowning Mary is a beautiful story full of innocence and faith and it includes a miracle that will make you smile for days The old fashioned name for a book made up of letters is epistolary This being the 21st century Terry’s letters were originally composed as emails and were sent daily to Deb who had been diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer They were a form of encouragement which Deb asked her friends to send her as support while she endured cancer treatment and waited for her miracle Over time as Terry’s letters went beyond platitudes she found that sharing her moments of failure and fear were paradoxically a way of sending strength to Deb and they also were an avenue for Terry to unburden her own secret past Through that process of letter writing Terry shares with us the great truth that God doesn’t abandon us when we and our world break apart but He comes close and cares for us through it all Here’s is my take away from Dear Deb – maybe the broken pieces of your life aren’t meant to be put back together the way you think Maybe a jagged piece of your story is meant to heal the brokenness of someone else’s life But that won’t happen if you don’t share your story and let the Master Potter use it as only He can I believe that in Dear Deb a book that touches both your heart and your funny bone you will see this amazing process at work Review of Dear Deb in 140 characters or fewer “You’ll need Kleenex you’ll laugh out loud you’ll be stunned and you’ll be inspired Read it”

  7. Rebecca Mckenzie says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading Margaret's book Her writing style is superb and it's a great book to use as a daily devotional too Dear Deb is based on letters that Margaret wrote to her friend Deb to help her through her cancer journey and became part of her miracle Days before Deb's passing she told Margaret that her cancer was worth it if these letters were written as a result You can't help but fall in love with the stories and relate them back to your own life My favourite story was Candle Love which struck a particular chord in me My kids are always claiming that I love one than the other and I loved Margaret's ease with how she demonstrated a mothers unconditional and undying love to her two boys by lighting candles it made we want to borrow this wisdom and demonstrate the same idea to my 3 children Kudos to you Margaret for opening up your heart and persevering through tougher difficult times and enlightening me with your words Looking forward to reading of your letters and books in the future

  8. Carolyn Wales says:

    A beautiful story told by a beautiful author

  9. Denise DiFalco says:

    Margaret Terry's DEAR DEB will make us all realize there must be a God and that his miracles do exist This is a true account of a young woman afflicted with both brain and lung cancer and her uest to find a miracle Margaret Terry knowing Deb as an acuaintance through Church has a desire to encourage her with her writings The finished book is a lovely account of how God truly works in mysterious ways Margaret digs deep into her past to send passages of hope to Deb on a regular basis The bond that is created is bittersweet because the author knows that it will be short lived Deb is not getting better The letters are 'the miracles' that Deb needed to get through each day and Ms Terry enjoys doing this for her The reader will find a real miracle in Deb's words as she states to Margaret the following 'If my illness inspired you to write these stories the cancer was worth it' Deb knew God and she believed in his promises She knew her body would be whole in Heaven and she had no doubt as to where she was going This book was a priviledge to read for the Book Sneeze network in exchange for my review I am and will be a better person for reading this Deb is a hero to be able to thank God under such circumstances and to share her last months with us and Margaret Terry is also a hero for sticking by Deb's side knowing the heartbreak she would feel when she was gone This book brought back memories of my best friend who passed away in 2003 of pancreatic cancer It was very emotional for me but also one of the most inspiring books that I have read in 2012 I wasn't able to put it down

  10. Chechen says:

    This is not your usual book about cancer Deb centers on the miracle that is sure to happen instead of focusing on her cancer And that miracle is this book Margaret Terry wrote this book and the title says it all Dear Deb A Woman with Cancer a Friend with Secrets and the Letters That Became Their Miracle Stories that are not just stories This book is about the small miracles in our everyday life about finding grace along our journey and seeing what our time on earth is and what is beyond This is an inspiring book composed of letters about hope and faith It contains several verses that could change your life like it changed mine You will feel the comfort of God's love right the moment you read this book I want you to know that if my illness inspired you to write these stories the cancer was worth it DebNothing is Impossible with God

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